Ever since their defeat, though the Rotords are still on a slow recovery, the Priemans have been seeking revenge, as they have now joined the UIS to get the power to do so. Their leader, King Rooger, has been utterly angered at his agents' failure to cortail and maintain a periment grip onto the Rotords, since he found their opportunity to have been wasted, declaring that he would take matters into his own hands, by joining the UIS, grow in society and power with their alliance, and utterly declare war on the Grand Council to FORCE them to surrender the Roptords into their control, and since the Roptord clones have been traumatized by the genocide Gordon reduced them to, that's the last thing they want. Thus, it's up to the Lodgers, Heroes Act, and the LRG to stop Rooger from going too far, even with the threat of interfearing with what has now become offitcal UIS business. Given Roogar has no convinent "benvolent" or at least less ambitious siblings (Because that would be unrealistic given what the nature of the Priemans) and it is not like Roogar, aggressive as he is, doesn't want to destroy the Priemans but at worse subugate them into second classery unworthy of help because of being considered inferior, and again, messing with UIS business is not nessersarly an ideal move, reguardless of not nessersarly being in their graces to begin with. But perhaps Roogar's own self-rightious ego can be used in a way that can make the Prieman race no longer give any fucks about the Rotords since they consider them so inferior and make them question WHY they even want to subugate something they already deemed inferior other then just because the Rotords are Prieman property. But then it hit the lougers. A race being so self-rightious and views inferiority in the Rotords and yet want to subugate them suddenly becomes a new question: What are the Priemens even doing if that was the case? Further investigation reveils that, though they do still see the Rotords as useless, their reasons for "reclaiming" have been reveiled to be more then just because they wanted to. It turns out that the original creater of the Rotords, Doctor Rotord Rotation, has perfected the machine that was used to created the Rotord race to begin with and has managed to reopen the "RotordMan" Project to turn the Rotords from "inferior" mistakes to finally become the dream super race of their vision that would put the Prieman name on the map as creators of a super race that would instintly become Teadr 1 and bring the AUU to glory. Now by all means this isn't an inheredly bad goal, but the problem is, Rooger isn't exactly with the right mindset for such an ambitious project and clearly looks like the sort where the power will get into his head and easily misuse it for self-induldgement, and that if this super-race is given to UIS, it would empower them to make sure their isolation of isolated systems are never challnaged again. And most of all, it's not exactly the Rotords themselves consented to! As Promising being a Super-Race with instent Teadr 1 tec is, being under the control of Rooger, and UIS under the current political climent with less then ideal opinions on the USRA, is handsdown a deal breaker. Short of Roogar having a good sibling, the heroes desided that they'll worry about UIS outrage later and aim to give the Priemans an entirely new king or queen if it has to come to it (Priemans are traditionally leaning to patrearchies), and that means dealing with Rooger appropriately and keeping him from abusing this power.


(Final Battle Against Rooger Goes Something Like This (Near the End Of The Fight, It's Essentially The Scale Comparison Of Priemans and Roptords))

Tenny plays Scaler 29 Loogers stronghold Normal ending

Tenny plays Scaler 29 Loogers stronghold Normal ending


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