A Shore on Rocen

Rocen is a world where the terrain is mostly rocky and barren. It is a land consisting of several islands and is populated by Vikings and non-sentient mythological creatures. The Vikings here live in a semi-technological society and live in massive villages fighting to defend their homes from hostile invaders including the bullying rock-men who take a joy out of teasing the Vikings. In this world, Vikings are very strong-hearted and the rock-men do nothing but be jerks for the sake of amusement. This is also the home of a hidden ancient artifact from the ancient Snake Tribes.


The planet was originally a barren rocky planet with no soil and no breathable atmosphere, basically like the moon. However, the Snake Tribes arrived and cast a spell on the planet that made massive tectonic activity ravage the planet. Within a few hundred years, the planet was no longer barren and had oceans, rocky landscapes, hundreds of islands, and life began to evolve. Dinosaurs were wiped out at the right time period, mammals evolved in the same evolutionary period, as well as different-styled mythological creatures, and humans came into existence at the same time. However, the overall progress of the world was stunted during the 10th Century due to Viking-life being rather dominant, leaving everyone on the world a Viking. Though technology wasn't halted as the Vikings became a semi-technological society, discovering medicine, crossbows, metal armor, cosmetology, great furniture, and a few household machinery.

Though before Viking-hood was dominant, the Snake Tribes known as the Contraiters, all lead by the leader Boan, came to the planet. Because he was more at home ruling Skabbis, he turned the barren planet into a place where it was easier to collect valuable stones and minerals from, like gold and iron. The relations between the Vikings of this world and the Snake Tribes entrusted to maintain it were shakey. Rumors of sacrifices going on it the other created planets, made it more shakey, though it was manly rumors. But when the High Council confirmed them, it was more then enough an excuse for the Vikings to revolt and pillaged the Snake Tribes off the planet.

Though afterwards, the Vikings suffered some huge problems not just in hostile Vikings or some hostile mythological creatures, but also the notorious rockmen, which were 11ft ape-like rock beings which were often bullies to the Vikings because of various reasons. The rockmen began causing mischief across Viking villages, and they were very difficult to stop due to their literal rock-hard stature and size. They were almost invincible because they could breathe underwater, they had the strength of 10 men, and they often worked in groups.

Vikings were forced to use excessive force against any attacking rockmen, and that was using massive rocks and boulders against them to crush them. And it seemed to work and drive a few rockmen off. So that became their prime means of defense against these bullies. Also, legend says that rockmen feared nothing except one thing that was unknown, yet it was answered with a riddle that the Vikings still try to solve to this day so they can be rid of the rockmen for good.


The terrain of this world is mostly rocky, and is filled with mesas, cliffs, canyons, islands, volcanoes, mountains, and so on. Plants are able to thrive in the soil that was able to form on this planet. The environment is also varying here from jungles, grasslands, forests, and rainforests. There is also normal life that can be found on this world. The planet is also inhabited by mythological creatures that are actually don't look much like what they are at first. Fairies are more like insects with antennae, buzzing wings and bug-like yet stunning eyes, griffins are only capable of gliding on the wind and are carnivorous group-hunters, trolls and orcs are more ape-like than human-like, and dragons are more like pterosaurs or raptors than actual dragons.

Vikings that live here are semi-technological, having discovered many forms of technology such as household machinery and furniture, medicine, metallic knight-like armor, crossbows, cosmetology, and various others. They live in town-sized villages which can mostly be among the sea, and their primary means of transport are sail-powered vehicles such as boats or sail-carts. They have not yet developed flight yet, but they have discovered gliding suits so they can traverse vast heights. They wield specially-built clubs which can dispatch or disorientate a rockman, and their crossbows are modified to be like double-barreled shooters or several modified versions. Their armor consists of purified metals such as platinum and iron, and they do have modern-day accommodations such as gaming events and take-out restaurants.


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