Ruler of the Sky

Ruler of the Sky

The Ruler of the Sky is a Heartless summoned by Fagin and Pete to kill Spongebob, Spyro, and Sora's nobody, Roxas, in Spongebob meets Peter Pan 2 Return to Neverland.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[2]Edit

As Roxas arrives at Neverland, Pete shows up and brags about his plans for a Heartless army, and threatens to have his Heartless gobble Roxas up for interfering at Agrabah. Soon, Captain Hook and Smee finally dig up a treasure chest along with a giant bird skull and a golden sword. Just as Pete had been planning, the darkness of Hook's greed summons a Heartless in the form of that treasure, and the pirates flee. Roxas is forced to fight the risen Heartless, and eventually defeats it in an aerial battle. As the Heartless fades, it plummets into the Pirate Ship, destroying it, then releases its captive heart.


The Ruler of the Sky resembles a large, skeletal parrot. Its body is covered in violet plumage and it has a jeweled, gold collar around its neck. Its tail is comprised of several skulls linked together, while its wings are comprised of four gold cutlasses with alternating violet and red gems set in their guards. The topmost cutlass in each wing ends in a hook, and none of the cutlasses are actually connected to each other. The Ruler of the Sky’s head sports yellow eyes and a jeweled, violet and gold crown. Its mouth is comprised by a brown treasure chest filled with gold coins with gold lining, and black spikes acting as teeth that the Heartless has clenched in its beak. Its Heartless emblem is on its chest. The Ruler of the Sky incorporates many traits that are homages to stereotypical pirates, such as parrots, skulls, cutlasses, and treasure.

The Ruler of the Sky's name reflects its unmatched power and flight.

Role in the Series

After Captain Hook is nearly beaten by Spongebob, he calls upon Fagin to summon the Ruler of the Sky Heartless to aid him in destroying Spongebob and Jane. Thankfully, Roxas arrives, as a suprise visit, to help the Sponge defeat the creature and send Hook flying with the octopus right on his heels.

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