The Heroes Act end up missing on Planet Scyria, which Icky immediately calls AUU Ark: Survival Evolved, and the Lodgers have to find them. Though they've each been scattered, and each have been surviving their own way. They've tamed the native prehistoric wildlife, and they're trying to find each other again. But even the Lodgers get separated with each of them. Thus they have to find whoever separated them and escape this planet. Along the way, they learn about the reason why the HA were even in this planet to begin with: They were after the Tiiken mad sciencetist known as Dr. Sayus Mayus Dayus, a bioweapons exbert that intents on unleashing a lost Teadr 1 super race refered to as the Scyrians, a biologically perfected raptor super-race that given themselves the traits of other dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles to become marvels of perfection. Thing is, the Scyrians locked themselves away for a reason, and it's because they were succombing to mutantion madness that messed with their minds because of too many genectic features and basicly scaled back to mindless creatures. Sayus is dangering the planet and potaintionally the universes by releasing a race cursed by their own genectic hubrus he believes would help him seek revenge against the Skorner race. The Lougers and the HA are in for a Dino-Might of a challnage.

(Goody. Though given the story you gave the episode, I'm planning to use the basis of Ark Extinction, Aberration, and Ragnarok, expansion packs which costs money, which I don't spend unless I want or have to. Lucky the Internet makes it easy.)

(Scyrian Capital City of Ar Cretacion, Scyrian Knight, Scyrian Scout, Scyrian Upholder, Scyrian Defender, Scyrian Attacker, Scyrian Wildlife, Frillsnake (Frilloboas titanos), Theridiosaur (Theridiosaurus maxxus), (Diplomander veuthus), Ravis (Hoonkoravis dracthos), Vulf (Dodrex vules), Suprex (Suprexxus major), Gunfrill (Gunnosaurus frexzirus), Carbic (Carbonemycus shellous), Electo (Electronicorus eelus), Bitefish (Toothodontinus ferox), Gasworm (Terrigaseos bladdax), Lightbug (Photomandibulus brightos), Glowko (Glowborus lizarus), Plasmabeetle (Plasmobeetus zaptus), Skorgidon (Scorpideus millennios), Bate (Pterocanis dirus), Ruy (Skimraynus rax), M-Lucus (Mangrimax lucus), Limel (Humphatops minor), Honkraptor (Roararaptor solitus), Cavvus (Cavofraskis muscus), Reapasaur (Ferosaurus reapus), Roll Vrat (Rollibus dentos), Gatcha (Gachtherium geoterior), Cephwing (Seekoteuthis pteriblus), Icehorn (Cryothericus korthim), Titos (Beastotitus megar), Tiikon Supply Beacon Obelisk, Tiikon Supply Capsule)


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