Since Storm King's second defeat, he has gone missing, leading Tempest joins the Royal Guard to be in charge of the fight against The Storm Clan on top of being the Ambassador of Friendship, Songbird becomes the Gazelle of Equestria, and the Guardians are about to restore themselves once more by sponsoring the School of Friendship across the world. Though some assumed the Storm King drowned when being flung into the water, his two siblings, Valkyrie and Thunder, are not fooled as they claimed themselves that the Storm King is more durable than that. Thus, until Storm King is found, the two take up the mantle as co-leaders of the Storm Clan, swearing to destroy the Lodgers and Mane Six at any cost while the Guardians' sponsorship for the School isn't going well due to the wrecked society reaped by the Storm Clan throughout the years. They plan to do this by going to their native homeland of Pana where they seek the power source of staffs like the Staff of Sacanas and Subjuncta, called Collector Crystals, which are capable of absorbing magic of all kinds. The two figured that these crystals, which they kept in a hidden reserve, are what they need to start their revenge for Storm King by absorbing all magic in Questra before the Guardians are ready, giving them the power of the Guardians of Harmony. But the Lodgers and the Mane 7 will aim to prove to be a persistent thorn to any of their plans, let alone this current one, as the map even chooses School of Friendship students that were of races victimized by the Storm Clan, including Silverstream, to join in on the mission, as they feel the mission won't take much effort with new friends like Valkyrie's former pet thunderbird Morgen, who is now a spy, watching over the Storm Clan's activity. However, another problem occurs when the leader of Pana, King Thyrsus, has actually gone missing. His wife, Queen Hellenic, claims he went on a crusade of racial redemption, but he was actually turned to stone by Valkyrie and Thunder trying to undermine Panan goverment once more, as she hid him in a hidden room of other petrified obsidian statues of past royal leaders of Pana, including her mother, who was killed and turned permanently to stone by the recently-deceased Hurricane King, as Queen Hellenic seeks to find Thunder and Valkyrie first so she can get information of surviving Storm Clan members before executing them publicly and then completing her revenge for her family and kingdom by finding the Storm King and publicly executing him, and constantly interfering with the heroes' progress so she can find and capture the two herself. How will the two Storm Clan members and Hellenic be stopped, and will the school be successfully sponsored for the preparation of the fight against the Storm Clan?


The Storm Clan Returns

Returning to the Guardians of Harmony

(Enter Uptightus Entitlus).

  • Chummer: "Guys! Ya came!"
  • Nimbus: "Seeing you all once again mends the void in my heart of your absince."
  • Chummer: "..... He means he missed ya. So, how's our sponsorship treating ya?"
  • Pinkie: "If we're being Applejack Levels of honest here..... It feels no different from when you guys AREN'T endorsing us. We BARELY, if not at all, saw any new students from this."
  • ???: "Would you say, t'was it an utter waste of our time?"
  • Chummer and even Nimbus both yelped as Chummer ran off like a cat and Nimbus vanished with a poof!
  • A bird Wyvern in simularity to legiana was seen resting on a balony, and flew up to the group with grace.
  • Bird Wyvern: "If that's the cause, then I, Superviser Uprightus Entitlus, shall revoke the sponsorship and undo this non-changing status."
  • Icky and Iago snickered.
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Uptightus!"
  • Icky and Iago snickered more.
  • Uptightus: "AHEM?! I am the leader of the Guardians of Harmony Embessy, which basicly does the more, behind the scenes politics while the elders are the more, public figureheads. The Embessy is the one that keeps the Guardians of Harmony aflout. And once apawn a time, things were going, relitively swimmingly..... Till you annoying pests showed up and bungled up a simple mission to capture a crime boss. A measly, crime boss!"
  • Lord Shen: "Well, in all fairness, the criminal ended up captured and turned into a baby."
  • Uptightus: ".... Now, to show that I'm not ungrateful, I can respect that your a group that likes to cut to the chase. It WAS during the time when the Storm King came back after all. I understood that. But it's the principal of the matter on how sloppy you did it, in that, the Draconequus done it in a wreckless way! I had hoped the Guardians would NEVER assusiate with you fools again after that..... But then Stratus betrayed our standerds, did a risky gambit to defy the Thunder King, in where it was ONLY LUCK of his crippling fear that you won at all, and now the Guardians are wastfully endorsing your silly school?! And now, I find out it hasn't done ANYTHING in the slightist, neither positively nor negitively? Well in that case, I'll just go ahead and give my embessy members a proven reason why the endorsementship should end, in that it does NOTHING to neither help or hinder your school! No results, equils a worthless pursuit. So, ta-ta, I'm off to end the endorsement. Ciao. (Leaves)."

Welcome to Pana


  • Twilight: (Takes deep breath after seeing not only other Panan Satyrs like the Storm King, which were randomized in appearance, but also cyclopses, fauns, traditional satyrs, ogres, orcs, trolls, goblins, hobgoblins, etc)... I never thought I'd be coming back to Pana.
  • Rainbow Dash: I never thought the Map would want us to bring all the students whose races were victimized by the Storm Clan. Not to say it wasn't predictable, though.
  • Silverstream: (Saw all the Panan Satyrs and saw them all as Storm King)... (Shivers) This is going to be a long trip.
  • Gallus: "Oh can you not chicken out at the sight of these people? That's why we're even here! To get people to forget about Ol' Storm King and his Storm Clan!"
  • ???: Uh, did you guys say... What I thought you said? (A young Panan Satyr with a pan flute came up)... We don't speak their name here. They have caused some... Controversy.
  • Rainbow Dash: Controversy? I feel like that's an understatement.
  • Young Satyr: I know, right? But it's a nice way to describe their, particular reputation. Name's Papyrus, BTW.
  • Icky:... You wouldn't happen to have a brother named "Sans", would you? And if so, is he a lazy f*** who spews puns every single hour of his li-
  • Iago: Ick? One, language. Two, before you finish that sentence, remember that it's the name of ancient paper from a tree going by the same name. That Undertale guy had to have gotten that cool name somewhere.
  • Papyrus: What the heck are you guys on about?
  • Lord Shen: Never mind them. Kid-
  • Papyrus: Papyrus!
  • Lord Shen: I KNOW!! We're just going to the castle to look for King Thyrsus. The Guardians of Harmony said he went missing.
  • Papyrus: Really? Queen Hellenic said he went on a crusade of racial redemption.
  • Twilight: His wife? She said that?...
  • SpongeBob: What about it?
  • Twilight: It's just... Boggling. When I first met Queen Hellenic, she seemed like... Not sure how to say it as nicely as I can... Abrasive and mean.
  • Papyrus: Oh, she comes off like that to a lot of non-Panans. She lost her mother to the Hurricane King, and has not only hated his family, but had been very hostile ever since. But that doesn't necessarily mean she'd lie about her own husband.
  • Twilight:...... I think we need to bring this up to her.
  • Papyrus: Whoa whoa whoa, hey now, see the Queen? I never said that stuff about her being a hostile c**t is COMPLETELY inaccurate!
  • Iago:... Wow, such vulgarity. Kid's got bigger balls than you.
  • Icky: I can see that.
  • Papyrus: She's, not much for visitors. Even to ones she's EXPECTING?! She does have, a legit anti-social issue.
  • Gallus: "Well given her mom got wasted by Storm King's daddy, no s*** she would be a bitch."
  • Lord Shen: "Well, even at risk of being deemed a discomfort to her, we have to see her on impourent matters. Not meaning to disrespect her wisdom in this, but we believe she may be fabricating the actual reason of why the king has vanished."
  • Papyrus: "Oh, you did NOT just try to imply that the queen's being a freaking liar!"
  • Shifu: "Not necessarily. More like censoring the truth and fabricating the absence as a crusade to prevent a panic. Be honest, Twilight has personally met the king, and he was discribed to be too depressed to try anything like "A Redemption Crusade"."
  • Papyrus: ".... Aw, crap, I thought it was too inconsistent with how that depressed schmoe acts. Though in my defense, the King HAS been earnestly planning one for a good long time now, even before Stormy got his ass handed to him."

(Meeting Queen Hellenic)

  • Queen Hellenic: (Another Panan Satyr was seen with another younger one in the presence of Satyr Guards)...... Our time has come, my people. The Storm Clan has ruined us. Ruined our precious king! Their leader took my mother. And now... Word has it that two of his children have come to Pana. Now's the time to act. We'll find them and get the information we need to finally end their destructive existence! Hurricane King himself may've died before I could kill him, AND his wife assassinated not in MY hands... But I will go for the next best thing. After we slay the Clan... I will personally execute his son Sacana Storm in front of ALL OF PANA, right after I personally slay his siblings this very day.... Our oppression ends soon. With me sending Thyrsus away and having full control of the kingdom for the time being... The Reign of the Storm Clan will never end in the hands of some dumb misfit strangers... But by me! Their biggest victim! (She sings this)
My Lullaby - The Lion King 2 - cover by Elsie Lovelock

My Lullaby - The Lion King 2 - cover by Elsie Lovelock

  • Faun: (As Queen Hellenic was leaving after that song) QUEEN HELLENIC!! Some people are here to see you.
  • Queen Hellenic: "Tell them I'm not interseted?! I have more pressing matters at hand!"
  • Faun: "They, are pretty insistent, your majusty."
  • Queen Hellenic: "Bah! I'll believe it when I see it?! Tell them to TAKE A HIKE?!"
  • Faun: ".... Yes ma'am. (Goes Off)."
  • Queen Hellenic went on to return to her chamber and got to a secret moving wall, and entered in it.
  • Hellenic gotten a more sadder face as she arrived into a hidden room, as obsidian statues of the previous rulers were seen, only this obsidion looked more omnious then the normal.....
  • Queen Hellenic: "..... It's bad enough I lost you, mother. (Looks to see King Thyrsus in the normal obsidion stone)..... Now I lost him too! He never ACTIVELY tried to threaten the storm clan, and yet, the two basturd chiuldren of Hurricane, still took him from me?! But, luckly, it's not the kind of Obsidion Orb that took you, mother. Thyrsus is at least, salvageable. Though it will become PITIFULLY difficult for even the BEST of wizards, to restore him! I hated having to lie to the people about what really happened to him, but I have to, mother! Telling the truth would cause a MASS PANIC?! I mean, you and daddy dearist of all people understood that honesty's not always the best policy?! I'm just following that exsample! This being said, the one thing I am honest about, is that I AM GOING TO SEE THAT PLAN OF DESTROYING THE STORM CLAN, THROUGH?! It's pitiful enough that Hurricane died to time, and that his whore wife ended up dying to someone else's hands?! But I missed out, on making Sacana suffer, TWICE?! Well, I am not gonna let a bunch of misfits and the mysterious assassin claim ALL THE GLORY?! I, will create the ultamate magic weapon, that'll destroy the Storm Clan, from the face of the lands?! I will wipe out Lord Order's Mistake and Lord Choas' corruptive tampering of the storm clan, but good?! And no stupid bunch of misfits and PONIES OF ALL THINGS, are gonna rob me of MY OWN REVENGE?! THIS, I SWEAR?!... And I know just the one to see." (Shows a paper of Scorpan on it)...


  • Queen Hellenic: (She arrived in her throne room to find the Lodgers, Mane Six, and the students in her presence) GYAAH!!!! DAMMIT, FRIXUS!!!! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO MAKE THESE PEOPLE SCRAM?!
  • Faun (Frixus): I-I'm sorry, your grace! They were too persistent than expected!
  • Twilight: Greetings, Queen Hellenic.
  • Queen Hellenic:... Princess Twilight..... You've got some nerve arriving without an appointment.
  • Twilight: "You were given an early message from Celestia herself that you would rechived visitors related to concerns about the Panan Satyr King's absince."
  • Queen Hellenic: "WHAT MESSAGE?!"
  • A dunce messinger storm creature barged in!
  • Dunce Messinger: "YOUR HIGHNESS?! A MESSAGE FROM PRINCESS CELES- (Sees everyone)...... Ohhhhh...... I was late again, wasn't I?"
  • Queen Hellenic: "..... YOU, IDIOT?! (Turns the Messinger into a rooster, as he cockadoodles running away!)"
  • Made Tesseraea arrived as having saw what occured to the messinger.
  • Mage Tesseraea: Your highness, that's the 5th messinger that was given the comtempory poulty curse! You SERIOUSLY need to learn to not shoot the messingers?! Even if they are incompident?! That being said..... I was just wondering, who are THESE jesters?!
  • Phil: JESTERS?! I'mma knock your block off, you old prune!!
  • Frixus: Whoa, sir, you wouldn't hit a woman, would you?
  • Phil: (Dubbed as Lorax) WHO-.... That's a woman?!?
  • Icky: "Nice Lorax Reference."
  • Iago: Nice addition to the file of THINGS THAT ARE TOO OBVIOUS TO BE SAID!!!!!
  • Queen Hellenic:.... And, Sacana, lost, to you people? You can't even get genders right?! That is the royal family wizard, Mage Tesseraea.
  • Mage Tesseraea: And it's not wise to oppose me. (Throws dice at him)...
  • Phil: Dice? Psh, it's just not your day, is i- (The dice burst in magic swapping his ends so that he had legs of a human and the upper body of a goat)... WHAT THE- (Baas loudly in surprise)......... You swap my ends back around THIS INSTANT, MISSY- OH HOLY HERA, THAT COULDN'T SOUND ANY WEIRDER!!
  • Twilight: She's... Proficient in astragalomancy, or magic via dice.
  • Phil: NOW you tell me!
  • Queen Hellenic: "Well had it NOT been for the incompidency of that messinger, I WOULD'VE SENT A REPLY TO TELL CELESTIA TO MIND HER OWN BUSINESS AND TO GO SCREW HERSELF?! (Everyone gasped by her bluntness)."
  • Mage Tesseraea: "Errrum, that IS to say, we would've declined the visit, is what the queen is trying to say. Our concerns, are our own concerns. It was generious for Celestia to show interest, given that the Pana Satyrs are the most impourent heads of state in all of Pana, but, what goes on in Pana, is exclusively our own concern."
  • Gallus: "Welp, we tried, but they don't want us up in their business, let's vamoose gang."
  • Twilight: "Stay put! (Sighs).... (Quietly) I KNEW this was going to be another Queen Novo situation. (Openly) Ahem! Queen Hellenic, since it's clear you are not exactly in, a more presentable mood, I'll just cut the formalities short. We know that Thrysus is NOT on a redemption crusade! His depressive persona is not consistent with that! We know that he's actselly missing! (Hellenic got concerned). And we know that you're covering it up the REAL reason because your afraid of causing a panic, and, credit where it's due, that's a relitively noble jesture, but keeping secrets is risky, espeically since the Storm Clan likely know the truth themselves! So, start being honest with us! What REALLY happened to the King of Pana?!"
  • Queen Hellenic: "..... I don't need to answer to YOU! You're not even a REAL Alicorn! You're just another teacher's pet of Celestia's, that just HAPPENED to NOT be a failure for once! Though you came close with stunts like what you did with an old doll and a want-it-need-it spell?! And do we NEED to bring the Seaquestrian incident into this?! You having a fancy pair of wings or magic beyond the average unicorn standerds doesn't change the fact that in Pana, I'M the one who has the last say of ANYTHING!! Pana, HAS BEEN IN MY FAMILY'S HANDS FOR MANY GENERATIONS!! THAT MAKES PANA MY LAND AND THYRSUS'!! YOU, are just visiting! YOU HAVE NO MORE ATHORITY OVER ME, THEN THAT RAT OVER THERE!!!"
  • A normal Mouse was seen eating some cheese and look at the crowd in confusion....
  • Fluttershy waved the mouse hi, to Rainbow Dash's begrudgement as she rolled her eyes at that.
  • Icky: "Now wait a minute, hold up, lady! We're mainly here to see if we can help you find out what REALLY happened to your husband! You're lucky we knew ahead of time that you're not exactly gonna be pleasent to us, or this would've been the part where I go over there and kick your ass!"
  • Queen Hellenic: "Only for Tesseraea to throw her dice and turn your insides INSIDE OUT?!"
  • Icky fidgeted at that fearfully....
  • Queen Hellenic: "Besides, haven't you people ALREADY stolen my glory to bring death to several Storm Clan members as it is?! It's bad enough time already took Hurracane and some lucky bitch managed to kill his slut wife?! Now it's a BUNCH OF STUPID MISFITS AND SILLY LITTLE STARY-EYED PONIES AND THEIR PET PROJECTS WHO ARE THE ONES THAT DID A DENT TO THE STORM CLAN LIKE THEY DID?! You defeated the Storm King, TWICE, you defeated the Undergrowth King, the Sky Pirate Duke, even pasifived the original owner of that Storm Dog that was found in Kirin terratory when he proven unfit to be a TRUE Storm Clansman when he sympathised too much for WORTHLESS ANIMALS?! (Fluttershy gasped offended at that) Had it not been for that Tempest pony having buyer's remorse, YOU SILLY PONIES SHOULD'VE BEEN TOO EASY FOR SACANA TO DEFEAT ANYWAY?! BECAUSE AS PESSIMISTIC AS THAT DISABLED TRAITOR TO YOUR KIND WAS, SHE WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT ABOUT YOU WASTING YOUR INHERITED GIFTS FROM THE ALICORN GODS THEMSELVES, ON POINTLESS AND FRUITLESS PERSUITS, LIKE HAVING FASTION CONTESTS (Rarity grinded her teeth), STUPID PARTIES (Pinkie's ears began to steam), LUDICROUS TRADTIONS (Applejack got mad), AND HAVE LOUSY HEROES LIKE THOSE STUPID WONDERBOLT EMBARRASSMENTS!! (Rainbow Dash got really pissed off as her eyes turned red as she was snorting angerly) THOSE HASBEENS COULDN'T EVEN FIGHT THEIR WAY, OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG, NEVER MIND A BABY DRAGON GIVEN THE BRIEF SIZE OF AN ADULT, BECAUSE OF INDUGLING TOO MUCH ON GREED LIKE A SPOILED BRAT!!"
  • Rainbow Dash: "(Scraping the ground in anger) HOW'S THIS FOR A HASBEEN, YA UGLY DAUGHTER OF A HAG?! (Pounces onto Queen Hellenic and started to beat the crap out of her)"
  • Twilight: "RAINBOW DASH, NO?!"
  • Tressaea throws another set of dice, which activate and makes Rainbow Dashes' wings disappear?!
  • Rainbow Dash: "WHAT THE?! (Looks to see that her wings are gone?!)..... MY WINGS?! (Tears began to shed as she looks angerly at Tressaea)..... YOU BETTER GIVE THEM BACK, YA OLD WASHOUT?!"
  • Tressaea: "I'm sorry, I only did so to defend Queen Hellenic! You commited an act of treason by attacking her?!"
  • Mage Tressaea: "Oh, so because she expressed unglamorious opinions, that makes assult of royalty okay?!"
  • Hellenic smacks Rainbow off and gets up angerly, reading her staff!
  • Queen Hellenic: "...... I, want you people, OUT OF MY KINGDOM?! NOW?!"
  • Twilight: "But, Queen Hellenic-"
  • Queen Hellenic: "I SAID OUT!! (Zaps Twilight with her scepter in the face, giving her a painful scar on her left eye?!)"
  • Everyone gasped!
  • Twilight was hurt very badly, as the scarred eye can't open.....
  • Queen Hellenic was breathing angerly and heavily.....
  • The group proceeded to leave with the hurt Twilight.....
  • Mage Tressaea faceplamed and began rubbing her forehead.....
  • Mage Tressaea: "..... My queen, you REALLY done it this time!"
  • Queen Hellenic: Did what?
  • Mage Teserraea: You realize what you've done? You scarred and took one of Princess Twilight's eyes! Imagine how the ponies of Equestria will respond if they see what you did to her.
  • Queen Hellenic: It's no concern of mine what follies go on their lousy home. They technically brought that Storm Clan attack upon themselves by having incompetent guards, a penetrable infrastructure, desecrating to the gift of magic, and a habit of being overconfident and disgustingly optimistic. Besides, they have magic, they can heal that scar and eye straight up as if it never happened.
  • Mage Tesseraea: It will be your concern if what you did will only further demonize our kingdom. We could be looking like the Storm Clan because of it. Or worse, we could've started a war. Some races in our kingdom are already vilified as it is.
  • Queen Hellenic: I am simply guiltless. They were given an order, they defied it, and they suffered the consequences.
  • Frixus: But do not forget what started the Seaquestrian incident, your grace. Novo denied the assistance they came all the way to Mount Aris for, and left Princess Twilight no choice.
  • Queen Hellenic: No choice? Frixus, get wise. That's simply Twilight's own fault. Novo didn't HAVE to help them. Twilight just never found a better solution. Honestly, what did she think was going to happen trying to stealing their pearl? One simply doesn't just waltz up to a ruler's doorstep and expect full compliance, and one certainly can't expect to be forgiven when they try to steal from them as drastic measures. She wasn't acting like the Princess of Friendship she was supposed to. She's the only one to blame. And if she attempts that again, I'll do what Novo never had the swim bladders to do: execute her as punishment for treason.
  • Frixus: WHAT?! YOUR HIGHNESS, THAT WOULDN'T MAKE THINGS FOR PANA ANY BETTER!!! That wouldn't make us any better than the Storm Clan.
  • Mage Tesseraea: Sadly, she's correct, your grace. We mustn't escalate the problem more than we already have.
  • Queen Hellenic: Well I'm simply saying that if she persists, there will be serious consequences. I've got no time to worry about them. Tonitrus and Altus are out there, and it's my duty to find them, get the information we require, and publicly execute them. And I don't want NEITHER of you to go against me on this, GOT IT?!
  • Mage Tesseraea: "(Sighs defeated).... Only because I am not in the mood to argue about this with you."
  • Frixus: ".... Yes your majusty."
  • Queen Hellenic: "... Good.... Now get your asses out of my throwneroom?!"
  • The two left.

Outside the Panan Palace.

  • Papyrus was seen playing his flute as he saw the group leaving.
  • Papyrus: ".... So, how'd it go?"
  • Applejack: "DON'T EVEN TALK TO US, VARMENT?! (Bucks the tree Papyrus was resting on as it caused him to fall right into the bushes)!"
  • Papyrus: "GAAHHHH?! (Gets up, finds his flute and spat out some bush stuff)..... Oh boy. I seen that angry disposition before...... Helly chewed you guys up and spat you back out, didn't she?"
  • Papyrus: "Oy. Ya know, this is why the King is the one that does all the impourent diplomatic stuff while the Queen is just, there. Thysrus may be a depressive fuck, but at least he has a sense of international urgentcy. Keep in mind that the queen lost her mother to the Storm Clan's head huncho, so it's not like she was gonna be like Celestia to you people!"
  • Gazelle: "Girls, PLEASE?! Let me handle this..... (To Papyrus).... I'm sorry to say that, as you have rightfully guess, Hellenic has proven to be, worse, then what you had discriped, if not beyond accreate about how bad she is. (She brings Twilight over and shows the damaged eye and that Rainbow Dash is without wings, and Phil still being a reverseo-Traditional Satyr.)."
  • Papyrus: "..... (Facepalms).... Don't tell me..... You blurted out that you knew what was going on, did ya? And, likely, made the mistake of persisting when she says no, did ya? Okay, remember when I said that the Queen had severe social issues?..... THIS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT?! There's a reason why she's been nicknamed "The Queen from Tartarus"! It's like she came from that place herself ever since her mother died! Heck, she has "HELL" in her name?! Did that honestly sounded like someone who was gonna play ball with you guys easily?!"
  • The group began to think about it....
  • Rarity: ".... I don't suppose you would care to elaberate on that, Papyrus?"
  • Papyrus: "Oh sure, this, "Gremlin", is happy to elaberate on that, Rarity. (Rarity chuckled nerviously in now regreting her anger). Look at this, from her perspective. A bunch of strangers come into her throwneroom, who priorly unwittingly robbed her from her dreams to get her idea of justice on the clan, come in and say they KNOW she was bullshiting about what really happened to Thysrus, and tried to persist their noses into her business even when she said no! To her, you were challnaging her athority and Pana's independence to solve THEIR own problems! You guys need to remember that the Panans are not as used to Ponies coming to save the day as the other races are! To Helly, you guys weren't being legit concerned for their well being! You were commiting an act of independence disrespecting imperialisum! She felt chanllnaged by trying to force yourselves into something that, tecnecally, wasn't REALLY Equestria's problem! Why, I doubt ponies there even KNEW who King Thysrus is, am I right, or am I right?"
  • Applejack: ".... Actselly, ya'll, make a good point."
  • Papyrus: "Oh, you mean, for a "Varment"? (Applejack lowered her head in shame)...."
  • Pinkie: ".... But, where did the meanie-bo-beanie comments about our socity come from?!"
  • Papyrus: "That, stems from the fact that from our perspective, ponykind has it fucking easy compaired to us. You guys have the greatest magic of all the creatures of this world..... And ya blow it off having parties, making dresses even when you're CLEARLY a semi-nudist socity, having traditions that don't make sense sometimes, having "Heroes" that're more celeberties then anything, have too much control over weather and wildlife there, nature is nearly your bitch, and, ya don't capitalised on it on sharing that power with other nations since you obviously DON'T USE IT THAT MUCH OUTSIDE OF THINGS DEEMED SILLY TO OTHERS! To people like Hellen.... Well, that looks, selfish and stupid of Equestria to do so. You even have two alicorn gods that control CELESTIAL BODIES?! And even they are wasted just doing princessy paperwork and attend snooty rich people parties with only doing OCCATIONAL international work, and even then, it's often only with lands closer to you, like, colonies of much larger lands, or with other pony lands! Ponykind is only NOW discovering from their sheltered lifes that, there's more to the world then just your nation. And that it's only part of a larger world-stage. And all it took, was Sacana desiding to be a dick to you guys to wake you all up..... (Sighs).... I'm just sorry it had to be after he already screwed us over big time. The world, beyond Equestria...... Actselly kinda sucks."
  • Rainbow Dash: "(Starts to feel bad)..... Well, that mage of her's didn't had to take my wings?! Or did, THAT, (Points to Phil) To Poor Phil?!"
  • Phil: "I'm just lucky that I am now wearing magicly appearent boxer shorts!"
  • Papyrus: "Depends, did the two of you do something to provoke that?"
  • Icky: "Phil mistaken the Mage to be a dude and Rainbow tried to kick the queen's ass over her crack about the Wonderbolt's being crappy heroes."
  • Papyrus: ".... (Facepalms) And, stormy, lost, TO YOU PEOPLE?!"
  • Iago: "Hey, we never said that we were perfect heroes!"
  • Papyrus: ".... Oy..... No wonder the clan's falling apart from Stormy's defeat! Of all the people to lose to, it had to be you guys!"
  • Po: "We know, we know, we're the most unlikelist of people to do it! But trust me, believe or not, it happened all right!"
  • Papyrus: "Ahem.... Look, luckly for you people, what I have here, (Points to his flute).... Ain't no normal flute. In thanks to me being the son of a famous musicion magjition and a famed healer, this flute can basicly give me whatever I want from just playing the right notes. I am even able to bypass the Mage's magic with this baby."
  • Rainbow Dash: "I don't know..... That Mage's Magic felt powerful."
  • Papyrus: "Oh trust me, my musiction dad, was even powerfuller. Watch. (Plays the flute as a stream of musical notes on a musical note holder swam around Phil and Raindow Dash and undid their eflictions, giving Rainbow her wings back and normalising Phil, though he is still in boxer shorts.)... And having a healer mom gave me some niffy healing songs, per exsample... (Plays such a song as the notes swam around the injured Twilight's eye, healing it and the burnmarks from Hellenic's blast, restoring Twilight's vision)..... Free of charge, by the way."
  • Lord Shen: ".... Incredable. Young man, how did your parents accuire this flute?"
  • Papyrus: "Ehhh, I wouldn't say, "Accuire", as more like, they made it. See, ever since the Obsidion War, which is like, WAAAAAAAAAY beyond the Alicorns' reign, so don't feel bad about not completely knowing what that is, Panans have perfectly eningeered the ability to conjure magic with the right tools, that helped our civilisation become as strong as it did. The Panan Satyrs were basicly the leaders of that defeluptment, hence why Thysrus is the king of Pana. Pana used to be the big cheese nation Pre-Equestria time..... But then..... There came Lord Order, who picked the Heaven Clan, the great leaders who lead Obsidian War, to be given basicly a magical upgrade to become stronger then they were already, allowing them to have the powers of the Alicorn gods and an ability to master them effertlessly.... It made the Heaven Clan awesome..... THEN HIS DICK BROTHER CHOAS SHOWED UP AND-"
  • Icky: "Hold it hold it hold it, pal! No need to explain what happened with the Storm Clan's origins, we kinda figured that out with other adventures we'd rather not waste time explaining. Just skip to the part where you explain why this chick's so violent about people wanting to help."
  • Papyrus: ".... (Sighs), I see how that is. Point is, ever since the Queen lost her parents, she wanted to have the honor to get rid of the Stormies..... Then, you guys showed up and basicly took away some of her grandest oppertunities..... Basicly, she doesn't want you guys to fight the clan, so she can be the one to do it. And now, there's talk she's going to make some fancy weapon to eliminate all of the stormies herself with it."
  • White Rabbit: What weapon are we talking?
  • Papyrus: Tch! As if the Queen would trust some random kid like me with that kinda knowledge! She barely even trusts the Mage with it! but it's apparently connected to her royal magic scepter. She's likely going to pour it excessively with collector crystals.
  • Savio: And what could Hellenic be willing to do with them to make this weapon of hers?
  • Papyrus: Oh, we are damn good metallurgists. Collector crystals can be turned into crystal blades, they can be molten down into a hot magic fluid like in the scepter that Hellenic uses. What else can I say, we Panans get creative.
  • Lord Shen: "Well, issue is, at this point that beastly queen expects us to be gone after that. I fear further persistence would become fatal."


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Red Vs Blue Season 10 OST - Now That We've Come So Far (feat

Red Vs Blue Season 10 OST - Now That We've Come So Far (feat. Nicole D'andrea)

Guardians' Restoration Song

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