Soclite. A partial-wasteland planet which has small amounts of fauna and flora, a white-blue sky due to it's small amounts of krypton, large rock formations, mountains, and old city ruins. In the eyes of some, this world is a dystopia, as the planet was so polluted by factories that little of it remains habitable. To solve international economic crises, all nations have combined into a single entity, the Soclitan Unity Government. The government, in order to redeem their mistakes of over-trusting outmoded corperations and to eventually be able to restore their once clean planet, while preventing themselves from being prosecuted by too angery to listen to reason civilians for the pollution they ended up encouraging because of being a world that highly over-values gas and oil (Which serves as a primo arguement against Oil and Gas in AUU Modern uses by Eroxxon), they create virtual catacombs which are under constant surveillance and always keeps track of people, wiping their memories through surveillance drones posing as their service drones, and always tell the populace that what are actually dangerously toxic regions are wildlife preserves, while keeping the populace inside the virtual cities safe using atmospheric conversion centres, which treat the poisoned air, rendering it breathable. These practices may be extreme, but if the alternative is a rage-fueled riot and/or rebelion that leads to the goverment's downfall and eventually the destruction of civilisation and any hope to restore the planet, it isn't exactly right to deem them "Tyrants", rather they're too afraid of the people being too upset about their mistakes to listen to reason and only lead to more harm then good. While it shows that they can't trust their people to have a sense of loyalty, given the circumstances, they're not exactly wrong about it. The surface entrances and exits are restricted by law and protected by DNAR fields, motion-sensing shielded turrets (designed to stun) on every corner, and ultraintelligent soldier drones. They also founded a police force consisting of soldier drones of a lower model in order to quell the start of a hindsightly fruitless rebelion, some including powerful criminal syndicates that know about what the goverment is doing and want to cause it's downfall to take over themselves and argueably only serve to be worse then a goverment with a poor sense of trust to the public because these criminals may not always have the people's best interests in mind as they just want the shot of free power and/or to cause a new lawless world. To be counter this, the SUG itself has been working on a special biological implant called Biopreservers, which could be implanted into the body and replace damaged tissue and organs as the host body experienced harm, eventually resulting in the host becoming exceptionally strong and resilient, even in a poisonous atmosphere, with the design tick of having undying loyalty to the goverment and being incapable to ever take naysayers seriously. Even though one would unenlightenly think a goverment with this much power would have higher risk of undesireable leader corruption, thankfully however, the SUG founders did had this hindsight and made sure every future leader and polotision is implanted with a brain switch designed to have an emergency shutdown activated by the main leaders' command should corruption be noticeable or proven, thus leading to the offender being shut down like a robot to be reprogrammed to play by the rules. It is even useful against those that are too ashamed then nessersary of what the goverments of old did to the planet and try to expose the truth and risk an unproductive rebelion. While it's not hard to find the SUG's actions distasteful, it's also not hard to see why they are made to do this. The goverment has entered an age were it is full-on surviveal mode, even if it means adopting unpleasent extremes, just to ensure their civiliation isn't ruined by their past mistakes, and outsider criminals attempting to take advantage of the issue, often for self-furfilling goals and not really actselly caring for the people. One such exsample has surfaced on this troubled planet. An outsider founded anti-SUG group called Soclite Devided Rebelion, founded by a total ethicist of a Yateron named Complainious, who, while being malmitulated by a reknown con-grutt named Jabberwonkus The Sludge, which one would figure wouldn't've been taken seriously, has started to cause a rebelion in the troubled planet. In another case of a goverment having to do rotten things for everyone's sake, can the Lougers and the HA, even dispite their own distaste for SUG's standerds, defend them from SDR, Complainious and expose Jabber as the obvious con-grutt that he is?

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