Rollond Thex Folstock

Rollond T. Folstock is an Alternate UUniversal Cronculator from Planet Jinter. He is a crocodilian bounty hunter, merc, trader, and gambler who is an Armatage enthusiast who heard stories about the 88 Vaults of the Beofynzeny System that contain untold technology belonging to the system's home race, the Teadr 1 meta-powered Uridians. Being a former Phaseforce officer and Armatage guard, he moved onto being a bounty hunter as soon as Awesome Jaxtom turned everything into waste following his usurp of the Armatage Corporation, and thus became wanted for desertion and the murder of a Phaseforce officer. In his combat training, he has the versatility to wield any weapon he finds. After doing a lot of things that disrupted Jaxtom's rule, he became a member of the Vault Seekers, who are searching for one of the 88 Vaults of the System. However, he and his 8 friends end up later being mind-controlled by Jaxtom, and have been serving him to search for the Vaults for an entire year under the command of the evil new commander of the Phaseforce, Commandant Steelea. But this will not be for long when other-worldly aid come in and save the day. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Roland (Soldier), and has similar abilities.


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Being a crocodilian, Rollond is capable of natural strength, durability, and is semi-aquatic. He has knowledge of species-based wrestling skills, he has a large tail useful for lashing, is good at stealth, is an acrobat, has military soldier guerilla tactics, as well as other forms of military strategy. As a former member of the Phaseforce, he has skill in any weapon he finds, and thus is a versatile opponent. He can pin people down in a sparking firefight, he can dodge gunfire accurately, and he can trick people easily.

As an enthusiast of Armatage and Huncus technology, he uses both in his missions. Though he does not have a specific collection of weaponry as he changes them because of his trading and mercenary life, he is mostly specialized in all forms of rifles. He primarily comes with an Armatage ArmRES-1000 Recharging Energy Shield with adjustable mod functions, several augmentation STIMS, has an Armatage ISD-4500 Infinite Storage Device to carry things with. Like many other Vault Seekers, he carries a mobile device that he uses to specify his health, location, inventory, and anything relating to his PIN number put in the OmniNet to allow him access to the many machines in the Beofynzeny System. His is a Huncus Emulator Device, as despite the Armatage variant being more effective, it was one of the ways Jaxtom had power over the system so he didn't use it.

But his trademark ability is a deployable turret called a Sentry Turret that has an AI, creates a holographic shield with adjustable range, rapid-firing multi-function voice-activated cannons that fire any form of firepower based upon the 12 ammo batteries placed within it's carousel chassis. It has laser-guided sights, can aid Rollond in many ways depending on the upgrades, and can adapt to any situation.

His all-terrain fighting vehicle, the Deviator, compliments him as it has solar-powered laser cannons, two rocket launchers, an energy shield, a heavily-detailed sci-fi appearance, requires less fuel, and is capable of quick speeds.


  • "NOW we can get things started!"
  • "It's like Kraanmas!"
  • "Aww, you know that hurt!"
  • "Another one bites the dust."
  • "Are we keeping score here?"
  • "Wounds are red, the assholes are orange, I love fighting corporate scum-" (Interrupted joke)
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