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Scroop is watching you! (Hisses)

These are Scroopfan's rules and guidelines on his stories that are required. They must be followed carefully.

  1. No Comments: Comments on pages are not allowed on this wiki. It distracts from the original page. If you want to say something, talk to Scroopfan directly on his talk page. (3-Warning System Applicable) (Retired rule cause Comments have been disabled for good.)
  2. No Negative Comments/Backlash: Being a jerk on this wiki like swearing, adding nasty insults, or any massive critical responses can get you kicked off and banished for either a year or forever. Don't get cute and do something disrespectful to the wiki like adding controversial or offensive comments on the wiki. It is also wise to keep swear words to a minimum on this wiki. (3-Warning System Applicable [But it various on how aggressive you are about the opinion or behavior]) (Semi-Retired Rule with Comments disabled, but none the less it would still be appreciated to not be crass here.)
  3. No Persistence on Rejected Ideas: Scroopfan doesn't appreciate it when people persist on an idea he doesn't approve of. Doing so will have the thing removed and the user, if repeating it, will be banned. (3-Warning System Applicable [But it will not restart after the first block if you're one of those kinds of people that just can't take a hint])
  4. No Image Clones: Duplicates of a single photo isn't allowed. Only one can exist on this wiki. Revises and redesigns on a picture are okay, but it requires that the old one be removed unless it tailors to a previous appearance if it involves a character. If a replacement is required, either go to the original and change it, or use a similar but different image. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  5. No Image Tags: Images are only used to give a detailed description of the page's subject, and doesn't deserve tags. (3-Warning System Applicable)
  6. No Tag Clones: If a page already has that tag, it does not need to be added. Tags are frustrating to Scroopfan, so make sure that you don't add tag duplicates by editing the page as a whole. A way to avoid this is to only edit a section of the page. (This was back before Wikia made a feature that prevents tag clones now, so this rule is retired). (Retired Rule, no system required).
  7. No Unauthorized Fan-Art: Fan-Art from a certain creator from certain websites like DeviantArt are very strict about their pictures. If a fan-created picture is to be used, permission from the fan him/herself must be obtained, or it could lead to serious backlash. A certain DeviantArt member named Rinjapine had been an issue to Scroopfan since Chernibogfan got him in trouble for it with his Lion King fan-art. Always ask permission from the creator of a fan-picture before using it to avoid backlash or possible takedown of the wiki. (3-Warning System Applicable, but subject to change depending on severity or if a negative response occurs).
  8. No Transformers Allowed: Scroopfan is not a fan of Transformers since it makes no sense to him. Therefore, he will not allow any Transformer-related content on the wiki. Any Transformer-related content will be terminated. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  9. No DC/Marvel Characters Allowed: Characters of superhero comics like DC or Marvel are not allowed to have an appearance in the series. Characters like Deadpool, Venom, and Carnage are enough. Scroopfan will not allow any comic-book superheroes on the wiki unless he wants to include them. Any added character will be deleted on sight with no second thoughts. They can at least be allowed to be mentioned or referenced, but will not be allowed to appear. (After much reflection, it has been desided that the disincludtion of Marvel and DC characters has been revoked. Though keep in mind that whether or not the character WILL actselly appear in the series is still up to Scroopfan.) (Semi-Retired Rule, 3-Warning System still applicable but ultamately up to discription.)
  10. No Fetishes/Favorism: Any kind of fascination, questionable attraction, or fetish about a certain character is not allowed on the wiki. Scroopfan considers something like this very serious since Kairi was the first one to be given fetish issues by Tman. Aside from Tman, who has limits and has great ideas, anyone who shows a fetish for a character will be banned and his/her ideas will be removed. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  11. No References of Religion: Religion is a controversial subject, and must be kept at a neutral limit. Scroopfan is not against it, but it's associated with adult shows, and the Spongebob and Friends Adventures Series is a kids show at best (Albeit a few adult innuendos). Anything related to a known religion such as God or The Devil will be deleted. The Banished Realms controversy subject is allowed it's hidden religious undertone, and will not truly be focused on. Balance out religion as much as possible, and be careful with what you mention about it. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  12. Anti-Catism: Anti-Catism is an important rule that Scroopfan established. Cats in this series will not be made villains and will not be put through certain dramatic pain or cruelty. Scroopfan is a cat person, and he doesn't like it when cats are put through things like that. Any cat villains added will either be altered out, removed, or added to the category "Not in the series due to Anti-Catism". Cats are allowed to be heroes, though, but their past must not involve violating this rule. Another way to avoid this is if the villain is not a domestic cat, but a different kind of feline like an ocelot, lion, tiger, and so on. (3-Warning System Applicable.)
  13. No Controversial Subjects: Controversial subjects such as gayness, real-life wars, real historical events (unless tailored to the movie itself), religion (again), or anything of the sort is not allowed. The intention of this series is to look away of such things and not be reminded of it. No subjects like 9/11, the World Wars, Nazis, the Cold War, or the Holocaust are allowed to be referenced. Gayness of over-abvertised degrees, sex, bad cussing, or porn is also not allowed in this series. Anything like this will be removed. These subjects can sometimes slip through in a minor influence, but that's mainly a minor oversight. We are still strict about subjects strongly dedicated to such things. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  14. No Copyrighted Movies: Even before the recent SOPA trouble, copyright is a headache. Cartoon movies are acceptable, but some that are either non-fictional, live-action, or some pertaining to the rules on this page are strictly prohibited. This series is meant to explore the cartoon world at a unique point of view, and copyright is an extreme priority in this. No Fox, Universal subjects allowed unless they are cartoons or if they pertain to the series. Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, MGM, and Video Game subjects are acceptable. Also copyright music is something to keep at a minimum. Be very careful with this rule. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  15. No Bad-Opinionated Movies: Scroopfan doesn't believe in bad movies. All are good in their own right, but the opinions of others believe otherwise. Movies that are deemed bad by people like the Nostalgia Critic are not allowed unless Scroopfan allows it. If it's considered bad, it will either be denied or changed around. (3-Warning System Applicable).
  16. No Scares Involving SOPA: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is an event that, while very concerning what it can do to the web had it been passed because of it's unpredictability of which sites would be affected, it has already been defeated but it does have unfortunate like-mind problems. There are others such as TPP, Voluntary Agreements, Notice and Staydown that are also issues worth preventing. But SOPA itself, being dead as dust, should not be taken too seriously. SOPA is no longer not that big a problem, but like-minded issues do need to be focused on. Those who scare us with 'SOPA coming back' scares and untested theories about it returning will be banned and any posts of it will be deleted on sight. Also adding conspiracy theories here as a whole, even if they're legitimate or not without approval or permission is strictly prohibited. (Not 3-Warning System Applicable).
  17. No Dysfunctional Pranks: Several wiki members tend to pull needless pranks such as adding obnoxious images, scrambling pages, and adding unneeded categories. Such examples include Shaka Zululand, who has been a recent jerk that needed to be punished at the time this rule was introdused. No trolling or flaming is allowed. Those who do anything nasty like this will be banned on the spot. (Not 3-Warning System Applicable).
  18. No Little Kids Shows: Toddler shows such as Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Care Bears, or anything else is strictly prohibited. If someone wants something pertaining to one of these shows in the case it should be a song that fits perfectly, it should be brought up to Scroopfan first. Do not add it without his permission. Doing this without so is punishable by a blocking. Scroopfan believes that toddler shows' nature tends to conflict with the nature of the series. References are thrown in, but nothing else. (3-Warning System Applicable)
  19. Time Travel Depiction: Time travel is a subject that Scroopfan has claimed before to confuse him. Not to mention that it's a concept that easily turns bad if it's done too wrong or too complex that a more-simpler mind fails to understand it. That's why the wiki says the worlds taking place in the past are worlds still in their simpler times instead of the actual past. Time travel is allowed in the series, but it is only allowed following the fact that in the series, time travel used irresponsibly rips up the space-time continuum. Like with toddler shows, this is a subject to be brought up by Scroopfan. There is, however, a similar plot device which is reality manipulation, which is much easier than it being depicted through time travel. First offenses are only punished with altered concepts. Second offenses get blocked. (3-Warning System Semi Applicable)
  20. No Page Clones: Page clones (Those with different names) are not a good idea on the series. The concept of the page can only work if there is only one page dedicated to it. Examples may include a hero with a secret identity, and that there is pages of both the hero and his identity, which can confuse to the idea. However, this rule can be accepted depending on the details, such as that of Shiv Katall. Penality depends on person. Friends: merely the page getting deleted (lost drafted if an episode). Stangers or trouble-makers: a year block. (3-Warning System Semi-Applicable).
  21. No Canon and OC Discontinuity: If episodes need to be made, they must be thought out carefully. Speculation needs to be made in the event the canon show has a plan for doing it themselves. If a canon show continuity conflicts with OC continuity, then that episode needs to either be revitalized of plot, or made a lost draft. There are no punishments for this rule, it is just a warning to be careful and know the shows well enough to know what they will do. (Minor Rule, no system required).
  22. New Episode Limitations: To avoid conflict, episodes of the series must be placed carefully and to the users' liking. Episodes that focus on a single setting need to be spread as broadly as possible to keep them interesting and give them their time. Limitations on current seasons have to be made, and a season needs to be as short as possible by 100 or 110 or so. There are no punishments for this rule, as it is just to avoid conflict with the user or an administrator. Should a season get more then the episode limit number, the extra episode will either be moved somewhere else, or by design of the writers, will simply be scraped, either temporary until a new season can hold it or even permanently and will have to be revived as a later season episode if it's lucky. (Minor Rule, no system required)
  23. Unofficial Episode Restrictions- Episodes of any caliber are only to be introduced by official SAF staff, I.E. Scroopfan and MSM per prime examples, unofficial episodes will not be accepted by outsiders as just because this is a fanon site doesn't mean this is a place to put outsider fanfics here. Unofficals that deviate extremely from SAF lore will be deleted. Episodes that would somewhat match SAF lore, however, will be considered, debated and perhaps adopted into the series, but keep in mind that it has to be opened to major oversight and change so to be in-universe. Otherwise, this is not a site to submit stories to and I'm sorry if there's confusion that you think that. (3-Warning System Semi-Applicable)
  24. "Unworthy to PTE" Tag Ban: Due to X-OvrLuvr using his "Unworthy" Tag on one of MSM's characters, while calling her a rude slang for female characters, he's no longer allowed to have the "Unworthy" Tags anymore. The "PTE Redux" Tag is still allowed, and it'll be as simple as the tag being added to the desired thing and the undesired or yet desired thing simply NOT having the tag. This will apply to simular crossovers. (This rule is more of a personal restriction to a certain user, but it should still apply to others.) (3-Warning System Applicable).
  25. Acknowledgement of the April 1st site rule change: In correspondence to the official Wiki Team's changing stance on blocking privileges, in where once people who tamper with the wiki will be given an immediate block for one or so improper act, we will not install a fair warning three strike system, in where you will be given 3 warnings, where if those warnings fail to get any message across, a block will be applied, no ifs and/or buts. Note that the system will mostly apply to easily reverseable and/or immediately preventable offenses, I.E. first timer mistakes or rules involving things like making comments when they aren't wanted or unautherised page creation. Some rules, like one about Dysfuntional Pranks, will still operate on the insta block system cause it WILL be assumed you're not here to be this wiki's friend at that point. On a simular note, some rules are minor enough that blocking isn't even a requirement. As such, the rules page has been changed to better show which is which in terms of having anything serious about them.