Kinya was defeated and sent away into Kratos' heart for good. but at a cost: Ororo is forever binded to the creature. All are in a depressed state. Even Algor has succomb to a state of personal sadness and regret for ever wronging Ororo in th past, though not fuly his intention. However. one of her friends, Tyrone, is becoming espeacialy dangeriously determin to bring Ororo back! since the original is as good as lost, he has another way: create a clone! thanks to a blood sample he found in the battle scene, he intents on making a new Ororo. eventally, he creates Ororo 2.0. Sadly, Ororo 2.0 is nothing like Ororo. She's obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, and probe to misuse her powers for self-gain and command! Tyrone is blinded by the false hope he can retrain the clone that he does nothing to stop this! the superiors get angry at this clone and claims that it's an insult to the real Ororo's name! Algor is espeaicly angry how this clone is nothing like the original, and threatens to have it destroyed! However, Ororo 2.0. ends up taking over kratos and becomes new leader! This attracts the attentions of the still around Gritch-Titantious and the cult of mimicy who sought to take advantage of this outrageious clone's rebelion. and Tyrone has become perimently ignorent of what he has done and now considers what is accuring a minor setback. it's up to the rest of the REAL Ororo's friends, and the shell louge squad to stop Gritch-Titanious, the Mimic Cult, all of Gritch's followers, A dangeriously ignorent and now villainious Tyrone, and Ororo 2.0., before Kratos is truely done for.

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