Rothrock Aldwin Lovecraft is a half-human demon from the Demon Realm, an Outer God world created by Mischievers to be a spawning world for evils equal to the Darkspawn by order of their leader Azathoth. Rothrock is the modern descendant of H.P. Lovecraft, who in the UUniverses based his work on his adventures as a UUniversal Crusader, and vanished into the Demon Realm for the rest of his days. Born as a modern descendant from Lovecraft and his wife Sonia Greene, he was cursed by his traitorous human-hating demon father to have endless Lovecraftian tentacles and Mischiever body parts inside his body that he can barely control. Though these give him certain abilities, he cannot fully control them. Even while attending a magic control class and using anti-curse potions, the curse had a mind of it's own because it possesses the consciousness of his father and had bullied him, forcing him to kill humans and other students. Ashamed of himself, Rothrock ran away into a wild Demon Realm refusing help from anyone and fighting for himself with his horrifying curse. But the best one to offer help and even quell his cure was Trista Hylander, the first human to stare his curse in the eye. Promising to help rid him of the curse, she welcomes Rothrock to her crew of UUniversal Crusaders, but finds that the curse can be blessed by replacing it's consciousness with that of his more loving mother who despised his father for not loving her or their son, and thus confront each other and finally send the evil consciousness to the afterlife forever, giving Rothrock control of the curse and use it for good.


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