Rose Queen

The Rose Queen

Daicious, AKA The Rose Queen, is a deity that was created by Mother Nature to become a great warrior and was a great ally to the Guardians of Childhood. With her incredible powers, she was deemed unstoppable. But after years of protecting her natural world, she soon grew bitter and furious when humans arrived in her world and began to cut down trees, pollute the environment, and take away animal homes for factories and civilizations. Outraged at Mother Nature for refusing to respond, she started a plant revolution to end the human race and bring 'natural order' to her home, naming herself 'The Rose Queen'. As punishment, Mother Nature and the Guardians imprisoned her in an immortal 30ft tree in an endless hibernation. She vowed to soon awaken from her prison, and destroy the 'pitiful' world that humankind had created. She is beautiful in appearance, and is somewhat similar to Batman's enemy Poison Ivy. She can control plants, and poison anyone she kisses. She wields a magical pampas grass stalk that increases her powers and is impossible to snap.


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  • "I have no quarrel against you, mother, but mankind must pay!"
  • "When I'm finished, I will kick man into next Earth Day!"
  • (Dubbed as Malachite from Suburban Knights) "It's bad enough you have to imprison yourself in this concrete death trap. But now you sacrifice your own sense of moral, and your own health? Your own means of living is determined by steel, bricks, cinder blocks, and killer vehicles which mean death to the fresh air, even the air in general. You always care about nothing but yourselves. You hand over everything to these disgusting monuments, and for all their civilized prestidigitation, you become no smarter for it. You enter this world empty, and you will leave this world empty."
  • (Dubbed as Malachite) "Does your cocoon of architectural marvel keep you safe? Does it protect you from the real evils of this world? Do you feel better knowing what every last helpless and homeless animal is doing this very moment, all across this fearsome existence? Every wooden house, every parking lot, every goddamn convenience store? Does it enrich your life? Does it give you...purpose?"
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