UIS has enemies like the USRA (Back then) and the UUF, and allies like the NRA. But then, there's that complicted grey area type of relationships like with The Robonauts. Coming from the robopunk isolated areas of the Buexxer Sector, they were victims of a robotic regime lead by their archenemy Viction, and when they defected and defeated him with help from the UUF, they became in between helpers of both them and UIS, not being on any one side believing neither one side was right or wrong as long as they do the right thing. Consisting of Delux, Kic, Overton, DuPont, R0, Hertford, and Elder Fannatex, they have come to the Hero Hive to ask for the HA and Lodgers' help as they have reason to suspect that Viction and his top robot minion Raze has been seeking a powerful Exo-War device that spreads assimilation devices to make everything they see machines devoid of free will and under his control, but unfortunately so is their wormy crazy techie tinker trickster frenemy Docky and jerk smuggler childhood bully Stockton. But Stockton's ex-girlfriend and Delux's romantic interest Carly Aea Salse is able to help get them information and guidance to get them on a journey to the location of the Exo-War facility holding the device so they can destroy it. However it is in a heavily restricted area and it will thus not be easy to get in without causing an incident that'll get UIS and USRA attention as the Robonauts claimed to have bad relations and history with both for their choices. To worse it off, Vicion has no idea what he's really messing with, because the device is actselly a failed exspeariment, thus it's actselly a mass extinctioner device instead. Can our heroes pull the plug on the operation before Vicion only serves to destroy all sentient life while mistaking it as a bot de-sentientiser?

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