With the new rip zipper ready and now loaded with Spyro's powers  while the High Council, Celestia, Luna and their Allies do something about cleaning up Destiny Islands and deal with the Goo Monster, It's time for the showdown with the Mawgu at his lair in the Volcano to begin. The Nine Choosen Ones and the Seventeen Saviors of Eqlantica will distract the Mawgu with the rip zipper while the lougers rescue Mareina and Derek while they deal with his army of monsters. Will the heroes stop the Mawgu before it's too late and get his revenge on the Nicktoons? Will Spyro and Kairi have another brother and sister aniversary party to remember when all of this is over? Will the Destiny Islands be saved once more and freed from the Mawgu's Wrath? And more impourently, will Mareina and Prince Derek's baby be safe?


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Coming soon...


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