Roger Eggsuckerson

Roger Waldo Donald Eggenberger

Roger W.D. Eggenberger, AKA Roger Eggsuckerson, is an Oviraptor philoceratops who lives in the Zootopian underground prehistoric society called Dinosica. He is a criminal who turned into such as the result of an insensitive thieving father who treated him badly because of his choice of life not wanting to be the heir of his egg-smuggling operation, and pushed him too far by legally changing his last name to 'Eggsuckerson', as 'egg-sucker' is a common and offensive racial remark to their species, and thus when this turned much of his life against him, he revealed the location of the operation to the DPD and got his father sent to jail while, as the result of failing to get his life back because he was unable to get his name changed back again without money, which his father took as punishment for his betrayal, he turned into a thief himself that tries and fails to get the money to do so. He was a pitiful thief who never succeeded most of the time because of the superior skill of law enforcement. Even ransoming a family's eggs didn't work as all he did was get sued for 'premature hatching' and thus the baby thought he was his father, causing a fine that took away all the money he earned from the rare amounts of success that his thieving business earned. He is a total jerk who will go to racist remarks and the most terrible of insults because of how society treated him, and not just because of his species' stereotypes as 'egg-thieves'. He is willing to do anything close to flipping people off as a result of their mistreatment. While not full blown evil, the guy isn't exactly easily discribed as a model citizen and even if you know the full story, it's not exactly easy to sympathise with him unless your either VERY pathent or have personally known what being in his metathorical shoes was like. However, Roger is not an ALWAYS consisently the dino enbodiment of a doughebag, as he is a closet fan of Queen Para, dedicating a private shrine to her and often uses merchentice centered on her for his follies. Deep down, he only wants to be accepted in a judgemental socity.


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