Ropedia is a world which is populated only by robots. It is the main capital for an entire community of robots that were either forgotten or torn down. It was founded by an old Galactic Federation governing robot named Governor G2 Pedia which believed that robots have their own rights and since robots across several worlds were having some tough times, especially since there were worlds where robots had no rights and people had the right to destroy them if they wanted, he decided that robots should be treated as equals. Thus, when a robot revolution demanded that the UUniverses see them as equal, they gave them a planet to be free of the troubles of neglect and prejudice.


Ropedia started out as a world which was one of the Galactic Federation's main disposal worlds. It went through a load of extinction events in the past, and it was where robot graveyards were found. It was also where a few robots went to when looking for freedom from the neglect of their masters when they felt that they had as much rights as everyone else. The history of this planet soon changed when a Galactic Federation robot named Governor G2 Pedia was shocked to hear that his counterpart had murdered his owner after he threatened to shut him down. He lost the court case due to people 'having the right to destroy their property' since robots were not entitled to the same rights. As a result of losing the case, he was destroyed as punishment.

This angered Pedia to the point of taking it up with the Galactic Federation to punish that world's court system for treating his counterpart so cruel. When they refused to respond under the risk it would make them look like ungrateful protesters, Pedia abandoned his position, and moved to Ropedia, where he gathered all barely-functional robots from across the globe to build their own community and not have to put up with the selfishness and cruelty of people and what they had done to them. Thus, he made Ropedia a world for robots to be free from the wrongfulness of their lack of rights. However, while this was a perfect solution, some of the robots of Ropedia weren't satisfied with this. Especially to the renegade robot named Luther-PX, who aimed to make a revolution to fight for their rights, though no robot wanted to side with him because it would only feed stereotypical fears of 'robot uprisings' and 'robot overlords', not to mention he was known for having a glitch that makes him incapable of being trusted.

While Luther would be put in prison for safety reasons, Pedia was sure that this world would be a prejudice-free world where all would have their own rights, and those who have committed sins against their kind because of their lack of rights were not allowed. Over the next few centuries, the world has been given many robot-populated cities.

Government and Society

Ropedia World Map

Ropedia World Map

Ropedia was chosen by the Galactic Federation to be it's primary source of production and disposal of robots. It's soil consists mainly of metallic substances, and it's never been inhabited by animals, but plants are rather prevalent here. This world is now a robot colony where several robots have went to and lived in to get away from the horrible neglect from the people because of their 'lack of rights'. Though the Galactic Feds have allowed robots to have rights on several of their worlds, others are not the same. Most robots here come from those worlds.

Ropedia's community is democratic. Though one robot acts as the president yet can only be changed when the previous president is destroyed or shut down. The robots here live by the Robot Code, which is a set of laws and regulations that robots need to follow for their own safety. Some of these rules include not having to rebel against any organic race for their actions, though a robot should not be afraid to stand up for their rights. Other rules include that any organic lifeform is allowed to enter as long as they are not of a race that neglects robots, or even abuses them, as the punishments can often vary from imprisonment to execution depending upon how much abuse is caused.

Cities on this world are not like those of organic creatures. Because robots rely on different fuel sources, stores and restaurants only sell fuel sources as their sustenance. Robots here vary in design, and the cities they inhabit vary in architecture. Their economy is much more improved than that of other races, and the robots are much more skilled in sports than organic creatures. Organic visitors are a problem since they don't require their kind of sustenance, so they manufacture a kind of health shake that can be consumed by both robots and organic creatures. Some cities are underground, some have underground catacombs for various purposes, some are in the air, and some are underwater. Some are even in the southern frozen continent since robots do not get affected by environmental alterations. There are also space stations across the planet for various purposes such as transmissions or defense.



  • Spartan Mountains
  • Main Robot Graveyard
  • Carbonox- Capital City
    • Carbonox Capital Palace
  • Platinum City- City
  • Cogworx- City
  • Tokono- City
  • Matrix City- City
  • Genesis- City


  • Drencher Mountains
  • Binar Desert
  • Zion- Capital City
  • Mjolnir- City
  • San Axum- City
  • Zero City- City
  • Mercury- City
  • New Mira- City


  • Roland Mountains
  • Gearwork Desert
  • Cogon- Capital City
  • Plasmax City- City
  • Tritium City- City
  • Metallius- City
  • One Zero- City
  • Argonaut- City
  • New Textalli- City


  • New Axiom- Capital City
  • Diginity- City
  • Giga City- City

Underwater Locations

  • Underwater Recycling Facility
  • Underwater Metal Refinery
  • Parabite- Underwater City
  • Aquarius- Underwater City
  • Neptunium- Underwater City

Aerial Locations

  • Flying Robot Revival Factory
  • Flying Robot Production Lab
  • Pi City- Flying City
  • Las Cirrus- Flying City
  • Rocket City- Flying City
  • Corylite- Flying City

Other Locations

  • 6 Planetary Space Defense Stations
  • Praxis Prison
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