Renaissance School is a university school located on Renaissance Hill, the tallest hill nearby Prometheon on Kratos. This school was built, founded, and lead by superhero Almighty Mane, and was originally built during the aftermath of the Good-Evil Wars against Emperor Avataraverse, in order to introduse Kratosians into becoming Superiors, along with the side-reason of countering a rising super-villain flux from the war's aftermath. It did well for a couple hundred years, and with Almighty's extended longevity, he saw it all the way through. The school was famous for helping students accept the harshest of reality, and their regulations reflected that, even though they can seem unfair at times, including competitions in which the weakest individual is expelled, as the main intention was to try disprove the classic trope that 'heroes always win and villains always lose', and though it was true that heroes usually win more often, it doesn't mean that it's a one-sided battle, where the regulations are meant to create that no generation should take any odds lightly, even if in their favor most of the time, as often many came to the assumption that the old term specifies that heroes are impossible to beat, and the term 'impossible' is an excessive term and not appropriate for the basis of good and evil, as even heroes can lose and villains don't always lose, and therefore the two sides shouldn't be judged that way, not even when the odds look favorable or even in an ideal utopia, because calamity was always going to be inevitable and things will always be bad or good. The school was very philosophical in the approach when it came to shaping the basis of good and evil, but not all students were of high hopes. The obvious downside is that in it's late era, it would automatically boot out 'weak' students because of ineffective amount of powers and lacking any power capable of defense or offense, and also had the problem of still commencing it even when there was a reason why the Superior was 'weak', like a disability or if they were victims of depowering gone permanent, and it also didn't accept controversial powers like power mimicry and time travel because of specific risk factors in them. Such a student that suffered this was Almighty's own young brother, Inmighty Mane, who was kicked out for being the weakest in one of the competitions, even though his powers, not counting longevity (though it did got damaged, meaning that he will get older and older as a result), were taken from him by bullies who depowered him to take advantaged of this clearly poorly-hindsighted rule. In response, he ordered the school shut down as senator, and even though the former students succeeded in having him impeached, he revealed that he was going to retire anyway because being a senator was just a means to an end, proving that he was only in it for revenge, because the job was done, and it cannot be undone because the school technically already served it's purpose, as Kratos was already a superior world and already had a decent superhero population at the time. This discouraged Almighty into the shadows, training the last of his students into living great lives until he retired fairly recently when his last long-living student died. But with the success of heroes like the Justic Teens and the Foxtrots, and with supervillains getting stronger in what they do, Master Algorithm decides to reopen the school to a better and more acceptable manner, to create more superheroes to fight these rising odds, even regardless of only having non-fightable powers and controversial ones, aiming to make the school less of a relic of a less-desirable past and more of a representation of a more accepting place, but the school would still contend with, and must still fight off, a still-living Inmighty, even with his incredibly frail body, with a prodigy Superior literally named Prodigy, they might give the school a new purpose in a changing world.


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Regulations & Society


The school has a large H-like building structure on it that was symbolic of what it created: Heroes. There are, or were, classes that specialized in the mastery of every superpower, except for those too controversial like power mimicry or time-travel, which are fixed by the time it is brought back. These classes are of a virtual/holographic database that can be manipulated very easily, and often not manually.

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There are 10 houses in the school: Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Hades, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Hephaestus, Demeter, and Dionysus. They work like a blend between Hogwarts houses and Duel Academy's Obelisk Blue, Ra Yellow, and Slipher Red ranks. Students are placed in their houses in starting years regardless of their levels on the leaderboard, and they move up as they become better. These houses are as follows:

  • Zeus House- The Zeus House is the top house of success, and reserved for those who are the very best of their ability.
  • Hera House- The Hera House is the second-rate house of success, as it contains the second-rating students of the school.
  • Apollo House- The Apollo House is the third-ranking house which contains students that, though not perfect as the other two, do great things that make them soar like an arrow, hence the name.
  • Hades House- The Hades House is the fourth-ranking house which contains students that mainly prefer to be very brutal and strong in their approach, as this can make them be feared as if they could be killed by them, hence the name.
  • Aphrodite House- The Aphrodite House is the fifth-ranking house which contains students that prefer to be passionate and graceful in their approach, solve things with non-violence, and make a great difference.
  • Ares House- The Ares House is the sixth-ranking house which contains students that possess the greatest of strength, and though often times to match that of those in the Hades House, can show inspiration and change for a new generation.
  • Athena House- The Athena House is the seventh-ranking house which contains students that prefer brains over brawns, using science and technology amongst their own powers to outsmart their enemies.
  • Hephaestus House- The Hephaestus House is the eighth-ranking house which contains the students that are just too reckless and irresponsible that they accidentally harm others, but at the same time do not ignore their suffering.
  • Demeter House- The Demeter House is the ninth-ranking house which contains students who are not very brave, and often times pacifistic and shy, and thus must grow in order to move high in the ranks.
  • Dionysus House- The Dionysus House is the lowest ranking house with students that are careless, the most amateur, and often times are the most incompetent. These students are often rebellious, breaking rules for personal gain, having unauthorized parties and celebrations, and often times do not get along well with other students.

Leaderboard and Ranks

The heroes and students of the school are able to fight crime as well. And their teachings and education are all cataloged within their efficiency in a battle. Their education is a big factor, as a hero has to be defined by being the best of their ability, and that means they cannot do anything that compromise the mission they are sent on, whether it be stopping petty crooks or supervillains, but doing other heroic actions. Their efficiency is shown on a leaderboard, a ranking system table which is managed in order of proficiency and success, and the leader is the most educated, often at times a valedictorian of their class, while the others lower on the leaderboard are more amateur and incompetent the lower they go. Qualities like stealth, strategy, efficiency, competency, responsibility, self-control, following the mission and the details and objectives clearly, listening clearly, and many other qualities, and often times, the one who stays in the lowest grade for a long time, or even an entire semester, gets expelled. Now the quilities mentioned are by no means bad, but sometimes, these expectations have the unfortunate implacation that heroes have to be Old-School Super-Man perfect, because sometimes, heroes can't be like ninjas and prefer to handle problems dead-on, others see no use in wasting time with stragity and planning and prefer to stop villains as quickly as possable, efficenty and compidence are often debatable attributes in some, and often times would be heroes rather follow what they think works instead of instructions because as long as the bad guys are stopped, who cares about it not being by the latter in their eyes. Because of these too high expectations, the school never had a shortage of critics and haters because it just asks too much from superiors, because powers aside, they're still otherwise people, and people aren't perfect. It doesn't help or change anything that certain heroes that represent the required objective are sent in for a specific job or mission, as the system was faulty whether they noticed or not. There are also many monthly competitions which test the students proficiency, whether they be virtual juggernaut, elimination, team matches, capture the flag, or even a common Superior sport, that are sometimes used to compare low-grade students, and again, expel the one with the weakest grades

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As expected, this school was not ammuned to it's share of controversey because of how it was established. It may be stated that the school wasn't intended to be this "cruel and unforgiving" as more like it tried to deliver a message to give students Mighty Mane's desires for realisum and perfection worthy of a Mane. But the problem is, this CLEARLY got lost in translation to many as time passed and things changed. The school has a habit of ensuring that the ones who are expelled and/or only succeeded in getting a low grade, either get a guide to be stuck with in a best case scenario, or get thrown into the sidekick category to where their low-tier grades cannot allow them to be proper superheroes, as they will either make mistakes or not do well in a battle. Now, the guide thing may be intended to be a bandaid to mend losing their dreams, but it was too small to the fact that they would otherwise still not get their desires and that a condesending life tutorer is actselly insulting to some, and being sent to a sidekick position is added insult to injury since nobody wants to be a sidekick, just being a "wise-cracking comic relief and/or distraction for the greater hero to us". Now granted, the school shows no hard feelings for having them expelled by giving them an honorary degree for trying, but never give them an oppression when doing it. However, it doesn't stop people from feeling like they were cheated out of a life goal because being made a second-banana to a figuratory superior, even if it's someone they like, can be a degrading position because sidekicks are comic relief at best, cannon fodder at worse, and nobody wants to be treated like a joke-cracking distraction nor be considered such. Thus it did nothing to discourage critics and haters to the school and only further brings point of the shcool having too high expectations.

On top of that, there is also another controversy that this procedure of expulsion also creates villains, especially since it was built to fight them off, yet the founder explains that this was a grand plan, because villains will not always be around, and often times, they can create villains on their own, mostly by accident, so they can have a reason to live, which had been what killed the school's credability even more, espeically since it's original aim was to reduse the villain population, not keep it around, though the founder, while retaking some of the previous statement, added that the school does not aim to encourage such behavior. Regardless of his wisdom, the damage was still nevertheless done and the already unpopular opinion of the school sky-rocketed and stayed up there, thus being among the key factors to the school's closing.

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  • Lucas O'Mighty/Almighty Mane- (Deceased) The founder and superintendent of the school whose father was the strongest Superior in history and was inspired to found and refound the school to produce a new generation of superheroes for Kratos. But thanks to the rampage of his brother, which was actually organized by a worse threat, his dream would live on without him.
  • Superintendent Stable/The Stable Sable- A Superior Sable antelope female and a perfectly-stable omnipotent Superior, hence the hero name "The Stable Sable". She was an old flame of Almighty who aimed to keep his legacy alive when he was felled by his embittering brother.
  • Ulysses Van Universton/Captain Universe/Mister Universe- A Doctor Manhattan-style Superior chimpanzee who is head of the Zeus House.
  • Olan Outers/Guerilla/Mister Guerilla- A Superior gorilla and head of the Hera House.
  • Alessandro Bolt/Bolt/Mister Bolt- A Superior jaguar and head of the Apollo House.
  • Michael Impaxton/Impacto/Mister Impacto- A Superior Hulk-style water buffalo and head of the Hades House, as well as the Superior version of Death Arms from My Hero Academia.
  • Mary-Ann Mindimoff/Mindset/Miss Mindset- A telepathic Superior African giant snail and head of the Aphrodite House.
  • Jonathan James Hyperion/Wrathstar/Mister Wrathstar- A Superior wolverine and head of the Ares House. He is the Superior version of Blood Hero: Vlad King from My Hero Academia.
  • Braelin Cortexx/Texx/Miss Texx- A Superior macaw and head of the Athena House.
  • Maxwell Max Fires/Firefox/Mister Firefox- A Superior thermokinetic red fox and head of the Hephaestus House. He is the Superior version of Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor from My Hero Academia.
  • Nevaeh Nevers/Neverend/Miss Neverend- A pacifistic fighter Superior albatross and head of the Demeter House.
  • Guyton Ricoché/Rebound/Mister Rebound- A strict Superior pangolin and head of the Dionysus House. He is the Superior version of Gran Torino, AKA Sorahiko, from My Hero Academia.
  • Patton Prince/Principle/Principal Principle- A Superior Glossy ibis and the principal for the school.
  • Jason Whitewing/Vice-Principal Whitewing- A Superior Crested ibis, Principle's sidekick and best friend, and vice-principal of the school.
  • Deuce Sightson/Sightseer/Dean Sightseer- A Superior serval and the dean of the school.
  • Jack Turbonaught/Coach Jack- A Superior Agile gibbon and the gymnastics and metanastics (power training) teacher for the school. He is the Superior version of Shota Aizawa, aka Eraser Head from My Hero Academia.
  • Mercy Luci Healgood/Miss Mercy/Nurse Mercy- A beautiful Superior African golden cat and the clinic for the school. She is the Superior version of Chiyo Shuzenji, aka Recovery Girl from My Hero Academia who also heals with a kiss, but still in her youth.
  • Immanuel Quantus/Quotient/IQ/Professor Quotient- A Superior Red-shanked douc and teacher of superpower science, history, and physiology for the school.
  • Chester Burnbrand/Burnout/Chef Burnout- A Superior Giant weta and the cafeteria cook of the school.
  • Raymon Freechild/Emancipator/Mister Emancipator- A Superior Doberman-Dalmatian mix, the step-uncle of Score Settler, and former police officer with portal and teleportation powers and the rescue training teacher of the school. He is the Superior version of Thirteen from My Hero Academia.
  • Stella Nightline/Twilight/Miss Twilight- A Superior Brown palm civet and the teacher of Hero Arts, coming from a long line of military strategy and combat artists, and is playful in some moments but serious and angry in others, especially with her ability to manipulate dreams, mind-control, and possess people. She is the Superior version of Midnight in My Hero Academia.
  • Art Uberbeat/Überman/Mister Überman- A Superior gelada and the teacher of Hero Safety and Economics, helping teach heroes how to lessen damage done during fights, practice crowd control, work harmonically with local authorities, as well as conducting fair wage for the service of heroism like any force of justice.
  • Kayleigh Spandex/Voluptuous/Miss Voluptuous- A Superior Electric blue gecko diva, social butterfly, and creator of the school's hero costumes as a member of the famous Spandex family that revolutionized the fashion of superhero costumes, who is not only attractive and popular, but has the ability to manipulate matter, electricity, magnetism, and the uncanny ability to multitask a hundred things at the same time. She is the Superior version of Uwabami from My Hero Academia.

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Zeus House Students

  • Hoag Bode Heliose/Sunwave- A Superior tiger in the Zeus House and valedictorian of his class with the ability to fuel his power with solar energy, developing different powers the more charged he is, being the first Zeus Student and best student for knowing the school on a philosophical level.
  • Stacy Peacekeep/Peace Pacer- A superior Gerenuk of Zeus House who is a peacekeeper for the other students and houses. With super speed, being flexable, being able to streach and a prowless with athletic and actobatic ability with a stragitic mind to boot, Peace Pacer proves she's more then just a pretty tall drink of water. Like Heliose, she perfectly understands the meaning of the school, which allowed her a place in Zeus House.
  • Brody Shatter/Shatterpiece- A Superior Painted Turtle of Zeus House who was actselly the great Grandson of a student that was exspelled from the school back when it embraced overtly harsh standerds, Brody Shatter, who has the power to turn into stain-glass and shatter into being his own weapon and anti-damage protection, understood the philosify of the school better then his great grandfather did, even dispite his father's wishes who had since became a reknown critic of the school in how it caused the great grandfather to end his own life in shame, Brody wanting to redeem the Shatter name. Even without the looming threat of being automaticly exspelled in a more modernised Renaissnce School, Brody takes the school unapologenicly seriously, which earned him a place in Zeus House and much respect from peers, netourious critic father aside.
  • Tom Goldstein/Comedy Gold- A Superior red squirrel of Zeus House who's abit of an irony for the school standerds. He has the immaturity and humor of a typical Dionysus house student, but yet, also a very devote follower of the School's meaning, but does in his own "Unigte Sytile" then the expected standerd. By all means, his humor is vastly appresiated by the otherwise very serious Zeus House students, but it doesn't stop tom from still being a great paradox on the school's part that he got into Zeus House even when he lacks the ability to take things seriously. But his power in turning into solid gold for protection (And sometimes comedic timing) and super-powers that perfectly mimic cartoon logic standerds akin to Looney Tunes, does well in proving that it's no joke.
  • Sal Strong/Haphazard- A Superior iguana with the ability to change his powers every day and has mastered all of them, making him an excellent fit in Zeus House.
  • Cochran 'Cocky' Blastar/Artillery- A Superior rooster and cunning combatant and trickster who has the ability to identify things through contact, learn around their powers, adapt his own optic blasts around them, rebound metapower attacks, and his costume, painted like a target, falsely advertises enemies into taking their own fire.
  • Miguel Prollencomet/Prowlcomet- A Superior jaguar with the ability to jump very far, has unfathomable strength, speed, agility, levitate, and can manipulate electricity, fire, and air.
  • Reese Overblowough/Physic- A Superior Crowned sifaka who is very dashing and very risk-taking with his psionic abilities and physics manipulation.
  • Johfrit Templarton/Rook- A Superior pangolin with a knight's superhero costume and body armor that is completely indestructible and added with his superpower of invincibility, and his technologically advanced sword and shield, he is the perfect support hero.
  • Hannah Bless/Bequeath- A Superior California newt known for her charm and ability to enhance the powers of others, read the feelings of others, teleport, and possess people, serving as an excellent aid.
  • Chad Batterhorn- A Superior topi with horns that can channel energy for a charge that can destroy the toughest of steel.

Hera House Students

  • Jennyfer Altitude/Acrophobia- A Superior pool frog in the Hera House with the ability to enhance her jumps with a limited flight ability allowing her to bounce across surfaces without falling until she inserts herself to proper center of gravity again. She is incredibly jumpy, bubbly, and yet serious in certain circumstances. She is the Superior version of Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy from My Hero Academia.
  • Taishawn Choptown/Chopwild- A Superior Iron-Fist-style martial artist Common squirrel monkey in the Hera House with the ability to develop his quantonium into different abilities with his chi. He is the Superior version of Mashirao Ojiro, aka Tailman from My Hero Academia.
  • Mortimer Monitors/Monitor Monitor (MM)- A Superior Nile monitor of Hera House with flawwed psionic powers that left him essentually being a walking TV with the power to summon said items or concepts from TV to his crime fighting advantage. He can also travel into Television that would enable him to surprise any enemy that has TV access, whether they intended TV presence or if their lair happened to have it. He used this power to twhart in-process robberies in places with security cameras to drag the attention of lazy security guards so the robberies are stopped, even linking the footage to the news media rather quickly should a guard be unavaluable or were disabled so the criminals never had it easy either way. His connection to TV allowed him to have the first-to-know knowledge of latest defelupments and their current state. Useful as these powers are, his drawback is that he litterally has an old fastioned Anntena TV screen on his head as his hero helmit which unintentionally makes him look rediculious, but combinstates it by the fact the TV helps him hone his flawwed telepath powers better into Television. As such, these abilities also earned him a place as the school's newscaster for school events.
  • Twiggs Digs/Stick Insect- A Superior stick insect in a litteral sense in being a superior of Hera House with the power of being made out of wood, thus allowing connections to trees or take the form of wood-based objects or even weaponised such things. While tecnecally not an extremely USEFUL power, the real greatness is that Twiggs was smart and reshorseful enough to make it still work and make stragtigitc use of this limitation. However, his flaw is that he's a litteral stick in the mud in that he's all about taking things VERY seriously to the point of overestimation, thus leading him to have a rivalry with Tom Goldstein. Twiggs is shakespearian in nature and only appresiates cultured and sofisicated things, thus, he ended up with the nickname "Super Killjoy".
  • Liz Empispot/Watchwhile- A Superior Aruban whiptail lizard with a long prehensile tongue, electrical powers, can scale walls and breath underwater, and she can enhance the powers of others for a limited time. She aspires to be just like Bequeath and despite being a little too moody and happy, she pulls through well enough.
  • Tanner Taylor Turbocharge/Battery- A Superior tayra whose powers of energy manipulation are fueled by any form of energy, and he is a very aggressive yet talented superhero.
  • Helmut Heave/Helm- A Superior mouflon with a powerful hydraulic suit of armor and a helmet that adds to the charging power of his titanium horns.
  • Gladys Oreclash/Gladiato- A Superior Golden-headed lion tamarin that has a gladiator-style superhero costume, a powerful quantonium energy blade and shield, powerful strength, vast jumping distance, speed, and unrelenting willpower.
  • Shanya Themiscyrus/Amazon- A Superior Southern Amazon red squirrel with an Amazonian hunting prowess and a sense of strength and honor with her indestructible shield, shortsword, and powers.
  • Crispin MacBlitzard- A Superior tahr with the ability to use a powerful breath to blow away opponents or freeze them. He is a cold-mooded hero whose presence makes people shiver.
  • Aisha Crossfinger/Smacker- A Superior Malabar gliding frog with super flight, and can slap with her large webbed hands that it can deliver shockwaves of unbelievable force.
  • Ronaldo Indominis/Mister Irrepellant- A Superior cockroach known with the ability to resist anything, Superior or otherwise, making him very dangerous to villains. Though this has trained him to think he's completely invincible and has become careless and sloppy in battle, and yet it hardly matters.
  • Douglas Superpowen/Powerhart- A Superior velvet worm with power manipulation abilities who wants to prove that such powers can be used for good after they have such a huge controversy, and has done well enough to succeed.
  • Lea Photonictis/Leaflet- A Superior leaf bug with the ability to fuel her unbelievable powers through photosynthesis, and has a very huge crush on Stick Insect, joining not just for her skill, but to be with him.
  • Terrence Submersibus/Torpedo- A Superior otter with the ability to breath underwater, swim at super speed and strike with the force of a missile, and the ability to manipulate inertia.
  • Drew Powerhauser/Drawback- A Superior Drill and ex-boyfriend of Limitbreak and a much worse rival to Prodigy than Nitrous from a forced marriage meant to create a perfect hero who has the ability to adapt his own powers, but not in the same way as Prodigy, and since Prodigy got together with Limitbreak, he swore to surpass him, not for his prideful father, but for Limitbreak and himself.

Apollo House Students

  • Pip Prizes/Prodigy- A gifted Superior monkey in the Apollo House with a rare and undocumented superpower of accelerated development that makes him a growing and surpassing student with lovers and haters.
  • Shauntelle Shanna Surmount/Limitbreak- A female Superior mandrill in the Apollo House who is a childhood acquaintance of Prodigy in school who becomes his partner when she shows the same rare superpower he does. Though she is just as confused and yet prodigal, she has a qualm of being seriously judgmental and spiteful, but knows when and how to accept that life is always unfair after remembering an act of socialism almost ruined her life.
  • Scott Homer Goodkick/Sportsman- A Superior Pitbull of Apollo House and the son of a sports champion of Superior Baseball and a master of all sports with the powers to work along with them. He's not exactly poindexter levels of genius, but a good heart and a willingness to be there for people made him an idol in both sports and saving the day.
  • Ryan Points/Score Settler- A Superior Dalmatian of Apollo House and a master gamer in where he can use his powers to mimic the abilities in the games to use against villains and crime. He's a masterful genius and stragigest, but tends to boast himself up with glouting to the point of arrigance and lack of humility that he's lucky his legit talent and capability to learn prevented him from being an easy Dionysus house student.
  • Yoe Joy/The Amazing Yo-Yo-E- A Superior Greyhound of Apollo House and the reformed daughter of a minor super-villain with the ability to channel powers into speical yo-yos that can channel them. Complicated with an athletic, gymastic and actrobatic prowless, dispite Yoe's cheerful and almost Harley Quin-like demeaner, she doesn't mess around, and her good heart and willingness to turn full hero earned her a place in Apollo House.
  • Beyance De'Bra/Le Justice Femme De Ménage- A Superior French poodle of Apollo House, Heiress of a respected Super-Hero Fastion Company, and someone with a Rarity-like mindset that can have a kind heart, but can be abit hoity-toity with abit of a complusive cleaniness disorder that drives her to over-clean something she had already cleaned, even for 90 times in a row, in trying to get cleaning perfection. As such, she tends to easily conflict with the other girls of the school, most so with those of Apollo House from time to time, espeically with Shauntelle who's tendingcy to be judgemental easily makes her annoyed with Beyance, and Yoe for being abit of a twat.
  • Dodge Portsback- A hyperactive Superior hyrax of Apollo House with the ability to summon portals and teleport. Though quite mildly autistic, he has a calculative and visual mind allowing his portals to have minds of their own.
  • Emily Epitome- A Superior viscacha who has the ability to gain the powers of anyone she meets, along with her enhanced agility, speed, and super flight. Her goal is to be the best heroine in every category.
  • Kaiser Cumulus/Virga- A Superior Palm-nut vulture who has an intimidating temper and the ability to control weather through clouds.
  • Mason Clubber/Mace- A Superior Spiny-tailed lizard with a tail that can deliver quantonium shockwaves and blasts, as well as super strength and wall crawling.
  • Matt DeMatters/Flux- A Superior Celebes crested macaque with matter manipulation powers.
  • Apce Zoomer/Zoom- A Superior Phascogale speedster who is very annoying and hyperactive, but innocent.
  • Gundy Armswilde/Gunslinger- A Superior gundi that has quantonium guns and the ability to generate force fields, duplicate himself, teleport, and levitate. His skill is just so good he was chosen to test out the superpower guns of the School.
  • Henry Rhynox/Rhinowing- A Superior Rhinoceros hornbill with super fast flight and the ability to supercharge his beak crest into an impact that will cause a temporary nullification of one's powers.
  • Maria Bliss/Santa Maria- A Superior Margay who is actually the opposite of Ororo, having the ability to grant superpowers. After helping her poor village grow, she joined the school to do more.
  • Conrad Mirrorchild/Convexer- A Superior Western fence lizard with rebounding and mimicry powers where he touches or absorb's one's powers and develops the opposite, and has a very flattering personality.
  • Tasha Blastett/Keeneye- A mute Superior Eyelash viper daughter of an assassin similar to Cassandra Cain with the ability to fire breath blasts that can act as stealth support.
  • Vin Unlimiture/Venture- A Superior basilisk lizard with the ability to manipulate and resist the four elements.
  • Stan Sunburn- A Superior Gold tegu with the ability to grow stronger in his powers of flight, endurance, strength, and thermokinesis the hotter his environment is.
  • Pollo Apolloarrow/Sparta- A Superior Madagascan mantella with a powerful bow and arrows, quantonium blades, and armor, as well as flight, strength, speed, teleportation, and 360-degree perception.
  • Perry McPatterns/Paradigm- A Superior Corn snake with the ability to turn into any form of energy, but is very passive-aggressive.
  • Marv Fargone/Longshot- A Superior Longisquama from Hades that actually came to the surface to prove to his overprotective family that he can use his powers greatly.

Hades House Students

  • Occulto Displeaser/Vultani- A powerful antihero necromorthic Superior Bearded vulture in the Hades House who believes himself to be the son of Hades himself and the bringer of firy judgement! He has been known to have actively tried to slay supervillains in trying to send them for "Final Judgement" to Hades himself. His biological parents are concerned he's on the path of being a villain and want a means to get him to use the powers for proper good then his ill-conchived notion of good.
  • Julien Swat/Okapinsect- A Superior okapi in the Hades House that pocesses the power of all known insects, and ironicly other Anthropods, that enables her to use these abilities to stop crime. While Juilen has a good heart, she has a bad hapit of fighting dirty, but with a good reason, in that she figures that "Villains don't fight fair", so in her mind, why should she? Problem is, it ends up making her look dishonorable and look like a cheater, people becoming afraid of her becoming the next Malvonio or Grinchgrog in a worser case. Her kind-hearted grand parents had aimed to help her deal with this useage of dirty tactics to be a better person and hero.
  • Orbi Weavii/Fate-Weaver- A Superior Orb-weaver spider in the Hades House and the granddaughter of one of the retired super-villains based on the Sisters of Fate. She desires to redeem the family name since her grandmother's offictal retirement with the other sudo-fate sisters, who processes the rare undocumented power of Fate Malmitulation, being able to malmitulate the fate of others with her webbings that work like life string, able to use it to make villains she's after to give up randomly out of their own volition and turning themselves in, sometimes even having henchmen turn on their masters, making mad sciencetists destroy their own projects, making even the most compident burgler trip a predictable alarm, and more. Her parents, while proud of her, need a preventive measure to make sure she stays on the path of good, worring she would end up going on the dark path out of boredom because of how easy it was for her to stop villains, hoping to get her on the path of an oppendent resistent to her powers.
  • Alistair Invictus- A Superior hippopotamus in the Hades House who has invincibility and the ability to increase strength and give himself new powers the angrier he gets. He has anger issues and this makes him frightening among other students. He is the Superior version of Eijiro Kirishima, aka Red Riot from My Hero Academia.
  • Javad Tungsten- A Superior rhinoceros in the Hades House who has metallic invincibility and the ability to get stronger and harder the angrier he gets, making him a rival of Invictus, right down to his equal anger issues. He is the Superior version of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, aka Real Steel, in My Hero Academia.
  • Mark Chronoson/Chronotrigger-Finger- A Superior Indian muntjac of Hades House who's a netourious loose cannon time travel superior known to open up time portals to use his ability to fire bullets from his hands to prevent the rise of would've-been powerful supervillains that would've long been a serious dishastor to Kratos. The Bullets he processed are paradox proof, they would teleport back to him, and when about to be caught, he slows down or freezes time to make an escape. He does this because he believes that Superiors with Time Travel have the potaintional to stop so many horrors, and yet fear of a paradox doomsday stops them. So he went out of his way to make himself paradox-proof to counter this fear as he wipes would've been super-villains out of existence. But one day, one such agent of the agentcy, Corbin Paradox, who would beat the anti-hero in his own game just when he was about to prevent the existence of General Grandfather Clock for his recent betrayal, would aim to put him on a better path.
  • OJ Stigma/Odium- A Superior Tasmanian tiger of Hades house with a voracious and merciless way of heroism with his two bowie blades and his ability to heal, adapt his own powers, lift 1000x his own weight, immunity to pain, and his super agility, reflexes, and durability.
  • Jorgen Bustbury/Jargon- A Superior boar of Hades House with a very rough fighting streak and is reckless when being a hero. He has the ability to negate super-strength and has his own.
  • Christian Meltdown/Reactor- A Superior Dyeing poison dart frog and a more aggressive rival to Nitrous and also the son of a terrorist much worse, to the point that the two had a destructive rivalry, who has the power to secrete reactive chemicals from his body and heat manipulation that makes him a dangerous hero.
  • Ulfred Gunsgive/Gunlet- A Superior Culpeo with gun gauntlets that he uses to control his artificial ability to emit quantum blasts from his arms.
  • Blaise Fires/Firekit- A Superior Red fox and the cousin of Firefox who also has pyrokinesis, but his is less controllable.
  • Omisha DeSurrection/Necress- A Superior possum with the ability to manipulate organic matter and thus resurrect, heal, or the opposite, which makes her resented by Nurse Mercy whose had experience with her family, including her evil uncle.
  • Martin Navygaze/Navy-Eye- A Superior Elephant seal with super strength, aquatic breathing, durability, speed, and water manipulation powers.
  • Chucky Powerpool- A Superior San Esteban chuckwalla with the power to infect others' powers, but is not mentally well enough to use it responsibly.
  • Mary Stormstrom- A Superior Mara similar to X-Men Storm, but her power to manipulate weather is destructive compared to other weather Superiors in the school.
  • Sally Sargassum/Kelpie- A Superior Spotted seal who has the power to manipulate algae and water, but she is not in proper control of either, and yet is too determined to use them.
  • Grayson Greece/Greaser- A Superior Grouse who is basicly a greaser with the ability to create acid, which can be too dangerous if not properly controlled.

Aphrodite House Students

  • Enoch Spreadfield/Spreadshot- A tiger-legged frog in the Aphrodite House with a malformed body of 4 additional arms underneath his regular arms. These arms are not only useful for extra handy work, but he can also use his ability of elasticity to maximum effort. He is the Superior version of Mezo Shoji, aka Tentacole from My Hero Academia.
  • Vivica Vegas/Miss Vivid- A Superior zebra in the Aphrodite House with the ability to manipulate color, darkness and light, as well as create illusions of any kind. She is a stubborn and often selfish girl with a desire to impress her stubborn parents.
  • Eva Horoscope/Event Horizon- A Superior Dama gazelle of Aphrodite House with the power to reverse dishastors and tragities and prevent them from happening after her own tragity of her father dying while saving someone's life in a fire as a firefighter. She is noble and honorable person, which conflicts with Vivica's lack of viewing heroisum beyond as a means to get the approveal of less then impressed parents, espeically since Vivica's much more appresiative uncle was the one her father died saving and yet the two conflict daily dispite this knowledge. However, as impudent and self-serving Vivica is, Eva does feel sympathic for her desires to win the appresiation of her parents, but also wants to prevent these desires from ruining and corrupting her in fearing that Vivica's parents might never be impressed with her, thus Vivica would end up down the wrong path, thus Eva aims to prevent this and get Vivica to worry more about doing what's right then show-boating for cynical parents, along with having repressed by-sexual feelings for Vivica.
  • Henry Laughterhouse/Laugh-Stock- A Superior Striped hyena of Aphrodite house with the power to use his sonic-wave in the form of laughter and can even induce laughter. As much as he litterally SOUNDS like he should be with Dionysus house, he actselly has means to keep his sonic laughs from being more destructive then intended and use them in a focused mannor. But he does have an issue of treating heroisum like fun and games then something to treat with respect, thus making him a paradox in shcool logic like Tom Goldstein on why this also doesn't earn him a place in Dionysus House. Well this is because that outside of his easily amused demeaner and some wise-guy speakings, does beat the good heart of someone who cares and can be wiser then he looks, a sort've Sans the Skeleton mentality. Thus, Henry is litterally Aphrodite House's glue that keeps the students at relitive peace. He's also looking for a girl that has 'the cutest laughter of all', and is secretly a gelotophile. He is the Superior version of Emi Fukukado, aka Ms. Joke, from My Hero Academia, but is male.
  • Eanred Diopter/Eyesore A Superior Powerful owl that can use his very intimidating large eyes to use telehypnotic mind-control powers. He is a brooding mysterious hero who actually helps people in his own dark amoral way. He is the Superior version of Hitoshi Shinso from My Hero Academia.

Ares House Students

  • Genny Esista/Genesister- A Beast Boy-esque Superior ostrich in the Ares House who has the power to turn into unsentient creatures, but it expands beyond earth animals and includes alien fauna or even alien races and can automaticly master their languise, which proved useful in managing to have reformed an Independence Day-like race of world harvesting aliens to reconsider their ways and instead became world preservers. Her problem is that she isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, so her record of capturing villains is, mixed at best.
  • Clara Hydraisa/The Great Hydra- A large mutated Superior King cobra of Ares House that possesses a unique form of regeneration. She came to have four extra heads, that of her normal head, and that of an anacona, a python, and a boa, becoming the size of the creatures combined, and pocesses great strentgh, element abilities represented by each head, and regeneration that restores the lost head while the afforementioned lost one bio-degrates, with the new head having the memories of the old one. She was once a secret science project of her creater and now dedicated arch-nemisis, Dr. Monster Goose, a mad mongoose sciencetist that wanted to create a "Modern Hydra" for him to control via "The Hydra Experiment", only for Clara's better nature to be beyond the Doctor's desires and defeated him and destroyed his lab. However, her draw-back is that she can get into a disagreement with the other heads, the Anaconda brute force, the Python about stealth, and the Boa a passive optimist, while Clara is the only brains of the 4 heads, along with a rattle snake rattler that can turn into a propeller for crude but effective flight, but when the heads work togather, she earned her name of "The Great Hydra" for a reason. Clara has a personal fear of meeting her parents like this and thus has avoided coming home ever since her escape and victory over the mad docor, fearing rejection over the extra heads in some form or fastion.
  • Olga Startwell/Jumpstart- A Superior pademelon and grandchild of a previous teacher of the old Renaissance School in the Ares House. She has the ability to amplify power of people including herself, but can be very cocky when it comes to this ability.
  • Chevy Charge/Overcharge- An electric Superior binturong in the Ares House who is extremely energetic and enthusiastic about almost everything and is sometimes a reckless nuisance. He is the Superior version of Denki Kaminari, aka Chargebolt from My Hero Academia.
  • Rashaun Armstrong/Brawler- A Superior False gharial in the Ares House with the ability to absorb any kind of energy to amplify himself, including kinetic energy to increase his strength, mainly also to power his ability to fire blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Katrina Knockblock/Verve- A Superior kangaroo with the ability to enhance or enlarge her fists or feet for harder blows. She is the Superior version of Itsuka Kendo from My Hero Academia.
  • Marson Shift/Metamoph- A Superior Banded mongoose with the ability to gain the animalistic qualities of anyone he fights. He is the Superior version of Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia.
  • Rayson Resonatus/Resonate- A Superior Blue-spotted girdled lizard with the ability to manipulate vibrations, and is a very enthusiastic fighter. He is the Superior version of Yo Shindo from My Hero Academia.
  • Pieter Anemos Westerly- A Superior Colugo who is able to manipulate the wind, and is very bitter and mean after losing his girlfriend by not listening to her, yet has a firm belief in heroes being as best as they should, and as such he despises heroes who make detrimental mistakes. He is the Superior version of Inasa Yoarashi, AKA Gale Force, from My Hero Academia.
  • Warren Impetus- A Superior African golden cat with an impulsive and ferocious attitude and the power to charge up his claws and use them to slice through the toughest of steel.
  • Connie Traject/Combo- A Superior Bobtail cat and cocky pro-wrestler with the power to fly, rebound any kind of ability, can control physics and force, can calculate very quickly, and can deliver great punches that use manipulated kinetic energy.
  • Scotty Beamstrill/Trunkbeam- A Superior Aardvark with the ability to use a powerful vortex trunk and even fire blasts or beams of energy from it.
  • Anne Lodestone- A Superior Carolina anole with a rotten attitude and the ability to mix and adapt her powers based on whoever she touches.
  • Nash Cometes/Cometeer- A Superior Shanghai skink with a very flamboyant and nearly reckless personality and the power to become a zooming orb of energy and manipulate plasma.
  • Zosia Hormone/Divabird- A Superior Red-footed booby and fashionista who can manipulate emotions, hormones, and any kinds of organic chemicals, or enhance her own, and is a very vain woman and bachelorette.
  • Brock Rigorous/Rigor- A Superior Badger with a fierce temper and the power to get stronger based on how active and angry he is.
  • Mitchell Bouncer/Deepbreath- A Superior Lungfish with the power to breath on land, and has bouncing abilities and enhanced perception that make him fast and quick.
  • Casper Spookible/Spooker- A Superior Laughing gull who is mental but actually scares with a creepy laugh while he has the ability to turn invisible and do anything a ghost can.

Athena House Students

  • Tony Sharp/Iron Shark- A Superior Blacktip reef shark in the Athena House who's amongst the rare sea creatures that didn't go to Lagoola called Nereidites. He lives with a rare gene that makes him ammuned to Qouantonium effects at least 909.99% of the time, the only super-power he has is above average intelligence at the least. But he makes up for tecnecally being a near-normal by putting that intellect to very good use and gave himself an Iron Man like suit that allows him to be a hero. However, he treats it more like a celeberty status as he willingly broke the cartinal rule of secret identity (Not that it helps since all Superiors have automatic knowledge of who's who) and allowed fame to go into his head. The end result is that he's FAR from a team player. His parents desire to get Tony to humble his smug ass and be a true hero.
  • Nicholas Genious/Ingenio- A half-robot Superior hyena modern assendent of Gadgetia the Hyena in the Athena House who is a genius with an adaptive mind. He can self-upgrade to fight better in the battlefield and he wants nothing more than to be a good role-model for his baby sister so she can grow up to be a great hero. He is the Superior version of Tenya Iida, aka Ingenium from My Hero Academia.
  • Cree Makersweld/Creatana- A Superior Chinese water dragon in the Athena House who has a visual mind to go with her enhanced light and matter manipulation and yet a severe intolerance to nonsense. She is the Superior version of Momo Yaoyarozu, aka Creati, from My Hero Academia.
  • Beatrice Codeson/Binary Code- A Superior Reticulated giraffe of Athena House who is made entirely out of binary code after a computer malfuntion on her prime project caused by her sworn arch-nemisis, Glitch Master. As such, she gained the power to actess computers at will and processes the knowledge of the internet, thus speaks like a computerised voice. She was always able to hack into the computer code of every villain and get their knowledge to allow an easier break in, even sometimes using their own defences against them. In being made of code, she has a problem with sevrely glitching alot due to losing her biological struture, so she pocesses her robotic assistent, which cowinidently resembles a giraffe, of which allows her to be better understood. The robot has been since upgraded more to be more combat ready and capable of quick altheic feats.
  • Dyne Energyus/Dynamo- A Superior European hare of Athena House and expert genius saboteur with the ability to absorb energy and use it to power his abilities.
  • Sunni Quirk/Techniqua- A Superior Javan lutung with telescopic vision, masterful growing super intelligence, and the ability to do virtually anything with her psychometric psychic powers and is even an assistant for Miss Texx famous for helping students develop their powers with her equipment which she comically refers to as her children. She is the Superior version of Mei Hatsume from My Hero Academia.
  • Bryson Axon/Brainpower- A Superior Zanzibar red colobus who's so crazy with his intellect and superpowers he's actually unpredictable and therefore valuable.
  • Cody Hack- A Superior rat who's x-ray vision and psychometric powers make him an excellent hacker.
  • Steve Techs/Kickbait- A Superior orangutan and chronic web browser who actually has massive intelligence developed from this hobby, the power to translate data and pawn, and physically combat computer viruses and worms.
  • Izzak McKinetic/Newton- A Superior gliding lizard with the ability to manipulate the laws of physics, making himself fly, and alter out physics so as to imitate a traditional superhero.
  • Roger Dreamcatcher/Wilddream- A Superior koala with an enhanced IQ that makes him an expert genius and strategist, flight, X-ray vision, enhanced night vision, and even a strange ability to stay active and diligent during his sleep by having control of his dream conscious and sleepwalking, a power perfected by koala Superiors. He is the Superior version of Nezu from My Hero Academia.
  • Iman Pulse/Impulse- A Superior octopus who, like Iron Shark, had a family that remained on Kratos, and despite being mildly autistic, his intelligent and powers of elasticity, shapeshifting, electricity, invisibility, and ability to breath on land make him an excellent student for Athena House.
  • Lavonda Puzzles/Puzzler- A Superior macaw who despite being very weird, is very smart and has massive clairvoyance abilities and super-intelligence, capable of teaching without context and building poorly-constructed machines that actually work.
  • Gregory Innov/Innovator- A Superior Japanese macaque with the uncanny ability to subconsciously make anything he sees better or worse with his matter manipulation, x-ray vision, clairvoyance, and great intelligence and wisdom.
  • JJ Electron- A Superior Eurasian jay with a very Scrappy-Doo-like persona yet a smart mind, electrical manipulation powers and technopathic powers.
  • Darlene Axiom/Cognitiess- A Superior Chital deer with the ability to enhance her own cognition, coordination, IQ, strategy, awareness, perception, and senses. She is the Superior version of Saiko Intelli from My Hero Academia.
  • Veta Goodray- A Superior Loris with powerful all-seeing laser eyes that allow her to see and know anything.
  • Rahgnall Greythumb/Tinkermanager- A Superior chimpanzee who has the power of enhanced and quick intelligence, immunity to the elements, and can control any kind of element only by atom and the kind of elements he can control, scaled by atomic number from hydrogen to up, are limited by how strong he is.
  • Sonia Sounde/Echomagnet- A Superior Spotted-winged fruit bat with a loud hyperactive and talkative personality and the ability to emit any form of electromagnetism with her echolocation ability, getting smart with this ability.
  • Oprah Ulima Modus/Modus Operandi- A Superior Bongo antelope who, while not a genius in science, is remarkably exemplary with strategy because of her abilities to see the past and future.
  • Travis Gadgethorn- A Superior Markhor with the ability to morph his horns into different shapes for different uses.

Hephaestus House Students

  • David Doomsday/Nitrous- The unfortunate poison dart frog son of a nihilistic terrorist supervillain in the Hephaestus House with poisonous and volatile superpowers who developed a cruel attitude after years of oppression due to his heritage until being rescued, albeit poorly, by Prodigy during his beginning days despite telling him to kill himself with a bomb. He has since lessened in this behavior, though still hasn't exactly gained a nicer attatude torwords Prodigy, while suffering bipolar depression and not wanting to end up like his father. He is the Superior version of Katsuki Bakugo, aka Kacchan from My Hero Academia.
  • Gwen Force/G-Force- A Superior quokka in the Hephaestus House with the ability to fly and manipulate gravity and is incredibly airheaded and energetic. She is the Superior version of Ochaco Uraraka, aka Uravity from My Hero Academia.
  • Christopher Heaton/Fice- A Superior Ring-tailed mongoose in the Hephaestus House with the ability to manipulate both fire and ice after being born in a forbidden love between an Ice Superior and a Fire Superior. He now wants to use both these powers for good. Problem is that he's got a split personality where he's socially awkward and not very good at herowork on one side while he's strong, determined, but utterly antiheroic on the other. He is the Superior version of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia.
  • Jim Shadowt/Shadowstorm- A Superior crow in the Hephaestus House with darkness manipulation powers that can use shadow clones, teleport, turn into shadow, and even summon a giant crow avatar. He is a very brooding antihero with little to no motivation since losing his parents to Superiors who dispise darkness manipulation powers. He is the Superior version of Fumikage Tokoyami, aka Tsukuyomi from My Hero Academia.
  • Austin Jax Powersborough/Powerborrow- A Superior chameleon in the Hephaestus House with power mimicry and manipulation powers who keeps his manipulation abilities a secret so he can show everyone his deepest self before showing his true self after an awful past involving these powers. He is the Superior version of Neito Monoma, aka Phantom Thief from My Hero Academia.
  • Quintin Peak/Shiner- A Superior Clouded leopard in the Hephaestus house with quite the showoff skill and bad puns and the ability to augment his swords with Superior powers.
  • Autry Ridges/Muddome- A very rough Superior warthog and rival of Pigslop who has the ability to manipulate the matter in non-living objects and make them either soft as mud or stronger than steel. He is the Superior version of Juzo Honenuki from My Hero Academia.
  • Mishal Torch/Hotspur- A Superior Purus red howler with the ability to fire ice and heat vision, melt anything, and see infrared vision, but his rage makes these powers increase a hundred fold.
  • Max Strongborne/The Powerful Bulge- A Superior gorilla and a Superior version of the Hulk, but more grayish-red, and a former assistant for a scientist specializing in super strength who tested him with a serum that enhances muscle memory and he became the Bulge, which is not completely in control of his raging power.
  • Gordon Wardance- A Superior ferret with a very prideful and aggressive edge with acrobatic skill, a sense of guerilla tactics, and the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands and duplicate himself.
  • Ruth Musclebound/Clout- A Superior Tapir with a ruthless need to push beyond his limits because of his ability to block out pain, his regeneration, and his hypertrophy.
  • Conan Collision- A Superior Lucifer titi with shock manipulation powers and super-strength, yet a very brash, arrogant, and competitive edge.
  • Tim Torque/Springpunch- A Superior Toad who can jump incredibly high and has spring-like fists and a very hyperactive mind but low voice tone.
  • Emma Kickback- A Superior emu who is very reckless and impulsive with acrobatic skill, the ability to fly, increase the strength of her kicks, and she can use telekinesis to levitate objects or increase the shock and force of her kicks.
  • Ryatt Breaks/Riot- A Superior buffalo with a tepid personality, and a habit of finishing the job as quickly as possible, all with his abilities of super-strength, invincibility, duplication, size manipulation, and metallic skeleton.
  • Yin Yang- A Superior Panda with two sides of the opposite that can manipulate light and darkness. However his personality swings because of this.
  • Dunnard Sizen/Downsizer- A Superior Rhino beetle with Herculean strength, a metallic carapace, and quick flying speed, but a very short temper and hates being called little.
  • Obada Armorhardt/Scalemail- A Superior Mugger crocodile with a mostly taciturn personality expressed through his mood swings, skin of extra layers, metallic scales, super strength, regeneration, durability, and the ability to negate powers with a punch.
  • Heath Puffer- A Superior Puffin with the ability of vortex breath which can blow away anything, but he has a hard time using this ability.
  • Scarloe Energon/Quark- A Superior Common butterfly lizard with the ability to manipulate the forms of matter, turns from solid, liquid, and gas. However, she's not very subtle and tends to do reckless pranks.
  • Dillon Winball/Winning Ball- A Superior echidna with the ability to turn into a destructive energy ball, as well as flight and heat vision. But he can barely see where he's going as a ball.
  • Wilford Pressure/Seiche- A Superior walrus with the ability to manipulate the tides, as well as water and can breath underwater. But he is very bitter and reckless with these powers.

Demeter House Students

  • Sympatha/Sympathy Mind- A sympathic minded White-Tail Deer Doe telepathic superior in the Demeter House who is strictly a none-fighter and wishes to use her telepathic powers to bring remorse and regret into any trouble maker in only wishing to bring their best out of their worse in having always been against capital punishment after seeing a would've been lover, Lost Causer, the most extreme case of supervillainy, being put away for life for his crimes, wishing to prove that evil isn't an absolute choice and that a deeper good can exist. As a young girl, when she came to visit her warden father, who's basicly a superior equilent to Warden Croker, but more on the cynical amoral side, she was able to bring out the best in even the worse of prisoners, even to the likes of a demented pedophile and a monsterious death-row inmate because of connecting with them on a telepathic level. Her telepathic powers are an advanced case as they are even able to surpass mental sheilding, so even villains with this power are not protected from being telepathicly made to regret their decidtions. These powers amazed her father, but he felt that her heart would be too kind to be a super hero in knowing that there will be evils that can't be easily made to give remorse, Darkspawn as an intense exsample, so when he would hear of an oppertunity to give his soft-heart a daughter a way to find that balence he believes she needs, he would take it.
  • Justine B'lina/Blinded Justice- A Superior Spectacled flying fox of Demeter House who has impressive powers but suffers the problem of a quantonium based blindness that took away her verson, but with a daredevil like sense, she uses echo location to know where everything is, even weaponised her echo-location as a means to deafen criminals and foes. An additional measure to avoid harm is her actrobatic, gymastic prowless and martical arts exbertise. However, her little brother ended up suffering a crippled wing thanks to a vengeful mob boss that wanted to scare her out of heroisum, leaving Justine afraid to endanger her family again and made her unwilling to be a hero again. Her mother, wants to amend this problem and not let her be haunted by her brother's injury.
  • Jackie Phanten/Ghostess- A Superior agouti in the Demeter House who has an uncontrollable ability to turn invisible as she has been invisible since the day she was born. She also has the same ghosting abilities as Mira Nova. She is the Superior version of Tohru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl from My Hero Academia.
  • Stic 'Sticky' Viscosity/Gluestick- A Superior Ranitomeya amazonica Reticulated poison frog in the Demeter House who is a cowardly but very determined superhero with the ability to manipulate water and chemicals to create any substance she wants. She is the Superior version of Minoru Mineta, aka Grape Juice from My Hero Academia.
  • Lilian Pollenblast/Lady Mellow- A Superior Mexican alligator lizard who is mostly taciturn and shy and always uses her plant manipulation powers to keep her personal space. She is the Superior version of Ibara Shiozaki from My Hero Academia.
  • Jules Slammer/Jailer- A Superior zebra who is mute but an excellent escape artist and old criminal arrested as a kid and famous for proving innocence and guilt among other prisons while living on his own. He has the abilities of a Cheshire cat, being able to turn intangible, invisible, can fly, teleport, and he can sublimate into smoke.
  • Dusan Ghoston/Gast- A Superior Polar bear with the ability to turn intangible, but has too much overconfidence to be at any higher house. He is the Superior version of Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia.
  • Alicia ReCoilette/Recoil- A Superior Springhare with an often pacifistic and airheaded nature but a beautiful appearance and unknown series of issues, and the power of springlike arms and legs and can create kinetic shockwaves and manipulate force. She is the Superior version of Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia.
  • Dauntay Halts/Daunter- A Superior Oriental darter with the ability to be imuune to all superpowers, making him slightly careless and sloppy, but he is also scared of actual combat.
  • Mike Fategiver/Fate- A Superior tarsier with the ability to control powers, giving him a past of controversial prejudice and ridicule, making him vindictive and mean, but also scared to use them proactively.
  • Cynthia Vantage- A Superior Ameiva with the ability to teleport, cast force fields, levitate, and one power that's different every day. She has a rough and stressful edge on her that often makes her power uncontrollable, and often tries to avoid a confrontation.
  • Jerom Maximos/Extol- A Superior Marsh deer with a very arrogant and overconfident edge, and the ability to enhance his powers of strength, flight, and energy manipulation with shocks he absorbs, but he is actually very afraid of using this ability too much as he feels like he lives in a world of cardboard.
  • Stanley Surfwave/Wavelength- A Superior sea lion with the ability to manipulate radio and sound waves, breath underwater, and a sonic scream. But he is also very talkative, loud, and annoying, yet afraid of glass.
  • Thomas Sulfate/Sulfury- A Superior Spix's macaw with the ability to control chemicals, but is also very aggressive and his body gets volatile when he rages, and is outrageously afraid of destroying too much this way.
  • Clint Ultramarine- A Superior Baja blue rock lizard who has the ability to turn into a malleable water goop but is a coward that only joined to be with his crush Mirelle.
  • Wyclef Ion Arcfield/Arcer- A Superior Indo-Chinese forest lizard with a bow and arrow and the ability to use his powers through them via electronic nerve links. But he also hesitates using it too far out of fear of an accidental kill or misfire.
  • Treshaun Dracohart/Orabeam- A Superior Phrynocephalus mystaceus Toadhead agama with a breath of lasers, fire, ice, wind, electrobeams, and any other oral blasts. Though he is mute and afraid to actually talk since he has too much to say.
  • Amy Aimswell/Birdseye- A Superior Red-necked grebe who has the ability to use heat vision that curves and locks onto targets as long as her eyes and focus are firm on their target, acting as a good sniper from the sky. But she is scared that her intense beams can kill.
  • Bevaun Cunnings/Masker- A Superior Fox squirrel with psychic and anti-superpower abilities and the son of a con artist that used the same ability to be an expert scammer. Though he would be a good undercover hero, he is scared of what would happen if he was caught.
  • Lloyd Argon/Exergy- A Superior Red-tailed monkey with the ability to turn his tail into a plasmatic whip. But because he can't control it, he's afraid to use it.
  • Latonya Coulombus/Coulomb- A Superior Coati with the ability to control electronics and machines with her own static electricity. But she is afraid of short circuiting something dangerously.
  • Miranda Poise/Pirouette- A Superior Chinese pond heron with a gentle pacifism and dancing skills, and also had her wings clipped only to have super flight, as well as the power to control inertia, force, pressure, and friction.
  • Roscoe Roughshell- A Superior Impressed tortoise with a dense metallic carapace with reflective, indestructible, and power-reststant properties, and is too cowardly to throw his own punches, preferring to hide in his shell and let it do all the work.

Dionysus House Students

  • Aton Mantric/The Atheist Mantis- The Atheist orchid mantis in the Dionysus House and is the ironic son of Churchmantis of a famous leage of heroes, The Impressive Leage. Aton doesn't believe in gods, persay. As more like he deems proven gods to be pan-dimentional super-beings that can create universes. Churchmantis pocessed a strained relationship with him and wants a means to give the belief of faith in Aton as his inhered powers depend on belief and faith, or else Aton would be an unworthy successor.
  • Adam Bombson/Nucleaus- A Superior Leopard tortoise in the Dionysus House with an intense blow-up ability that gives his power to blow himself up to be the non-radioatiive equivalent of a nuclear bomb, thus being given the name Nucleaus. He's a well intentioned sort, but his powers are too strong to be an acceptable hero as detonation, being his only power, end up doing more damage then the threat he was suppose to stop. He has since became relucent to persue his dream cause of this, of which his supportive uncle wants to help him find that means to control this power.
  • Alfonso De'Toliette/Le Big Stink- A French Superior stinkbug of Dionysus House who possesses the undocumented and rather unflattering powers in malmituation of odors, which is a regressed variant of his family's chemical manipulation powers, as a superpowered weapon that he used to litterally be a big stinker to a villain's plans! However, on the side of doing heroisum, he also has a hapit of pranking people he doesn't like, enemies, old bullies, a polotision he doesn't agree with, ect., enjoys musical farts, and flies via farting as well. However, after a bad run with with a super-villain called "Gasmaster" who was smart enough to wear a gasmask, Alfons ended up failing to stop gasmaster from stealing the bejeweled toilet. His adopted Mayor Uncle wanted to help hm out of his slump, along side the fact he also wanted to get Alfons to mature out of his childish ways and be able to adapt to villains like Gastmaster and to not over-rely on his trademark feature.
  • Peter Pigston/Pigslop- A messy Superior pig of Dionysus House who has the power to malmitulate garbage to give himself a halking battle body or weapons, along with building barriors or traps, as he was once a simple trashman until a Supervillain ending up dropping his serum on him while running from super heroes ended up giving Pigslop the ability to weaponised garbage and became a super hero. However, his trouble is that while his heart is in the right place, he LITTERALLY ends up doing good rather slopply, and thus has repeated records of being made to clean up his own battle aftermath, with people not really knowing what to think of him and his enemies mocking him for being an irony, given that garbage based super power holders are usually bad guys. Thus, his rich uncle had aimed to prevent Peter from being both an embarrisment to himself and the Pigston legacy.
  • Dabney Opticon/Optus- A Superior Bearded dragon in the Dionysus House that possesses manipulative optic blast abilities. He wears cool red visors, is an excellent dancer and bachelor, and is quite a showoff but a very misunderstood person. He is the Superior version of Yuga Aoyama from My Hero Academia.
  • Deonna Effect/Charcoal- A Superior spotted skunk in the Dionysus House who joined to prove to her successful and glory hog superhero brother Deontre, AKA Heatthrow, that she has what it takes to be a hero. She has the ability to release flammable gas and use her pyrokinesis to her advantage.
  • Alberta Gnu/Spruce Moose- An overeager female Superior moose of Dionysus House with the power of flight and turning herself into solid steel that enables her to divebomb with the force of a kamakazi plane! Apart from that, dispite being a moose, she's surprisingly light and atlehtic on her feet thanks to prior years of zero gravity training that resulting her being able to leap over things with realitive ease. However, her over-edgerness and her trademark move of turning metal and divebombing left her with abit of a distructive streak.
  • Demus Skeletunius/Dem Super Bones- A Superior gembok with the undocumented power of a collapseable skeleton of Dionysus House who in his prior life the power was actselly a burden since he sometimes has a problem with being stable, but one day it lead to him accsidently stopping a robbery while in another inconvinence with this power, giving him the idea of putting this power to use. However, more often then not, he hasn't exactly properly master the powers and at most, he only ends up stopping the crime out of sheer dumb luck.
  • Pokey Valueworth/Wage- A spoiled Superior bilby of Dionysus House and daughter of a rich family with the ability to manipulate luck and probability, being a careless gambler of even others' lives.
  • Titanya Talltower/Titanica- A Superior Red-bellied titi from a shameful line of Superiors with the longest living ability to control size, but choose to use it as the notorious Venuses, or rich porn stars that seduce as nude giants, especially her superheroine sister. Finding shame in this, she chose to be a modest superheroine.
  • Iolanthe Colorstream/Panorama- A Superior Broadley's flat lizard with the ability to manipulate colors, and joins the school to find a use for his 'useless' powers.