Ricky Cade Milde
Rick Milde (With Collar)
Vital statistics
Title Rick the Prick, Head of Wild Times
Gender Male
Race/Species Gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
Faction Herbavoris Underworld
Description Often Mentally-Imbalanced When Not Wearing Tame Collar, Jerk, Hurt By The Past, Rebellious, Holds Grudges
Skills and Abilities Natural Fox Abilities, Sneaky and Sly
Status Still at Large
Location Herbavoris (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Ricky C. Milde is a gray fox who is a citizen for Herbavoris that, by law, is required to wear a Tame Collar at all times for predator aggression control. Ever since he was a kit and went through the tragic ceremony of gaining his tame collar, he saw this as torment and not penance. From a young life, he lived with his father who was trying many times to get a loan to fund his dreams for "Suitopia", a suit empourium for animals of all sizes. However, because of Herbavoris' poor sense of standerds torwords predators, by law, the banks aren't allowed to fund Predator owned businesses, so it was rejected. Rick caused a huge fuzz over it and was taken away by a guard, and when his father tried to intervine, he ended up getting too emotional that the collar ended up giving a fatal shock! This shocked everyone preasent. The Loan granter, out of legit sympathy for what he had done, adopted Rick out of remorse for his mistakes. Rick never took Mr. Buckhorn as a real father and hated him for what accured, and eventally ran away from the Buckhorn estate! Though the tragity was enough to upgrade the collars to less powerful levels to prevent un-nessersary deaths, it didn't simply overall stopped production and caused Herbavoris to have an infamous reputation outside of it's police state practices. When Rick grew up with friends in the forms of a jaguar named Clawson, a Bat-eared fox named Finbarr Ferrell, and a honeybadger named Honeyette, he became inspired to open up a theme park called "Wild Times", a place where preds are allowed to remove the collars when in the park to be able to exspearience joy while enjoying the theme park, but due to too many bnaks being ruled by prejudiceal laws, he was eventally forced to ask aide from an underground group of mafia polor bears to get him his money and make the park in secret due to of it's illegit origin from contriband money. Wild Times became a secret park for Preds for their only shorce of happiness ever since in Herbavoris, but how long would this be so?

Rick Milde is a parallel to Nick Wilde, and is based on the alternate conspect of Zootopia as a film. Plus, he has a voice on par with Jason Sudeikis as opposed to Jason Bateman.


Rick Milde

Rick Milde (Without Collar)

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