Master Ruuber

Ruuber, real name Iee Shon, is an Alternate UUniversal Ruuber from Planet Zo. He is a snake who became a Qong Fu master just like his father after saving him from a bandit as he looked up to Fe-Xiao, a Greeber warrior and savior gone renegade due to prejudice, but when his father retired and his family fell apart upon this, Ruuber and his brother Iee Shem Zong became bandits until Ruuber decided to do things differently and fight against the worst of serpents and get ostracized as a result. He eventually gets roped into a mission with Trigress, Kongin, Andane, and Mangris, they beat a Brontyus named Bor Dong and become the Fury Five, and later becomes a member of the Clam Lounge Squadron. He is the AUU version of Viper, only male and of a darker backstory.


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