Sping Rini Crank, AKA Roboface

Sping R. Crank, AKA Roboface, is an Alternate UUniversal Ojutan from Planet Nonnus. He is named after the heavy amount of machinery on his face as the result of a lab accident that left him horribly disfigured, however the problem with such a name is that it is too laughable, and even he has trouble coming up with a new name. He is a controversial figure who has always believed that robots weren't meant for having their own lives like on the robot-populated planet of Axthone, and that all robots belonged to people. He had become this way after he was a former senator for his home planet whose beliefs that robots are supposed to belong to people gained him a ton of controversy. But what landed him to villainy was when he claimed that robots were meant to be slaves, a mistake that cost him his position as a senator forever. Blaming robots, his attempts to force the issue ended up with a failed attempt to augment himself in a facility which gave him his robotic face. He later joined the Villains Act and took complete control over Axthone, establishing a dystopian dictatorship where the robot inhabitants were treated as second-class citizens to the new organic criminal inhabitants brought on by the Villains Act, and he was allowed to establish cruel laws which emphasized his point of view. It wasn't until he was defeated by the Heroes Act that this dystopia was settled, restoring all robot rights and locking Roboface up on Oranos. However, he later escaped and hid away in an abandoned war robot/war vehicle factory on the Planet Fyzogmer where hundreds upon hundreds of robotic machines and blueprints were stored in an underground vault. He has since used all these resources to establish a splinter cell where he would attempt to build another dictatorship, even if it's outside of the AUU. Though there would come times where his plans enter hyatus cause of him getting too ambitious and ending up in jail from time to time, his attempt of going after Futurasia comes to mind.


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Roboface, despite his laughable name and relitively abysmal luck, is still a formidable and serious threat. His combat skill is very adequate, and his facial machinery helps in more than just serving as life support. It helps him identify weaknesses and strengths in anything he sees, helps him see in thermal and X-ray vision. He even possesses a mitochondrial vest underneath his suit that helps heal wounds and accelerate and restore stamina lost in battle. He wields a toothed katana which allows him to grapple an enemy's weapon. Living in an abandoned war factory, he has access to a ton of war machines that he wields in his campaign against robot ethics.

Machine Collection:

VA Machines

  • Xultron- A recolored and redesigned Jetpack Commander Skelebot Starbot provided to him before finding the factory by the Villains Act, but eventually turned on him for being a bad boss.
  • Crusho- A recolored and redesigned Manbeetle Alpha Starbot provided to him before finding the factory by the Villains Act, but eventually turned on him for being a bad boss.

Factory Machines


  • Loadsby Squad- An elite unit of 6 machines derived from Awesome Jaxtom's A-Sentries and A-Sentinels meant to serve a bodyguards after Xultron and Crusho were lost to him. Two of them, L1 and L2, are foot soldiers who carry average weapons, another two, L3 and L4, are knights that wield shields and have rapid-fire rechargeable laser arms, and the last two, L5 and L6, are support that are distinguished for their size and the six massive cannons that they have as substitutes for arms. He continues to use this unit as his replacement as he programmed them to not be as offended as Xultron and Crusho, with mixed results as they still call him out on his anti-robot attitude. Yet one day, no amount of respect or sorrow will keep their loyalty for long as they'll grow tired of him and leave to do their own thing on Fyzogmer.
  • BURRAGE- Yet another replacement henchmen that is a large bodyguard with powerful capabilities and is derived from Exo-War war-machine designs. Yet like the last two, constant anti-robot comments will be his undoing.

War Machines

  • Saeturn-II- A giant AI walker with arm cannons, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, and many other functions, and was modeled after Jaxtom's Saeturn bodyguard machine.
  • Crawlmury- A named walker war machine that possesses 4 morphing legs, has a swiveling body, a vast array of weaponry including laser miniguns, a focus laser, shield generators vulnerable to electric weapons, and metal comprised of neutronium.
  • Fray-Bot- A large cyber-walker created by both a clone of Fray and a reverse-engineered and HIGHLY-improved robotic variant of his mech-armor. But what makes it easy to beat is it's one weak-spot, the vulnerable head, which despite having a rechargeable energy shield, is still able to be tackled with a few hits.
  • Uridious- A new creation derived from a future secret weapon by Awesome Jaxtom in response to his defeat which itself is derived from cybernetics, Gruid clones, and preserved Uridian DNA called U-Soldiers created on Snao XXIII. Since this creation, he found it as a unique opportunity, and created a new and improved version that the heroes will obviously have to defeat.

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