Rea Buhl Hackagon is the youngest brother of President Hackagon and 8 other older siblings ruling the planet of Mieber, known as a "World of Order", in where a one and only goverment is ruling the entire planet. In due to his parents liking to be VERY unconventional with names, Rea had an obvious girl name, though complimented with the male sounding name of "Buhl" to discourage bullying. It doesn't exactly stop him from having difficulty with making friends when he was young, due to not being able to handle his name causing laughter, even if it was never at him. Rea still managed to grew up well enough though when he did met a nice and persistent girl named Janleentia, who was once the closest he had to a friend in his young days, who both of them started to defelupt romantic feelings for eachother, espeically after Janleentia's last marriage didn't work out, though she still has a left behind of that marriage, Maaphu, who did grew to accept Rea as if they were already husband and wife. However, one day, Rea ended up meeting up with Farre Killebrew, who presented himself as someone who is trying to fix "The mistakes of the Hackagons". Because Rea Buhl was not yet told the truth of Mieber, he ended up getting the wrong idea about Mieber's way of life. Farre lied about the existence of the Corruptus sun as an old legend created by the Hackagons to justify their totalarian control where socity would mostly overlook an otherwise clearly "corrupt and tyrannical" socity oppressing people and ruined a once thriving alcahol industry and drug industry and ruined the trades Mieber was involved in back when they were at Teadr 5. Rea did try to justify that the bans have benifits that Farre knew better then to deny or risk looking dishonest, but Farre pointed that, though slower then Mieber's progress with bans, other worlds that still allow alcahol, drugs and swears still managed to get pretty advance, arguing that Mieber would still be pretty advanced if "personal liberties" were allowed, arguing that not EVERYONE will go have some beer or smoke a good cigar if they were legel as they were more opitional then mandatory, and argued a case for curse words as a, though vulger, form of freedom of speech. This ended up getting to Rea, causing him to wonder why the Hackagons would do this. Janleentia, however, knew that Farre is obviously full of shit and kept him away from Farre. But this didn't happened soon enough as some form of Corruptus corruption has been established. This place Rea in self doubt, but he still had some form of faith for the goverment, knowing his brother isn't a corrupt tyrant. However, unbeknownst to him, Farre was causing peaceful protesters to arm themselves with weaponry in a plan to force the Miberian Order Force and other enforcers to be forced to take down the armed protesters to protect innosent people, which this "Sacrivice the few for the many" polocy tends to have controverseal results, not helping that unarmed people got caught in the crossfire or were mistaken to be armed because of a weapon-like item, of which made Rea assumed the worse. As such, 4 hours before Rea was to be stated in as a member of the goverment, Rea barged into the preparing ceramony and confronted Gamton on the matter on why the enforcers gunned down "innosent" protesters over mundane things, even for the bans, of even so much over having a potty mouth! As such, Gamton calmly explained something he meant to save for the celebration, feeling as if he needed to understand. He tried to explain the legend of the corruptus sun and the system's unfortunate founder, a dark magilo user of the same name of the sun, and that alcahol, drugs, and swear words, because of the dark lord's own unhealthy lifesytile, contribute in making the corruption worse and that Mieberians are the most corruptable beings and creatures in any universe. Unfortunately, because he heard it from Farre first, Rea made the foolhardy mistake of thinking that it's just an old legend being used by his "corrupt" clan to become control freaks! Rea admited that the "real truth" was told to him by Farre Killbrew and some of his friends, but Gamton warned that Farre is among the worse exsamples of rampet corrupted and troubled mieberians and is nothing but a violent anarchist! But instead, a bitter arguement broke out that lead to Rea nearly wounding he brother over being slapped that ended up hurting him, prevoking the barging in MOF force to try and capture the escaping Rea Buhl, leaving a broken-hearted family, with Janleentia living in heart-broken regret that she wasn't able to get Rea away from Farre sooner, along with a broken hearted, and wounded President Hackagon. As a result, he reunited with Farre and his personal followers, and founded the Underground and caused a rebelion socity, where the corruption festered because of his denial of the dead-as-day truth. It's only a matter of time before he starts making grave mistakes that his little rebelions will fall apart around him, working against him is his bad habit of not being good with current events, as the time of his rebelion's founding is pretty much early-mid VA era, when the HA just got established, and his knowing of what became of such events hasn't changed abit.

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