Rhyben Verdy Faerge

Rhyben V. Faerge is an Alternate UUniversal Jeer from Planet Uridia. He is a deer-like hyrax and a former con artist and employee to the Armatage Corporation back when it was run by Awesome Jaxtom, and following being released from his mind-control, and especially with his former pro-Jaxtom employer and surrogate Lagolope father, Maurmice Vanchavez, who raised him since his Armatage employee father threatened to expose Jaxtom's crimes and was punished along with his family through experimentation, seemed to have killed his two friends Wawn and Verette in response to having his livelihood destroyed when he actually sent them to a pocket dimension that induces stasis for as long as until a secret plan is forfilled, he retired and went off to become a con artist with the help of a defective A-Sentry named Loadston who went to another robotic body, as he fell in a mid-life crisis unsure of what he wanted to be, especially when he had an Omninet eye implant which allows him to analyze anything he sees via holovision, an AUU term for viewing things through the Holonet, which identifies anything and everything. He continued this life for a long time until his life turned around with unlikely friends including his childhood friend, love interest, and later wife, Laura Faerge, came in and helped him, as well as other colorful characters like Laura's adopted sister and secret Censen Oaosha, their adopted con artist father Xelix, Verette's sister Millette who has been seeking to avenge her sister by becoming a combat journalist to find and arrest Maurmice, a distant childhood friend on Uridia's moon of Epho named Nerfy, and a former scientist of Huncus and the brother of Professor Loadsby, Coss Loadsby, to help find the key to stopping him through his old friend and ex-girlfriend, the 'Queenpin' of crime in Uridia herself Queenpin Valshey, successfully tracking down Maurmice and stopping and accidentally killing him for his crimes, not knowing that he was not done yet as he had plans beyond the spatial bounds of Uridia involving a benefactor on Epho, planning to make another move with the help of his robot partner Dumpster. Since then, this band of friends have lived in their hometown of Dare City, living in their travelling AI caravan. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Rhys, having a similar cyber-eye, cybernetic arm, skill, and intelligence.


Rhybe was born as the son of an Armatage scientist and his mother almost died at childbirth. He had high grades in high school and even fell in love with another Jeer named Laura. When he was a teenager, Rhybe's father was killed when he threatened to expose Awesome Jaxtom's crimes, getting punished by being experimented on at Creenus' Uridium Experimentation Reserve, turning them into mutated monsters that had to be put down. Rhybe was since raised by Maurmice Vanchavez, a big supporter of Jaxtom. He was hired as a gofer and assistant for Vanchavez, but after screwing up so many jobs, Maurmice ends up demoting him to 'Assistant Vice Janitor', breaking a promise to be a great employee by still finding a poor loophole. Angry, he plotted to ruin Maurmice by exposing Jaxtom's plan of killing his parents, unaware that he encrypted the messages and got Rhybe stuck with an illegal mind-control implant. But when Jaxtom was taken down by the Lodgers, HA, and Vault Seekers, he was freed from his mind-control, intent on quitting and reveal Maurmice's crimes. Thinking quick, Maurmice threatened to kill his two friends Wawn Von Adobe, the sister of his friend Vawghner, and Verette, his requisitions friend, unless he reinstalled his mind-control. With no choice, he did so, until Maurmice seemingly killed anyway, getting them sucked into a wormhole device. In response, Rhybe broke out and swore to make him pay, with Vanchavez sweating to do worse. He left and became a con artist intent on getting the power he needed to bring Vanchavez to justice. This lead to him joining forces with Vawghner and Verette's sister Millette, who is a good Armatage hacker that supplied him with a self-defense A-Sentry nicknamed Loadston. They both sought out a Vault Key, hoping that the contents of it's Vault, the Spatial Vault, a teleporting Uridian Vault, would help him get his revenge. But the Key turned out to be fake as he was counter-conned by his long-forgotten crush Laura, her adopted sister Oaosha, and her surrogate father Xelix. After some serious danger, they all decide to work together when they decide to use the money that would've paid for the fake Vault Key to share it 60-40. They end up getting roped into a bandit demolition derby. This results in the money briefcase being destroyed and the group having to do their con artistry themselves as they were all they had left.

They continued on their journey to find the Spatial Vault, but are separated when a Sarcohiver ambushes them. While Laura and Oaosha return to their hometown of Dare City where they repair their damaged caravan and learn some secrets about Xelix, Rhybe and Vawghner encounter Maurmice again who aims to kill them before he is stopped by Queenpin Valshey, who was chasing them since the demolition derby they were in was operated by her to celebrate her stealing most of Jaxtom's power, as the two are a divorced couple that both want the same thing: The Vaultlock Project, which the Phaseforce was intending to use to locate all 88 Uridian Vaults, and they separated because of their different goals for the 88 Vaults. Rhybe and Vawghner escape with help from Loadston and they are flown to Dare City where they reunite with Laura and Oaosha, who have had their caravan repaired by Scoot, paying for it via all the sponsors of the weapon corporations. The reunited team learn that Xelix was kidnapped and they go to the hidden location of the Vaultlock Facility. But they are all ambushed and threatened by Maurmice and Aurgust, Oaosha's former partner-in-crime, both unknowingly doing it at the same time as Aurgust was working for Valshey. They find the Vaultlock Unit and manage to fight their way out of Maurmice and Aurgust's clutches, and helped by getting the facility to self-destruct and for Maurmice and Aurgust to realize they were trying to steal each other's plan. But upon escape, they are ambushed by Valshey, who thanks Maurmice for getting her the Vaultlock Unit and kills him, unaware that he was a clone. They are rescued by Aotho, who manages to fight off and drive away Valshey and her forces.

They learn that Aotho was finishing what the Vault Seekers started by stopping the location of the Spatial Vault as it holds a dangerous cataclysmic superweapon, and they activate the Vaultlock Unit, introducing itself as Vau, and they go to the wreck of a crashed Cerwan Ark, a ship made for terraforming and preserving wildlife for transfer to other worlds, entering it's master Terradome, which is the residence of Coss Loadsby, a former Armatage scientist who was once in charge of helping with the Vaultlock Project and left when he realized how dangerous it was. Coss says to disable to security to find the upgrade Vau needs to locate the Spatial Vault. Rhybe and Laura go to shut down security while Aotho and Oaosha go to retrieve the necessary upgrade. As Rhybe and Laura take a scenic detour as the fast entrance was dilapidated to the security control tower, they start to fall in love after admiring the wildlife in the Terradome. Meanwhile, Aotho learns that Oaosha has a secret she kept from her family: she's a Censen, which she considered a curse that could put everyone in harm's way, which she uses to defend herself when Aotho starts to train her how to use it when she reveals she too is a Censen. They succeed in obtaining the upgrade, but are ambushed by Valshey. Though they put up a good fight, Valshey severely injures Aotho with her rocket launcher and traps Laura under it as it's too heavy for her. Everyone is captured and they are threatened to help them get the Spatial Vault, not only revealing that Oaosha is a Censen and twisting the arm so that her phasepowers couldn't be used, and tore apart Vawghner's friendship with Rhybe by revealing he was her son and made it look like it was part of her plan.

The four were at bad odds with each other with this revelation and Vawghner argued that he wanted to walk away from his family and joined Armatage, so that's what Wawn did to and they both ended up wanting to run away and cut Valshey off forever, while Oaosha said that she kept the secret because a Censen is a very dangerous person in the Beofynzeny System, especially since Jaxtom was in charge and now since Valshey took everything he had left. While they couldn't trust each other much now, they formulated a plan to get the final piece for Vau to find the Spatial Vault, with Rhybe using a hologuise of Maurmice, Laura posing as a tour guide, and Oaosha and Vawghner being left out because of their mistrust. But though they went very far, with some missteps, they finally found the final piece, but ended up falling into the trap of Maurmice, who revealed his clone trick and got everyone arrested in a flash when the Holonet Security reported an impostor Maurmice, especially since Rhybe's own Holonet eye had a tracking device and a recorder, allowing him to see Rhybe's progress through his own eye. Worst off, Milette betrayed them as Maurmice revealed that her sister and Wawn weren't actually dead, but were just kept in an ether dimension, and promised that he wouldn't actually kill them if she sold them out. With that, when they had the final piece in place, Maurmice strapped him in and rejuvenated the mind-control implant in him, commanding him to do the worst thing he could do: kill his own love interest Laura.

But before he could do so, Oaosha and Vawghner appeared as Coss had Oaosha's arm treated with healing fluid, allowing her to destroy the cybernetics on him that were controlled by him the moment he took the final swipe. Laura was saved and they stole the final piece. Maurmice, angered, set the Armatage HQ to self-destruct against his superior's wishes and secretly downloaded his own consciousness into a dataport for his bodyguard Dumpster to transfer while he went to kill Rhybe personally using the Armatage HQ's security system. Rhybe ends up accidentally killing him by getting him pulled into a reactor, and his group exit to find that Valshey had opened the Spatial Vault. But the guardian, a giant stone pseudo-Uridi-Titan statue with teleporting abilities named Spatius, comes to destroy them all as it's goal is to defend the superweapon inside, as it could destroy entire systems. But Rhybe discovers through his intuition that Spatius himself IS the superweapon as he was an attempt to reverse-engineer Uridi-Titans as a backup defense. They find that Vau is the one keeping it there, so they had no choice but to destroy him. Angry, a crippled Valshey vowed revenge until Vawghner, Millette, a freed Wawn and Verette, and Aurgust, who has had a change of heart upon Valshey leaving him to die while the HQ was blowing up, drove her away.

The heroes recover and go to Old Bravo, Aurgust's hometown, and with a recovered Loadston, plan to save Vau and open the Spatial Vault again, this time using Vau's colossal body to fight against Spatius, once they find out that Valshey, now having her legs replaced with rockets, aims to try again and use Spatius as a plan for revenge. They pilot the restored Vau as Valshey has managed to steal Qorthys and use her to complete her own robot Gordys into opening the Spatial Vault once she found more clues on their origins. This resulted in a three-way battle between Colossal Vau, Colossal Qorthys-Gordys, Spatius, and the Vault Seekers. Valshey even threw all of Jaxtom's remnant power at them and turned the entire valley into a battlefield. In the end, they discover that Spatius himself wants to die a superweapon as his existence was pain since he was built to be a last-resort during a cataclysmic war. They do so and enter his teleport gland until Valshey intercepts Oaosha and Laura inside. They fought until the gland's Guardians appeared and killed her, with Laura and Oaosha using their powers and guns to finish her off. They plant the bomb, but since the trigger doesn't work as the bomb is too out-of-range, Laura sacrifices herself to detonate the bomb, and allow Vau to finish it off. Laura survives but is in critical condition. But Oaosha manages to use her Censen powers to heal her. The group thus enter the Vault with their unintended allies and collect all inside. Laura and Rhybe open the master chamber together and propose to each other, becoming a married Vault Seeker couple who live in Dare City to this day, and even find out that Xelix had escaped his kidnapping and left a remains of the 100 millites of that briefcase for them to make their own lives until he would return.


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