Repstin O. Vectus, AKA Reptilious, is an Alternate UUniversal Venzysaur from Planet Zirciania. He is a featherless raptor and a close friend of Telthonatron who helped defeat her mad scientist father and his former boss Tarold Tenma. He used to be Tarold's assistant alongside Madron Marx, and unlike Madron, he wasn't very fond that they had to take profit from Corruption Co., a rogue branch of Globex Industries for the Villains Act. When Tarold threatened to sell him to Corruption Co if he didn't do as he said, Repetitious had had it and was convinced he was pushing himself over the edge. Thus when Tarold confronted Telthona, Reptilious betrayed him and pushed him into a vat of molten silver, killing him. Though they stopped him, years later, Telthona turned him in because that act was still murder. He accepted her choice and pleaded guilty. After spending time in Oranos, his parole was immediately pushed back to a year by Warden Croker on the charges of 'poisoning the mind of a Heroes Act hero to think murder was okay, especially patricide'. Angry, Reptilious was eventually given that chance when Croker's daughter Chokera took over as warden. Now on parole, Reptilious defended Tarold's technology from Madron, who was now known as Matrix, knowing that the Villains Act remnants would use it for evil. Though he succeeded, he lost his eye and his lower arm got massively wounded. He used the rescued technology for the good of others, including the Aluminite Prototype. But during a UIS mission with Telthona's UIS alter ego TeTe Hellatrix, his wounded arm got infected with a techno-organic virus by Assistant Wack-Crackers and had to be amputated. After being replaced with a prosthetic, Reptilious returned to USRA territory as an ally for the Heroes Act.


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