A Flock of Ravens, Six Basic Drones and a Matriarch.

Ravens are the Resurrectorates' answer to Xirds. Inspite of being called "Ravens", they're actselly more resemblent to angelic beautiful dove-like beings, the fact they're called Ravens is cause of the Ressor naming convention of all related ressors have to have names that are based around R, thus they have the name. They possess long necks, giant cyclopsian blue eyes in the theme of that Ressors only have such an eye type, and oftenly had been seen to wear togas. Though Ravens do serve a mostly simular purpose to Xirds, they do have the advantage of being more then just spies. They pocess energy-based weapons that produce a maluable cosmic light that allows for customisation preferent to a sytle of combat, of which the light is proven capable to harm and destablise Xzars, along with purifying infected mortals, whether cults, Xoldiers if they were once mortals, even to Avatars. It is especially painful to Xirds, being that Ravens are their counters, of which sometimes Xirds end up being captured by the Ravens to be either subject to interigation or even conversion to another Raven, both in a worse case scenario of unlucky Xirds. Ravens are assentually able to have the most mortal interaction then nearly any other outer god apart from known exceptions, being that they serve as a sort've "Town Guard" for dimensions under Ressor protection, though their enforcement is more concerned with ensuring that the very thing that got the residence in trouble, the path of starting an Inter-Dimentional Empire, is prevented, which often includes arresting those that have the same asperations as the rulers that nearly got the dimention destroyed to start with, along with any that would get too powerful that would bring ire to the greater Outer God community, cause Ressors still reckitnese the dangers of Inter-Dimentional Empires. Ravens, like the Xirds, can be diffreanisated by a smarter one and basic ones, only with Ravens it's more clear and pronuenced, where the drones are at realitive sense to human-sized beings while "Matriarchs" are several feet taller. Ravens adhere very closely to their Ressor masters and the R-Fates, of which at times the Matriarchs of Ravens can have a special relationship with, whether being friends on a professional level or something greater then that. Raven drones are often either the children of a Matriarch (Likely often from a Union with an R-Fate or just as much from asexual or cosmic creation means) or are the results of unlucky Xirds being converted into Raven Drones in being purifived of their Destructor energy, both in some cases. Ravens are often known to travel in astromonicly large flocks and can be very relentless, so never count on having a numbers advantage against the Ravens if your one of the Xzars.
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