Team Cibarron is suddenly put under a heavy bounty after one of their own, Jadence's Terman best friend Tamvy Chryser, reveals herself to be an undercover agent for the Secor Underground, who took over the Independence Guardians' home base. With Team Cibarron on the run, and Tamvy aiming to assassinate Stryke, Hadron reveals that the Secor used to be a race that ran the Intergalactic Confederation until UIS, with help from the Ombers, disbanded it, which in term collapsed it's currency value. Tamvy is even revealed to be the girlfriend of an old UUF commander, named Commander Securicyzk, who was actually a double agent out to not just destroy UIS, but assassinate Stryke for his race's actions. Hadron directs them to the planet of Teinok, where there lies people who can help stop the technologically-superior Securicyzk and Tamvy. They find what's known as The Teinok Opbots, and when the Lodgers and Heroes Act show up per request by Grandmind, it's a race to stop Stryke's assassination by any means necessary. However, things do not get any simpler when the entire Secor race is put under fire because of a bunch of rogues, as an incrisingly angry UIS traditionalist Bulla, Commander Maad Bullus, who already was bitter about the Lougers watering down UIS to a force unrekitnisable to him, threatens to release a consintracted poison to eradicate the Secors, and with a scorn against the Independence Guardians and that one of them betrayed UIS, he aims to frame the act as if it was done by the Guardians to give UIS the impression that trusting "Members of UUF" was a mistake, which Maad hopes would get UIS to take the Lougers and the HA less seriously taken as a result. Can our heroes get a break?

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