Sage Garbon, A being made of pure plasma, formerly an innocent Peerbonian dragged into this by bad luck and VA Starbots, who was created in an illegal Corruption Co. experiment. As a result, Garbon turned into pure plasma, and possessed the power of a thousand suns. He was nicknamed a sage for being able to wield plasma like magic, and became a true space warlock. He was only beaten by pure dumbluck when he was recharging his powers, CONVINETLY on the same day the Hero invadtion happened! Cause of it, he ended up waking up in a millaterry lab in Oranos in surprise! The lead sciencetist, Garbon's sister Jeckleen, has the intention to reverse the corruption Co. exspeariment and get her brother as she knew back. However, Garbon only gotten enraged that the lougers "cheated" while he was taking a momentally "nap", and sworns a rematch, delcairing the VA's disbansion "Unfairly desided", and forcefully breaks himself out and escaped without even the cold of Oranos being able to harm him! Garbon reaches the Original Universes, and forces the lougers into fighting him under threating to end the lives of the visiting Main 6. Can the Heroes Act and Jeckleen be able to get into this just in time and reverse what had been done to Garbon, or will the VA be tecnecally "Rebanded" by one tecnecally with the defeat of the Lougers?

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