Ringmaster (Imposter)

The Imposter Rinmaster, glowing purple as he begins to transform...

The Imposter Ringmaster is one of the villains from Disney Villains' Revenge, serving as one of the Villain Leaguers that try to change reality to serve their own egos.


Disney's Villains' Revenge

In the video game, the Ringmaster, and several other Disney Villains, plan on stealing the endings of their respective stories, and altering them so that they may get the happily ever after. The Ringmaster alters the story of Dumbo and forces the baby elephant to perform nonstop. He also alters the circus' overall look, making it seem like a horror film-esqe area. However, thanks to Jiminy Cricket and Mrs. Jumbo, the circus, and Dumbo, is saved.

This bio was made in that originally, the Ringmaster was made out to be a cruel sadist instead of the misguided authority figure he was in the film. For further explanation on this change of personality and appearance, read below.

Role in the Series

Freakshow ghost

The Freakshow Ringmaster in its true form

In the Spongebob series, Maleficent sends out five of her closest allies, Queen Grimhilde, Lady Tremaine, Captain Hook, Queen Cora of Hearts, and the Coachman, to influence Jiminy Cricket into ripping out the pages of the happy endings to a storybook chronicling the adventures of our heroes. Without the happy endings, the five villains can take over and mess with reality itself in order to properly torment their victims before delivering them to Maleficent for her plans.

In the Pleasure Island mission, the Coachman has managed to use his magic to turn Pinocchio into a talking wooden donkey calf, and has him sold to a freakshow circus run by a malevolent copy of the Ringmaster, who looks similar to the real deal except for the cruel sneer on his face, a much more pointed moustache, a darker blue and red color scheme, a crooked hat, and a more angular body shape. This Ringmaster is a being of darkness created by the Coachman and Maleficent to entertain the dark forces of the Heartless with cruel "shows" focusing on tormenting Pinocchio, the donkey children, and even Dumbo, who got captured by the Heartless when the massive reality altering wave hit his world.

Eventually, the Shell Louge Squad is able to defeat the Coachman in battle, influence the show's magic to restore Pinoke back to normal, and free everyone from the Coachman's Minions. However, the Imposter Ringmaster shows up to challenge our heroes to prevent them from escaping, transforming into his true form, a hideous demon ghost with a triangular head, a snarling Butch Hartman demon face on it's chest, and plenty of arms with scythes on them. This creature, the Freakshow Ringmaster, is finally destroyed by Sora and Riku tricking Monstro the Whale into crashing into the beast, beating it up to the point where it can be easily slain with an Omnislash.

However, the Imposter Ringmaster manages to revive itself for the final battle, stealing the happy ending to Pinocchio to taunt our heroes, only to be destroyed once more by the light of the keyblade.

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