When the Dark Dragon Scourge decided to bring in the rebooted F.O.U.L into their ranks, they have at first begun starting out well. But since F.O.U.L in this reboot includes Phantom Blot, it creates problems. The rebooted version of the Phantom Blot is a much darker version who hates magic because of his home being destroyed and enslaved by Magica, and thus he seeks to purge his world of magic with his magic-absorbing gauntlet. This also lead to some conflict with the League, in because Reboot Blot is basically the stand-in of the original House of Mouse Carnation who wasn't lucky enough to avoid being taken to the Bygone Universe by the Worxians of the Bygone Guardian, leading to a Villain Team Membership Custody Battle in Muggshotra, along with the fact he has a violent reaction to old school Magica even when she is a drastic difference from the reboot counterpart, which at the same time also invites the attention of the Bygone Worxians to go after Old School Magica even inspite of the older Duckburg being spared from being pushed out by the Reboot existing, made worse that Reboot Blot accidentally discovered that the Gauntlet can let him summon Wipers in being that the object was a prime instrument in the creation of Wipers as an Outer Race, in which he uses unabashedly to give Old School Magica even MORE woe, causing extreme outer chaos already added with the Worxians chasing Old Shcool Magica, joined in that the custody battle for Blot's membership turned into a more litteral one! Blot's impact alerts Star Butterfly and her group, who have recently dealt with identical magic haters recently called the Antimagic Hand, who have many ranged reasons why they hate magic, whether it be abuse, curses, or otherwise, and want to make worlds less reliant on them, but not purge it entirely because of the events of 2019, simply wishing to drain it from everyone in the UUniverses. Both Star and the Lougers REALLY have their work cut out for this latest bout of Outer and Villain Team Shenanigans.

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