Ridge is a take-no-prisoners 'rang for hire from outer Southern Rivers in the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger world. He first came to Burramudgee to fight the Quinkan in Ty 3, and now is an honorary member of Bush Rescue.

His Ultrarang can be thrown at the speed of sound. Ridge seemed surprised when Ty said that he had only used a boomerang "Once or twice."


Ridge was an adopted child who never knew his real parents. One day, he set off to find them. This let him to New Burramudgee. Ridge has a sister named Brolga, though she is not in any of the games beside Boomerang Blast.


When Ty returns from the Dreaming, he finds himself in a ruined wasteland infested with Quinkan and zombified Frills. Ty seems outnumbered, only to be saved by the mysterious stranger, Ridge.

After defeating the enemies nearby, Ty asks how he can get back to Burramudgee, only to find out that he is in Burramudgee, or what is left of it. Ty must then hold off the invading forces while Ridge tries to close the fortified town's gate.

Ridge explains that the Quinkan have ravaged the land since Ty's speculated death, and that what's left is held together by someone only known as "the General." Ridge takes Ty to meet the General, who Ty is surprised to see is none other than Dennis, and Ridge's only response upon finally learning Ty's name is "..The Ty?"

After this, Ridge takes a backseat in the story, being available to talk to as a minor NPC guarding the gate, but otherwise, having no importance to the plot, not even appearing in the ending.


Ridge is clearly a serious fighter, having the skills and mentality necessary to fight off large groups of enemies. Despite this, he still retains a sense of humor, and addresses Ty as "Tiger."

Like many, he clearly respects Ty's legendary status as the local hero, seeming quite surprised to discover who Ty was. However, when he was discussing Ty having saved an entire town, he threw out his hands with an almost sarcastic "wow," which may show he is not easily impressed.

Role in the series

Because Boss Cass is a member of The Guild of Thunder, Ridge and the rest of Bush Rescue have dedicated themselves to fighting against them in The Troupe of Lightning.

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