Raymone the Firefly

Raymone the Firefly, Ray for short, was a character from The Princess and The Frog who helped Tiana and Naveen find Mama Odie, but at the climax, he was fatally wounded by Facilier, and after Facilier's defeat, Ray dies, (which sadly will prevent him from joining the jungle crew) and his body now rests on a leaf and his spirit now reunites with his love, engeline (which is a star he named.)

however, he was reserected and corrupted by Dr. Nefarious and his senario is simuler to Bartok, he means well but ends up working for a villain, and it has been shown he is more or so abused by Dr. Nefarious and the villains of team nefarious. Eventually, through unknown events, he is freed from Nefarious' grasp, and returns back to his homeworld. This loss would make Nefarious so intolerable to loss of members, he'd be relentless in an effort to get these members back.

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