Applejack and the Apple Family discovered that rumors are being spread across Equestria that not only the Mane 7 are mistreating misunderstood foes, but the wielders of the Other 5 Elements of Harmony and Elements of Peace, among their other friends from all their adventures across Equestria, are suffering from the most exaggerations of bad things of those episodes and making everyone look awful. Thus, the Lodgers and the Mane 7 intend on disproving these lies for good. Celestia directs them to an infamous magical windmill near the borders of Equestria that is infamously known as The Rumor Mill, which is capable of using mental jinx magic to spread fibs as truths. When the heroes found it, they discovered that it's none other than Derek Glidster who was brought back thanks to the most nefarious and most insensitive of Storm King's Family Clan than even Storm King himself, his uncle The Rumor Lord, someone even Storm King's father feared because of how dark, stubborn, and insensitive he is and how easily he'll ruin someone's life with his words alone. Now it's being amplified by the Rumor Mill with Derek, an already-unsavory popperazzi, as they are now destroying the Mane 7's reputation so they could not be able to fight any possible threats with people giving them dirty looks and not trusting them with these threats to where they demand them forbidden to interfere. Can our heroes close down this literal Rumor Mill?


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