Red Brandy

Brandy Cecca Firewater

Brandy C. Firewater, AKA Red Brandy, is an Alternate UUniversal Maralaide from Planet Mieber. She is infamous as an Undergrounder who is described as a living cuss factory as she almost talks with an insultive potty-mouth, and resorts to a lot of violence and mayhem, proving to be an easy match for any MOF officer in the past. But what really makes her dangerous is how she got her nickname. Whenever she drinks red brandy from her liquor bottle, the intoxicating effects make her more destructive and dangerous than before for the next 12 hours, which is why the Underground had to restrain her the following time whenever she finished her destructive chaos. Her backstory is unknown, as she only responds to the questions as she normally does. Sometimes she has her weak moments, but she mostly hides them with her skill and reckless endangerment. In the Underground, she fought with her adopted Azoolde sister Blue Brandy as they both had the ability to get stronger and merciless when intoxicated, among Underground peers when they both do it together to calm them down. But as soon as Undergrounders start disappearing, her mentally-balanced sister is the only one who has to look over each other, and she can no longer drink and fight together as there is nobody qualified enough to keep them in check. She is like Robot Chicken Bitch Pudding, only not at a complete level.


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Brandy is a feline that has natural agility, panoramic vision, has good smell and hearing, night vision, and she has unique acrobatic abilities. Her whiskers can also pick up vibrations. Her combat skill is infamous as she can learn any combat move by watching it even once, not having to worry about the stress thanks to her neglect of such. She can even tolerate large amounts of pain and keep fighting, mostly because of her mentality. Despite her insanity, she is a strategic fighter who knows how to use whatever weapon she comes across, stealing whatever weapon she wishes and using it against her opponents.

But what makes her very dangerous is when she always carries red brandy in a liquor bottle. With just a sip, her mentality gets more unstable for the next 12 hours, and whenever that happens, nobody she deems a threat has survived or avoided a slight injury. Drinking alcohol makes her so feral, her mentality is increased ten fold, and given she can carry and steal weapons expertly, this can be catastrophic to her opponents. But she remains this way after victory, and thus peers such as her sister (except when she is under the same condition), and other Undergrounders have to restrain her until the effects wore off.


While Red has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, she didn't start out as the complete monster she and her adopted sister are today. Like all Undergrounders, the Corruptus radiation had fun playing with both sisters' mental disorders, and made them permanently unorthodox cuss factories who think that profanity and violence is a grand form of self-expression. They are not afraid to harm or kill others if they cross them, but sometimes, even with the Corruptus radiation, they are not complete monsters as they can easily be tamed if careful and nice enough, but it is still quite difficult to play to their soft sides as there is hardly any left.

Red herself is the most mentally-unstable of the sisters. She takes joy in violence and blood, and has sometimes been seen tasting the blood of her enemies, or even licking the blood off her bloody punched lips. She fights mercilessly, and the only ones keeping her in line is her mentally-balanced sister and Underground peers. But once Undergrounders become obsolete, the two are left on their own, and drinking alcohol together to fight with equal strength against opponents is no longer an option since there are no supporters to keep them from doing additional damage.

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