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is a Spike-look-alike dragon of Equestrian heritage who was raised in the Dragon Realms by an ice and electricity dragon, and grew with total egotism and comedic annoyingness to people around him. He had lost his parents to Pred Judu Des long ago, and he has always hated Equestria for it, and never wanted to return. He has made a life trying to become a very feared villain, though his stubborn nature constantly gets in the way. He was given the nickname 'Whiner Boy'. He's hated being called that, but he may find the perfect opportunity through some Snake Tribes that he accidentally bumps into. But even his egomaniac gets in the way of that...or does it? And what if he has more in commen with Cynder and Qui then what you would assume?


Coming soon...


  • "(Cackles) FEAR ME, I AM...THE RAY!"
  • "You don't have the scrotum to take me down, pally!"
  • (As he is thrown out of the Snake Tribes' Temple) AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH--(Falls down the Temple's stairs) **** ***** **** ******* ****** ****** ***** ***** OW **** **** *** *********** ******************************** *** *** ****** ***** **** **** ***** ******* ***** ****** OWIE, OH GOD, ***** **** ***** **** SHIT ***** OH, (Smacks into a tree at the bottom of the stair) OOF! Ow!...F*******************************!!! (Faints)"
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