The Razor Feathers are a group of 10 Equestrian griffins who were a former taskforce that was originally meant to be Griffinmainia's version of the Wonderbolts. Though their success and superior skill nearly brought the Wonderbolts out of business until Princess Celestia and one of the kings of Griffonmania, King Cedric, decided that the impact they were making made them too dangerous to fight. So after a brutal fight against the Wonderbolts which they almost won, the Razor Feathers were fired and were banned from police work, and were exiled to Griffonstone. They soon moved on with using their skills for Boss Grouse in the Griffin Mafia, and have since been it's best agents. They are called in for either private or public matters such as sabotage, confiscating evidence of sensitive life-changing information, or espionage. If they get impeached of their goals, they will not hesitate to hurt those who resist their orders.


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  • Captain Ronan- The leader of the Razor Feathers. He is a blue, white, and brown griffin who was the fastest and most vicious and demanding of the griffins. He has killed more times than any of the other griffins in the Razor Feathers, and has the most terrifying roar of any of them.
  • Thigana- The second-in-command of the Razor Feathers. She is a demanding and violent scarlet, orange, brown and white griffin who is not very patient and will beat anyone until they do as they say.
  • Ramus- A peach, white, and black griffin who actually has a crush on Spitfire when they were still fighting for Griffonmainia. Even dispite that she ended up getting him and his team banned from herowork, his feelings for her never changed, albeit he is hurt he never got the chance to explain it and she ends up assuming Ramus is just like most of the other members. Ramus is the only member of the Razor Feathers with commen sense and decentcy and in fact warned all the members that this fall from graces would happen. But his fear of Thigana's violence torwords him keeps him in line.
  • Tandy- A white, maroon, and black griffin who is rather rude and insulting against others, including her own teammates. She is an expert archer who knows how to properly wield a bow and arrow for instant kills.
  • Peregrine- A falcon-like tan, white, and blue griffin who has the insanity of Rico the penguin. His rage makes him more devastating, and he has the ability to use his gullet to contain weapons and other equipment just like Rico.
  • Mahogany- A brown and tan griffin who is extremely greedy and does all the missions for money. He'll do anything for it, including killing.
  • Selena- A tan, apricot, and brown griffin who enjoys wanton destruction. She is an extremist and will take an extreme risk without thinking things through.
  • Redwing- A red, white, and tan griffin who is the most violent of the griffins. He is aggressive and mean, and sometimes has to be stopped before a murderous accident happens when it is not needed. He was among the reasons why, next to Peregrine and Selena, why Celestia didn't felt comfertable about the Razer Feathers being around as heroes.
  • Hornos- A hornbill-like black, orange, red, and peach griffin who is like the comic relief of the Razor Feathers. He is a vicious killer, yet he likes to make puns when doing his job. This ironicly also makes him the most incompident of the Razer Feathers cause he also laughs at his own jokes and make him lose focus on what he was doing.
  • Diver- A gannet-like white and teal griffin who is the only member that is capable of swimming. He has enjoyed it since he was 5, and if a target tries to hide underwater, Diver is called in to take it out. Diver actselly secretly believes that Ramus is right and that it was Ronan's stupid decisidions and faith in questionable griffins that lead to their ruin, but his belief in honor keeps him from "Questioning Ahorthity", and that he rather not take chances from Thigana's rageful outbursts.
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