The Lougers take a trip down the Rocan-Racon system to help the The Rocan-Racon Birds. A Teadr 2 race of Parrot-Eqsed Terror Birds that were once the benvolent owners of Racon prime, but then the Grutts booted them out to turn Racon into a crime infested mess and mistreated the people they had once welcomed into their system to be left mistreated by the Grutts. The Rocan-Racon Birds tried many times to pled to the USRA to re-take Racon from the Grutts, and even added that it would enable them to hurt an impourent point of Corruption Co, but because of a clearly illegit treaty designed to mess with the USRA's sense of diplomacy, the Racon-Rocans are constintely turned down. The Rocans-Racon Birds, growing desperate and tired of the USRA's failure to correct a grivious misjustice in faver of diplomacy over a treaty clearly made by a Grutt and a few friends that aren't even a minor representation to the entire Grutt race and had CLEARLY shared a world with Corruption Co, and most of all commiting an act of conquest of which Grutts as a whole had swore to never do, the Rocan-Racons had turned to UIS, who are less imtimidated by a illegit treaty and are mounting greater forces then Racon's defence system to forcefully re-take the system from the grutts that took their system. Now the heroes need to help the Rocan-Racon Birds build up evidence that proves that the claim by Slimebag the Boss of Racon is a complete lie and that the Grutts as a whole do not really own the system, all the while dealing with the commen problems of the system's individual worlds, including Soratle, the planet controled by Corruption Co by the corperate president of the planet, President Steve S. Cumbag, and the A.I. of the planet, Corprene. Doing so is not only a great oppertunity to encourage better relations between UIS and the USRA that began in the Avatan situation, but also a chance to really damage an impourent part of Corruption Co and the Dark Radicals AND to take down some obviously rogue Grutts along the way. So the heroes better prepare for quite a fight for the system.


Racon Prime Team.

Heroes: (To be desided by MSM.)

Villains: Slimebag.

Scoratle Team.

Heroes: (To be desided by MSM.)

Villains: President Steve and Corprene.

Thibbyx Team.

Heroes: (To be desided by MSM).

Villains: Bossman Zinfu G. Reed, of the primary criminal synicate of the planet that is entrusted by Slimebag to hold the fragile secrets about the true illegitamentcy of the Grutt occupantion.

Imirena Team.

Heroes (To be desided by MSM.)

Villains: Mr. Samual Gamble, the Prime Gambler Lord of the planet and the other most impourent secret holder for Slimebag who has an extreme weakness for chocolate and sweets, hence why he has to have a fat felter system insteiled in him to keep him regulated on his addiction.

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