Return to Griffonstone

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Return to Griffinstone is the 23rd Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. After being surprised that Gilda had another appearance in the series as a resident of her family's home in the griffin kingdom of Griffonstone, where she was raised by her Grandpa Gruff after her real parents (and brother) moved on, the Lodgers volunteered to help bring it back to it's former glory with the help of the Mane 6, and already Twilight is dismayed by the sham of a library they had. But thanks to the influence of friendship, albeit extremely late, the attitudes of the griffins greatly improved, though only to a certain extent. After finding out from Gruff that Griffonstone is mostly a settlement from the Griffin Nation of Griffinmania, as well as learning that the Arimaspi that stole the Isle was just one of the Arimaspi that the griffins had a war against for gold, Rainbow Dash was quick to ask Gilda why she was trying to leave Griffinstone outside of the obvious mess. Gilda was quick to say it was only because she felt Griffinstone went downhill and fast. Rainbow Dash felt it was more than that, but before Gilda could say more, more Arimaspi began attacking Griffinstone. After a successful halting, the attackers fled, but not without capturing Gilda, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Icky. With Grandpa Gruff realizing that the Arimaspi were of the same people that the Arimaspi thief was a member of, let alone their daring king, the rest of the Lodgers and Mane 6, including Trixie, became determined to save their kidnapped comrades. Meanwhile, the 4 captured heroes realize Gruff's opinions quite quickly, and realized that the death of the Arimaspi king lead to a new leader in the form of an immortal outcast of Griffinstone named Sir Sam Mingo, a flamingo-like griffin who has the personality of Dr. Facilier and is a voodoo master with a sentient shadow, and his own version of the Friends On The Other Side, which are really known as the dark gods of the Arimaspi called The Foreboding Ancients, which are actually related in origin to the FOTOS. Since he was banished from Griffonstone long before the attempted theft of the Idol of Boreas for trying to overthrow King Grover very long ago sometime after the Fear Wars, Sam Mingo wanted to become king by retrieving the Idol and be a hero and king to both the Arimaspi and the griffins, making them form an alliance and turn griffins into warmongering creatures and enslave ponies for the cruelty that the Des Clan brought, forever powering the griffins' greed. Sam admitted that he forced Gilda to do those awful things to ensure no one would miss her because he cast a death curse on Grandpa Gruff, threatening to feed his soul to the Ancients unless Gilda obeyed him. Gilda had hoped to try and leave and get help to protect Gruff before the spell would be cast, but with all that was going on, she was too late. But now that he has kidnapped Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Icky, he has casted the same curse on Scootaloo, the Cake Family, and Icky's family as well, especially because of being provoked by Rainbow's notorious temper and expressive mouth, sending them into bribe as well. Now the four heroes are forced to go back to Abysmal Abyss to retrieve the Idol, and are at the mercy of dying from it's intense winds as a result. Now it's up to the Lodgers to save them and stop Sam in time and undo the terrible curse before it's too late.

Material Used

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Shadow Man -- Dr

Shadow Man -- Dr. Facilier

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League of Legends Music Braum

League of Legends Music Braum

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Intro (League of Legends- Braum)

Chapter 1: Restoration of Griffonstone

Chapter 2: Attack of the Arimaspi

Chapter 3: Sir Sam Mingo

Chapter 4: Return to the Abysmal Abyss

Chapter 5: The Defeat of Sam


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