When Clover the Clever is told of the Memory Stone and learns it was destroyed, she wonders very seriously what happened to it's sorcerer creator. When she reveals that he left with the Memory Stone hidden because of immortality being nullified in Human Equestria, they start to question where the sorcerer is in Equestria now. Then Suddenly, memories of the sorcerer himself have started to vanish rampently. That meant that the initional memory stone could've either been a prototype of something bigger, or was keeping something trapped. The Group goes out of their way to find the shorce of the memory thefts, to discover the soreror as noneother then a pony in Organisation 13 clothing, where in nobody name he is Xoone, but he was originally named "Master Nopony", meaning that the memory stone, or rather, the prototype to his true creation, the memory heartstone seen on his chest, is of Kingdom Hearts creation. Xoone is now a regret riddled mess and wants Equestria to forget that a reckless fool like him ever existed, so he summoned nobodies to chase our heroes out. Can our heroes figure out how to free Xoone from his curse before he ends up attracting trouble his way?

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