Rude Hacko

Rude Bossa Hacko

Rude B. Hacko is an Alternate UUniversal Chrogton from Planet Goalax, is the adviser and cousin of Nuke Munbay, and the secondary founder of the The Dark Radicals. As the name implies, he is prone to rude attendances, being rude in general, and his addiction to causing pranks, mainly and almost exclusively to Nuke. Due to getting involved with Nuke on an embezzlement scheme, he lost his positon in the AUU Grand Council and became part of the Villains Act until it was destroyed. He is among the many survivors of the destruction of the VA HQ on Peerbon, and fled with Nuke and his colleagues on a dropship back to Goalax to found the Dark Radicals. He's actually the smartest of the Radicals and the strategist, however, his weakness for pranks makes him taken less-seriously, except for his cousin but only if Nuke doesn't already have an idea of his own.


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