The Dragmites's deludional emperor, Emperor Cygron, wants to seek revenge on the Shell Lodge for "ruining his empire", even though all they did was just rescuing prisoners and not once slaughtered a guard. He does this by using his oracle Chazona to learn about the Lodge's history. Using this knowledge to his advantage, he orders the Dragmites to invade worlds around the UUniverse, and kidnap many of the Lodge's friends. However, this turns out to be not-so-well thought out because of the allies' skills in defending themselves, and that the Dragmites are starting to have their doubts against the Emperor since their defeat, which already existed even before the defeat, that he has started to become a jerk, and even his princess daughter, Princess Krawn, is starting to get doubts as well. So, Krawn thinks the Lodgers possibly won't trust her, when really it's because she was just being paraniod that the lougers won't consider the possability that not all Dragmites are jerks and is afraid of being judged, when really the Lougers only have an issue with Cygron becoming venegnce obcessived and knew better then to blame a race for being subugated under a broken emperor, even if some dragmites are related to Cygron. She rallies up their allies to try and do something. She brings The Mane 6, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Hypnorattle, Sing Jin Sue, Shell Lodge Omega, Lilo, Stitch, Melody, Ariel, Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian, Kenai, Koda, Kairi, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Kida, Milo, Garen, Kayley, Turan, Princess Eilonwy, Fflewdder, Gurgi, Mowgli, Danny, Sawyer, Oliver, Jenny, and other allies for the mission, and tells them to not tell the Lodgers and risk her father finding out that she's going against his back. Meanwhile, the other Dragmites are thinking of dethrown and exicute their no longer great emperor since Cygron keeps becoming worse and worse of a jerk that even his own wife doesn't wanna be around him anymore. The Shell Lodgers are soon getting suspicious that their allies are starting to plan elaborate strategies, and when they find out about Krawn's plans, undertsanding that she's afraid of because of her father and her race being jerks before that they wouldn't trust her and judge her to be no different, they intend to help her in secret. Now, Cygron is in trouble of being opposed by 3 groups, and even he is starting to get suspicious. But he indeed finds out from Chazona, and after all attempts to stop ineditable usurp have failed, he decides there's no other choice but to use a biological agent he swore never to use that grants him the power to enslave his entire race by force. Now, it's up to the Lodgers and their allies to stand up to the insane emperor before he goes too far...which tecnecally speaking, he has.

Fan-made Transcript

Chapter 1- Emperor Cygron Returns

Chapter 2- INVASION!

Chapter 3- Dragmites Aren't Simpletons.... But they're not brainiacs either.

Chapter 4- A seemingly brillent plan of Cygron starts to fall flat on it's face.

Chapter 5- No longer Impossible Odds

Chapter 6- The (Not-so-)unexpected downfall of Cygron.


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