The Lodgers discover through vague hints of the Storm King clan encounters that they've dealt with since fighting him after the death of his father, The Hurricane King, that they are planning to bring him back, but also make him, and the entire family, immortal, by finding an Alicorn relic that grants such, by going back for the Golden Land of Alicornia, and steal the Elixir of Life, a creation that allowed those worthy to serve the Alicorns to be immortal, but since their death during the Chaos Wars, it has been seemingly destroyed and lost. However, they discover that this is all too real when this Elixir is used to bring back The Hurricane King, and present him with a more powerful staff than all the others combined, the Staff of Malum, and since it was the only batch, the Hurricane King, now immortal yet not invincible and not prone to have it for long, must find the Elixir and ensure they not only are they permanently immortal and are not stopped again, and their first act will be to attack and destroy Questra, and the Guardians of Harmony along with it. Thus, with Storm King missing and unable to lead, Valkyrie and Thunder take the charge with him. How will our heroes handle this, especially when he has something special in hand as Alicornia is supposed to hold the soul of the Head God of Equestria herself Queen Philosophia, whose power, if absorbed by Hurricane King, could have disastrous consequences and provide him the biggest revenge than any of his family members could pull off. Thus, with this god in danger, the heroes must finally defeat the Storm Clan for the final time.


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