Ringmaster Grandmastero is a vulture who owns a highly-advanced circus called Circ De Mastero that travels in a flying circus train-like ship. He had once been a resident of Futurasia and had inherited his technological powers from an old travelling circus. He has since been travelling the UUniverses searching for people to put into his act, including a mummified snake named (TBC by Scroopfan...), a bison strongman named (TBC by Scroopfan...), and some robotic monkeys. When his circus had sadly started getting unpopular, he figured he needed to step up his game, and that meant forcefully making people join. He is the one responsible for the Shell Lodgers first meeting the people of Equestria by attacking them when they were on a trip to the Gili System. He appeared in the Fanfiction comic Equestrian Invasion, which is currently incomplete, but was hinted to make another appearance in the next issue, going to Equestria after a while before the Villain Invasion began, and attempted to make the Lodgers into his performers again. However, he was beaten by the ponies and reformed by the magic of friendship and was turned into a good Ringmaster ever since.


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