Rashawn T. Roughhauser is a Daeodon shoshonensis Entelodont from Zootopia's subterranean prehistoric utopia known as Dinosica. He is a carnivorous pig and a member of The Evolutionaries who is a gang lord that does many evil crimes in the name of bringing respect to not just predators and prey alike, but also respect to Paleos, Mesos, and Cenos (The nicknames for animals of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, or Cenozoic Eras and residing in each namesake district). As a person mainly for muscle, and a LOT of it, he has an entire army of Tame Collar-bound Gorgonopsids, Tenontosaurus, Short-Faced Bears, Other Entelodonts, Wooly Rhinos, Bear Dogs, and Dire Wolves (Whom are also renowned as howlers). He also has assistants, who are the only ones who support him without Tame Collars, which include two Chalicothere bodyguards named Chad and Chum, a Toxodon assistant named Togo Toxbury, and an Eothyris pet and spy named Eathon Eothyrope.


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