ever since the events of Madly Madagascar, Marty still thinks about the Okapi girl (he didn't even know her name) and still disires to win her over (WITHOUT attracting an army of overly-determined females) if he had another chance to get her back. The penguins, Icky and Iago are more then happy to assit Marty in his hour of need. In Shen's supervision, they go to Dreamworks africa and after a few hit-and-misses, found the reserve the Okapi girl lives in. with helpful (but somewhat questionable) love advice from Icky, Marty and Aina (The Okapi girl has no canon name, so she's fair game to give a name.) started to hit off, dispite awkwordness. Aina admited something to Marty: her fellow Okapi are being abused by the Hyena tyrant of the preverse: Jeuri, she has pushed even her own kind to be pushed to near death, and has ruled and abused Aina's friends and family ever since she came back to her reserve home ever since Madly Madagascar. Marty now is REALLY at a loss for words and choices! the Penguins said it'll be awhile before the rest of the louge can come to help, Shen insisted it's Marty's fight alone since HE'S the one who wants Aina, and that Icky and Iago are.... well, Birdbrains. Can Marty figure out how to defeat a well exspearienced and very verstile and impossable to defeat Hyena warrior queen?

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