Riku is Sora's friend and the deuteragonist in KH. He ended up getting possessed by Xehanort after succumbing to darkness, but managed to break free from his spell and was able to take on the powers of darkness for good purposes.

Role in the series


Riku (Younger)

Riku has been a close but distant ally of the Shell Lodge Squad since they adopted Kairi and became her guardians and family. Chernabog and his son planned to drag Riku back into Darkness since his previous corruption in order to provide Mirage with her own son to watch over. But Riku later got recruited forcefully into the Fang Empire before that can happen so that Makuta can have his own Keyblade warrior in the empire. However, the Keybearer wouldn't be taken control of that easily, and was used by Dark Dragon and Chopsuey to overthrow Emperor Fang. He has since been saved and he's fully on the side of good again. Cynder has also become a sister figure to Riku as well as his bonded dragon sister since Spyro became Kairi's bonded dragon brother since Riku and Cynder have two things in common: Their exposers to darkness and their avatar forms under the teachings of Saldaron the Nega Chesire Cat, and though it's not as strong as Kairi and Spyro's, who share the two halves of Tyro's heart, it's still strong. His dark replicas have also been in their adventures in rare instances like in Spyro and Friends Meet Pinocchio when a dark clone dubbed Repliku, from a dark timeline, impersonated him during their mission inside Monstro. He also gets his Kingdom Hearts III appearance early, along with Sora and Kairi, after a time dilation caused by the events of Viral Vi-tor Gets Real. In Princess Salvation, the follow-up to Kingdom Hearts III, Riku's rivalry with Sora is explained more as it's revealed that he had a crush on Kairi just like Sora and the rivalry that corrupted him was for her.
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