After Wraith was defeated in Superheroism Challenged Part 1 and 2, his career was disbanded, he was stripped of all his superpowers, and has been exiled from Kratos, his original rifle destroyed by a repenting Metalhead after he was disgusted how bad a hero Wraith was, and decides he can be a way better hero than Wraith will ever be, while all of his technology was claimed by his 'traitorous' assistant, Verona, who has become a better hero and ally to the Justic Teens than he ever was. Outraged that he was punished by 'Inferior Heroes', Wraith goes out of his way to join forces with Junjie and the Villain League, and now, not only did he get his powers back thanks to Mirage and Lord Cobra, but he gained a new and darker Omega Rifle, courtesy of Dr. Blowhole. He attempts to repay the favor by destroying the Shell Lodge. He puts Kairi into a coma with his Darker Omega Rifle despite the Lodge's best efforts. After years of being one of the greatest and most successful superheroes of his time, and has already proved to be the worst, now has become the smartest, meanest, and toughest supervillain Kratos had ever known. When the Justic Teens get word of this, they and Verona and the reformed Metalhead decide to help the Lodge, and Qui, to stop Wraith however they can. But with how much they go through and how strong Wraith had become, things will not be as easy as they thought.


Raze Soundtrack - Disposal Level Waterflame - Control Crowd

Raze Soundtrack - Disposal Level Waterflame - Control Crowd

Intro and Climax Theme

Intro and Climax Theme (Waterflame- Control Crowd) Coming soon...
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