Ray the Grox has returned after being accepted into society, but he has another problem. He has been opposed by a jerk named Merkelizius Thomson and former representative of the Galactic Federation's secret interdimensional branch until becoming a Galactic Ranger upon it's collapse, and has severe mistrust on Ray as he thinks his goals of bringing Grox into a better life is too risky because of their unknown culture and ways, and aims to get him to abandon that plan however he can 'for the UUniverses' own safety'. However, Merk idioticly does it by hiring clearly insane and deluded Grox Haters to get rid of Ray, but in doing so, he ends up endangering the Galactic Federation when it turned out that they were also reminant members of long dispatched anti-Galactic Federation Terrorist Groups and only agreed to do Merk the favor of getting rid of Ray as merely a free shot at hurting a Grox to only then proceed to destroy the Galactic federation cause of Merk basicly giving them a free entry into the GF's most vulerable location, rendering his desires for safety stupidly moot. Now it's up for the Lougers to clean up an asshole's mess.


Meeting Merkelizius

Galactic Federation HQ

  • Grand Councilwoman: Why are you here, Merkelizius Thomson?
  • Gromflomite Commando (Merkelizius Thomson): Grand Councilwoman, I know our race has had issues with the Galactic Federation in the past, but-
  • Grand Councilwoman: But nothing. You Gromflomites were banished from Galactic Federation grounds since your president brother broke away because of his obsession with expanding Galactic Federation jurisdiction and territory, through subjugation.
  • Thomson: "And, don't get me wrong, I agree that my brother was ambitious for the wrong things, and my people are ashamed of going along with this, believe me, I-"
  • Grand Councilwoman: Whether or not your people have buyer's remorse from this is irrelivent to the fact that the Galactic Federation STILL came to have a tainted name from this. It's even worse then how our branch in the Metroid System handles it's rule in things over there. We are STILL working on reforming that branch. But what your people have done? It was a grave violation of several ethical codes. You know the penalty for returning to Galactic Federation territory.
  • Thomson: Yes I do, but Madam, you should be glad to know that my brother's rogue branch is no more. It collapsed after our blimflark value dropped completely.
  • Grand Councilwoman: And?
  • Thomson:... He commited suicide. (The Grand Councilwoman was surprised by that)..... I was around when it happened.
  • Grand Councilwoman: "..... You have my sympathies for your loss."
  • Thomson: "Ya know, you say that, but..... It doesn't erase the memory of what I saw......."


  • Gromflomite #1: Mister President! The blimflarks value just dropped to nothing!
  • President: What do you mean?
  • Gromflomite #1: I mean our single centralized galactic currency just went from being worth one of itself, TO ZERO OF ITSELF!!! (Everyone worried)
  • President: Calm down people! Deploy the galactic militia and declare martial law.
  • Gromflomite General: Yes sir! Um, what should I, pay them with?
  • Gromflomite #2: (As Thomson face-palms in aggravation) Their payment is the honor they'll feel to SERVE THEIR- Wait, who's paying me to yell at this guy?
  • Gromflomite #3: I can answer that... FOR MONEY! (They argued as Thomson sighs)
  • President: Gentleman, GENTLEMAN! There's a solution here you're not seeing. (He shot his head clean off as Thomson was shocked with comical sound effects)...
  • Gromflomite #3:... GIMME YOUR JACKET!!!
  • Gromflomite #1: GIMME THOSE PANTS!! (The Gromflomites fought each other as Thomson was shocked)
  • Thomson: "........ Brother......... Why? WHAT WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH?!?"


  • Gantu: (Laughed hysterically) (The Grand Councilwoman looked at Gantu angerly, which makes him stop laughing)...... Ahem..... Uh, still, our, condolences for your loss.
  • Thomson: Try not to feel too bad for us, though. As much as I didn't wanted him to go out like he did, I did confess to this: My brother was a disgrace. Now there's this worse Gromflomite in charge of my people and he's threatening to declare war just to restore the profit we lost. That's why I humbly ask for your assistance.
  • Grand Councilwoman: And why should we trust you?
  • Thomson: Because if you don't, you'll lose many colonies. And I don't mean that to sound like a threat. Not from me, anyway. But it is a guarrentied risk I'm positive the Galactic Federation can't afford. My people have lost their way more than ever now, and they won't let the penalty of violating exile scare them. Your grace, we, or at least I, refuse to follow this path any longer.
  • Gantu: I'm not buying it. Your brother said something similar, and in the end, he betrayed us. How do we know you won't just blow it like he did?
  • Thomson: "Would I even bother coming to you two if I was no better?"
  • Gantu: "...... Fair point, but that doesn't mean automatic improvement."
  • Grand Councilwoman: "By all accounts, we do take this insurrection seriously enough to aim to correct this. But this should not guarrentie that you would have reverence in ruling just because you warned us."
  • Thomson: "You kidding? After how bad my brother did things, my family's name is tainted. I'm very unlikely to have a position of goverment within my people as a result."
  • Gantu: "..... Then, why the heck did you even bother asking us for help if you know you can't be president either way?"
  • Thomson: "...... Because I want to make things right. Not just with my race and those of the Galactic Federation, and that of things that were once ours, but all of the galaxies of the universes. I may've been unable to stop my brother from doing his stupid mistakes, but.... I want to keep new mistakes from ruining things even more. I want to fix what was reaped, and set things right with the denizens of the cosmos."
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