A Resurrectorate

Ressurrectorates are Outer Gods and convergent cousins to The Xexaxez, although not nessersarly of Amoral One liniage, but it has been said that they are born from either defected and/or deviented Xexaxez or even a byproduct of a pure enough spirit managing to adopt Xexaxez energy and become their counterpart as an Ressurrectorates, nicknamed as Ressors. They are opposites that see destroying universes as an absolutist overkill that doesn't always give entirely satisfying results at the least, at worse just ironicly wastes one of the Amoral Ones created universes and dimentions, even if it was to stop an Inter-Dimentional empire ruining things, and have a great obsession with collecting remains of destroyed dimensions and flawlessly duplicating it, acting as salvation and a second chance of life for the inhabitants to redeem themselves and earn the right to live. Their variants of the agents of Xexaxez are called R-Fates, Ravens, and R-Monitors. What spares the Ressors from being deemed devients is earning the approval of Preservers, which are implied to had something to do with their existence, and that the Ressors have a light no less different then that of The All Mother, thus the Xzars are very cautious about being confrontational with them in fearing a possable connection and/or risking starting an upset with the Amoral One Creators cause of this. Ressors often pocess powers that allow them to cure Xexaxez Cults of their deluded worship, cure Xoldiers, and even so to Xexaxez Avatars. Ressors have even been known to fight off Xexaxez that dare persist on going after dimentionals that are on their lists, sometimes even either purifying them as another Ressor, or even banishment to the Hybernation Realm as a last resort if the Xexaxez proves too strong in negitive force for easy purification, which either way, still shows that the Ressors are not to be fucked with by even the Xzars.
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