Royge Teoh Atoms is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Geinus. He is a mad scientist who is known for being a former worker of Globex Industries yet was fired because his controversial research in the form of plasmid serums that can introduce special stem cells and modify DNA in his hopes of creating supersoldiers. However, the problem was that the serum was too unstable and could lead to untold consequences of which faded from Royge's intentions. Refusing to listen to reason, his boss came in to shut the experiment down. While trying to defend the experiment, he accidentally gets exposed to the serum and gains powers. He kills his boss, and for the murder, is arrested by the Gamma Feds, and sent to Oranos. Later, he was given a chance to continue his research in Corruption Co., putting it to good use. He created several supersoldiers with the use of his new plasmids, but he was later stopped by the Heroes Act. All of his research was destroyed, but he was able to avoid arrest through an escape pod, and escape to Planet Ezzoy, where he would be under the protection of the Ezzoyan Brigand, a group of masked shirtless bandits that have sworn to protect any who take shelter on their planet. Even the Heroes Act has trouble dealing with them. He still resides under their protection to this very day, and he still subjects himself to his own plasmids to grow stronger.


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