A summit has been called for, of all things, the Hippogriffs and the Hippalectryons of Equestria. Corono and Kylix have been awaiting a much better future for their races since the war between them. Kylix, however, sees this as an opportunity to ask out Corono. But as expected, the two races hardly get along with each other. Silverstream and Gamey are put to the test on this as the two are sent on a friendship mission there, which the two can hardly agree on things, Silverstream being outgoing and positive and Gamey, not exactly being the most outgoing guy ever, along with being an embarrising kluts, the two look like the less helpful group for this event as Silverstream admits to a strained friendship after Gamey accsidently broke a pearl necklace of her late grandmother, but Twilight reassures that the Map knows the best choices. The Lodgers are invited to make sure it doesn't end in a riot, espeically not over Gamey being an accsident prone insecure yuts. But two nasty rivals and former friends, a hippogriff named Sir Graupel and a hippalectryon named Sir Krater decide to stop the summit from succeeding after trying and failing to do so before. Thus with the threat of another war on the horizon, the two unlikely partners have to set aside differences and stop these two, and eventually restore their friendship.


Novo's Problems

Seaquestrian Throne Room

  • Twilight: (With Silvestream, Spike, and Shore)... Your highness? Did you hear about the summit? Your sister and Nephostratus said you should come.
  • Queen Novo:...... Why? What's the point?
  • Silverstream:... Aunt Novo? Is something the matter?
  • Queen Novo: Yeah. Course there is. If she wanted me to come, she would've told me herself, or message me, but she didn't. Of course she didn't. We never had a glamorous relationship considering I took the advice of a boyfriend that was nothin' like Sky's father, I let myself get manipulated by a traitorous snake, and I let a race fall to the Storm King.
  • Twilight: Well, we both were at fault, and you wouldn't just aid Storm King purposely.
  • Queen Novo: Are you joking? On purpose or not, I don't deserve my sister's mercy or to socialize with a race we had issue with in the past, because I failed Abysswish, and you.
  • Shore: You both failed yourselves and each other, your highness. Your sister surely wants you to come. Especially since she's a little guilty of almost proving you right by cannibalizing Hail and all.
  • Queen Novo: Why?! Why is she seriously still letting me rule Mount Aris AND Seaquestria, after what happened with the Weather King? Someone's making them believe in the future, and it's you and so many others. But Corono? Do you seriously think she'd want anything to do with me after I made myself look like a coward, pacifist, an unwilling passive-aggressive, or whatever? She obviously left me in charge of these two places because she wanted to forget that all happened. So I'm not going.
  • Twilight: But Queen Novo...
  • Queen Novo: She said she wanted me to face facts? Well after all she did to pound that inside me, I am. I'm a better hippogriff. I do what's best for my people the right way. Now I'm made of the most solid, flexible, calcium carbonated shell in the sea and I'm not as dense as I was before. I've got enough self-respecting swim bladders to accept that she isn't going to forgive me anytime soon just like me with you. (Scoffs) I blew it. I ruined my people and I didn't see it until she swam right into my throne room. Some of my people still hate me after what she said. I let Tidecaller and Backwater use my own passive-aggressiveness against me and I betrayed her. And she's always going to be more right than me. Why show my face to hippogriffs and hippalectryons that no doubt heard what I did?... It's a recipe for disaster.
  • Silverstream: "Auntie, the fact that she wanted you to come at all, shows that she's not being as bad about it as you think. Don't let the past rule you."
  • Novo: "But that's the thing..... That feared day has finally come...... My Enlightenment Ability finally left the Weather King and came back to me."
  • Shore: "...... Yeah, that makes WAY more sense why you don't wanna show up then just being miserable about yourself."
  • Twilight: "How?"
  • Novo: "Like it had been said. It realised that the Weather King is not it's master, so, it left, and managed to come back into Equestria and found it's way into me. This ability will undermine any fledgling of restored kinship with Corono and ruin it, because she will NEVER trust this ability!"
  • Silverstream: "How do you know you have it back anyway?"
  • Novo: "I was given a vision of it's return. It was a dream where I saw it's point of view of leaving the Golden Wreck of the Weather King's ship, left the Guardians' containment dimention, flew all way from there to here, and came to me in my sleep..... That, was how I know.... And now, it has made me more regretful then ever."
  • Shore: "Well can't you just ask Wavedancer to take it away from you?"
  • Novo: "Then the same thing will happen again..... This time, this ability will never leave me. And thus..... Corono and I will never be at peace....."
  • Shore: "..... Then you need to confront Corono and have a serious discussion about it."
  • Twilight: "Well, as soon as after she weds Kylix-"
  • Silverstream: "D'oh! It's..... Kinda, apart of their big surprise announcement for the summit and to encourage peace at last....."
  • Shore: "I think it could be because it's giving you an oppertunity to use it properly and quill the disagreers."
  • Novo: "..... Be that as it may, there's still that Corono will not accept it STILL?! She is still likely to have VERY BITTER MEMORIES OF THAT ABILITY?! Never mind me!"
  • Twilight: "Then all the more reason to talk to her about it!"
  • Novo: Given how I used it in the past, I don't think it'll be easy.
  • Silverstream: Well, me and Gamey came to the summit because we have a friendship mission there.
  • Spike: But, obviously they aren't getting along.
  • Novo: Phuh, can't imagine why. Both our races are having a hard time tolerating each other. Hell, you wanna know why I built Mount Aris and Hippogrifia? Because it was to serve as the local neighborhood near Hippalectryia. And apparently this location is very popular since seaponies built this place beneath just to safeguard the Pearl of Maricolous. Backwater tried to ruin me because he thought our alliance with the seaponies was a detriment to the place's purpose. It was like he was saying Swellsea should've left me to drown if it meant keeping the soul of the Alicorn of the Sea safe. tch, just like me. He rubbed off too much on me. The treacherous snake.
  • Spike: Glad Fu-Xi isn't here to hear that. He gets really cranky when you bad mouth snakes or use derogatories based on negitive snake traits.
  • Novo: Well it can't be helped that Backwater was part snake?! And now my sister is getting married to the leader of the hippalectryons? That's sure to end in a catastrophe. What does she even see in Kylix anyway?
  • Silverstream: "Well, Kylix admited his true feelings to her during that mess with Hail."
  • Novo: ".... Because ALCHOURSE HE DID?!"
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