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The Five Pariahs return after the events of Princess Salvation. But how can that be? Rummer was converted into a Lightfly whilst his Mothron Body melted to dumped Darkness Ooze due to being in love with Joanne, Decepta was exiled to Kingdom Hearts as with Proflingo and Cyborgus' mind, and Fra'osster was slain by Seasanna. It turns out that they're actually clones, because Cyborgus was darn good at forethought. Now they're back to terrorize each of the five worlds, not just to do their usual trade, but also to seek out the hidden tombs of rumored surviving Omni-Hearts, the Outer God Creators of the Great Cycle to basically try to make a plan B in trying to bring back the Great Cycle so to reunite with their predecessors (Or what's left of them in Rummer's case) and become Omni-Hearts as well. The Lodgers must go to stop them, but recent events pose a problem:

  • Toy Box: After Woody is left behind at the travelling fair to be with Bo Peep and helping to help lost toys find new owners and being a full-fledged member of the Galaxy Toys, Rummer haunts Bonnie's dreams and makes her feel guilty over making Forky her favorite toy over Woody and believing she broke her promise to Andy. All the while, Rummer believes that the temple to the Omni-Heart is literally inside the basement of Bonnie's house disguised as an old toy box, where inside it is an empty void that hides the temple of the Omni-Heart, P'laytime the Omni-Heart, an extremely young Omni-Heart suffering from emotion highs and wants to turn the entire world into his own personal playtime to numb himself of the reality of being an Omni-Heart endling.
  • Monstropolis: After the events of Monsters at Work, Jokester Tylor Tuskman and his assistant Val Little have managed to skyrocket the jokester business at Monsters Incorporated. But Decepta is back and teamed up with Monsters Inc’s competitors, Fear Co., and seeks to shut down Monsters Inc. and has just the beast to embody both laughter and fear: a clown-like Omni-Heart reminiscent to Pennywise named Traumos the Omni-Heart.
  • Corona: After the series finale of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, Rapunzel had managed to not only find out that Gothel was telling the truth: Cassandra IS her daughter, and she took the Moonstone as revenge against Rapunzel after Gothel abandoned her for Rapunzel, but she managed to free Varian's father with the Hurt Incantation and reform him in canon. But though they defeated Zhan Tiri for good, Profligo has Cassandra as his new scapegoat, with a new plan to resurrect Gothel as the new Zhan Tiri by merging Zhan Tiri's power with Gothel so he could destroy Corona, though not out of each other's loyalty since Darkspawn don't do that. All the while, Profligo is trying to look for the Omni-Heart of ever-healing and ever-pain, Healpain the Omni-Heart, an Omni-Heart that's always in pain and yet is always healing, a self-inflicted vicious cycle of hurting yet being relieved of that hurt all the same, leaving him the master of both healing and hurting in Corona.
  • Arendelle: After the revelation of the origin place of Elsa's powers, the heroes discover that Fra'osster didn't really give Elsa her powers. He just stole that power from this land and orchestrated her inheritance of it. Now he intends to take the power from the exact same land Schnee discovered her powers. Fra'osster is trying to seek out the temple of the Omni-Heart of Ice, Iceagear The Omni-Heart, a being so in-tuned with ice that his temple literally became an iceberg, where even being within feat of him would feel like being out in the arctic without the proper clothing and in your underwear where even animals buildt to handle ice will start to shiver and feel cold. (TBC as soon as everybody watches Frozen II)
  • San Fransokyo: After Big Hero 6 dealt with Liv's evil clone Diane and Trina's robot takeover, Cyborgus stole both their technology and rebuilt himself into a better body to finish the job of his DNA donor. But Junsei's teammate Marys was not happy because she was angry that her sister Karmi had been tricked and turned into a monster driving her and her parents away from San Fransokyo, and that events involving Big Hero 6 being fugitives because of the prejudicial chief of police Diego Cruz being unable to listen to reason until Trina threatens his daughter Megan. With all this new power in his possession, Cyborgus seeks out the Omni-Heart who's a near equal in intelligence and science, Shutdownos the Omni-Heart, where in his temple "Lab", he is trying to have the entire Omni-Heart race revived, even trying to create a counter All-Mother, referred to as Z-Mother, that will create Outer Gods that side with the Omni-Hearts so the Multiverse will be reshaped in the vision of the Omni-Hearts in mass Great Cycles as the penultimate punishment to the original Outer Gods for rejecting and terminating them.


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