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(Chapter 4: The Story of Corruptus)
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*Ka'Teel came in.
*Ka'Teel came in.
*Ka'Teel: "...... Brother...... The Lougers and the remaining HA, have arrived."
*Ka'Teel: "...... Brother...... The Lougers and the remaining HA, have arrived."
*Hackagon: Well, it's about time, too. Bring them in.
*Ka'Teel: Yes, sir. (Leaves as she brings in the Lodgers and remaining HA)
*Lord Shen:...I take it you're President Gamton Hackagon?
*Hackagon: Yes. And I'm at least glad to meet you guys in person. And...I must admit, you look nice in digital clothing.
*SpongeBob: Don't we ever? (Sighs as he once again stares at Sandy in her digital clothing)
*Hackagon:...What's with the poriferan?
*Sandy: Oh, he does that to me sometimes. Usually when I'm in different attire or different looks. He...kinda has a crush on me.
*Hackagon:...I see. Well, can't say I blame him, that's actually not a bad look for you.
*Hackagon: Anyway, back to the task at hand. I'm sure that Miss Samantha and Miss Magnum informed you of our customs and history?
*Icky: That you're a world who has a grudge against swearing, alcohol, and drugs because of what the two say is your red sun? Yeah, we get it. I gotta say, it'll be hard to let one of those things out.
*Hackagon: Not the first time a visitor had said something like that. Now, as you have been informed, the rest of the Heroes Act have been captured. We need you to bring them back before those Undergrounders give them the wrong idea.
*Boss Wolf: HAH! You kidding? After they threatened terrorism? I sincerely DOUBT those guys will listen to them.
==='''Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful'''===
==='''Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful'''===

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Mieber is an Alternate UUniversal world with a single governing body that takes world peace to a far extreme, as they have outlawed alcoholism, smoking, and even swearing. Their rights threatened, protests and rebellions broke out, healing the crime that was thought lost forever. There is even an underground society consisting of underground railroads and tunnels where people do whatever they want, all while avoiding the watchful eye of the 'corrupt' society on the surface that presents itself as orderly. The Underground seems to do well in fighting against the governing body, but some areas in the Underground are placed under their custody. Though it will never seem to destroy the Underground entirely because there are over a thousand circuits that encompass the entire planet. To this day, the governing body considers it a priority to finally put an end to this Underground, but has never succeeded for ages. At first glace, it's easy to assume that the government in is the wrong because of common experiences of rotten governments by either tyrants or at the least well-intentioned but morally askewed, incompetent or even short-sighted rulers and that the rebellions are good because of the whole "Everyone loves a rebel" thing that's always dominant in society, and one can't help but to sympathize with the rebellion more because of the incidents. However, in truth, in this case, the Mieberian government is actually in the right for doing all this. The deaths it caused was because real dangerous weapons were threatened and the enforcers were left with little to no options and had to protect the people that would've been unintentionally killed by the protesters. A basic case of "sacrificing the individual in favor for the millions", with sadly mixed results since the protests were otherwise over mundane things, which helped even little that it's leader, President Hackagon, doesn't exactly tend to sympathize those that fall victim to enforcer hands other then "They couldn't've been saved". However, it's not out of being heartless, but because, the Mieberians needed a leader who avoids the primal weaknesses of usual sentience because the Mieberians are among the most corruptible beings in the AUU. Because of being hit by their red sun, named Corruptus, via a solar flare, the ancestors of the Mieberians were effected by it's radioactive waves where they simply become rouge for submitting too much to basic wants and needs. It lead to many countries formerly under separate rulers to declare war on each-other because of being corrupted by this flare. The world had to be saved and united by the Hackagon clan by defeating all of the original leaders and claim the world under a controlled lawful good utopia. Sadly, it didn't extinguish the corruption at all. In fact, it was kept strong thanks to the President's less understanding well intentioned brother Rea Buhl Hackagon, not understanding his brother's intentions and mistook it as a typical becoming of a control-freak tyrant, foolishly not believing in the Corruptus sun and mistook it as an ancient legend made up by control freaks to justify the control of everything, not realizing that he was corrupted by the effects of the flare. Rea was responsible for the underground society at all and has caused the infecting corruption to grow stronger and stronger, to the point that the "Heroic Underground" have recently started to resort to terrorism on military buildings and strategic points for the name "Freedom", with Rea being too sick in corruption to realize the atrocities he's creating. The only person besides the president who sees this is a more moral Underground leader and a double agent advisor to Rea named Tollund, who convinces the president to take drastic measures because Mieber is going to get worse if they don't. So the President finally decides that he alone can't fight the underground and can't allow this to continue and has decided to call for aide of the Heroes Act. However, the Grand Council seems extremely reluctant to give aide to Hackagon due to his "controversial" status for his ruling standards and is debating on whether to do that or just give Mieber the relief of being without the president in favor of Rea, only for the Council to finally decide to send the heroes there at all because of implications of terrorist attacks. However, both Magnum and Samantha are both unsure of heading to the planet due to it's so far "Harmless" sun radiation from the solar flare storm and would rather stay behind to call for help in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, Rea's negative influence infects the rest of the Heroes Act's thinking and they start to support him as he plans to use them to his advantage against his own brother. Predicting this and Samantha finally knowing for sure that the Red Sun is infected by very powerful dark Magelio magic, they call for the help of the Lodgers to help them find a way to purify the sun Corruptus and prevent Rea from making the Heroes Act look like terrorist supporters and avoid an ugly Interuniversal mess in the making, and uniting both the Orderly Utopian City and the Underworld and reuniting brothers that were drifted apart by Corruptus, and have them work together to help the people better understand everything about the influence of the corruptive energy of the red sun even after it is purified, believing that the damage is done and that Mieberians are still the most corruptible beings ever and that compromises must be accepted. All the while, having to make sure that the over zealous general on the utopian side, General Glutus Maximus, and a violent rebel on the underground side, the source of the terrorist uprisings, Farre Killebrew, are kept from making things worse and put in their places for good. So the Lodgers and Heroes Act are guided by Tollund to fix the problem once and for all, and at the very least tone down what made the Underground how they are in the first place.


Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )

Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling ( Lyrics Video )

Intro Theme (Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop This Feeling)

Chapter 1: The Planet Mieber.

  • (Chronicler):...Safety vs. Freedom. A phrase that has been controversial in one way or another. Sometimes, we don't know which is the right choice, and which one isn't. Freedom to do what we want, or safety of society. Sometimes, personal liberties are important to people even in our worlds and beyond. Which is the greatest debate that will be asked in this new adventure in the Alternate UUniverses....

AUU, A Simple Planet

  • A Female Voice: This, is Mieber. A simple enough planet. A closer look would reveil, life.

Closer to the Planet

  • A very well organised city similar in architecture to Glass from Mirror's Edge was seen, except with a blend of alien technology. It was filled with orderly life. The Mieberians, who all dressed in futuristic spandex.
  • Voice: "Mieber, is a planet of high order. Everything, must always be orderly, civilised, and perfect. Submitting to primal urges is greatly forbidden. Not even the likes of addictive suntences like drugs and alcahol. They're not even allowed-"
  • A Mieberian citizen hit his foot to a mailbox!
  • Voice: "To cuss. Now, a normal socity would find this to be very out of the ordenary and extremely un-nessersary to make order, even if drugs, alcahol, and bad languise are the shorce of problems, but.... It's more then that..... You see...... Mieberians are the most easily corruptive folks in the AUU. Even so much, as a tiny shot of beer, will drive a Mieberian violently insane..... And how is that possable? Well..... Our story will reveil that in time. It all started when this orderly world, was plauged by it's rebelious problems."
  • An exploution was heard!
  • It was seen that a local bank was blown up, for not riches, but for the hell of it, as dirty, unkept, and non-futuristic clothing dress wearing rebelers with messy hair (if mammel or were capable to have hair), crooked and monsterious looking teeth, armed with primitive guns (Which are basicly normal guns of today, but are primitive by AUU standerds), are running from the explouded bank and hooting and hollaring like madmen!
  • A massive Bull-like Brute came out, as he gave up a narly nasty-toothed smile, contented with his successful attack.
  • The Mieberians escaped in very organised cars and away from the beastly rebelers before they get caught!
  • (Voice): "Believe it or not..... Many other worlds, root for these uncivilised and crazy beings. Why? Because they, are rebels.... And in an unfortunate standerd, people love rebels. Ignoring that these people, do not match the kind of standerds good rebels obey."
  • A Rebel destroys a mailbox with his gun and sets mail on fire!
  • Another Rebel steals candy from a Mieberian infent as a panicing mother takes her crying baby away from the greedy jerk!
  • A big bodied rebel wedges a poor Mieberian kid and laughs like a stupid brute!
  • Five male rebels began violating an mieberian woman and took turns!
  • (Voice): "If you were expecting rebelers to be heroes? May I ask you look else where. This is not your average story where the rebelion fights for freedom against an oppressive goverment. Though these barbaric bullies do want that, they don't understand that by submiting to their basic urges, they are becoming corrupted under the enfluence, of the Mieberian Sun.... Corruptus. In due to a solar flare storm from many ages ago, it caused radioactive corruption that causes people, to become vile, disgusting, violent, stupid, bullying, spoiled, uncultured brutes! And that's their only nice things. A particularly nasty rebeler, named Farre Killebrew, (the camera returns to the evil smiling Bull brute) this would be him, has began to encourage the rebelers to destroy goverment buildings, millaterry bases and stragtic points....... In basic terms..... He's turning the rebelers, into terrorests."
  • Farre Killbrew: "(LAUGHS)! Magnifisent!? The fight for freedom has never been more exsellent?!"
  • A dark and brooding Peacock-eqse raptor came form, dressed like a 19th centuary noblemen.
  • (Voice): "And this, is the rebeler leader who allowed it to happen. He is, Rea Buhl Hackagon. Yes, I know it is usual for him to have a female first name, but, it was what his parents choiced for him.... They believed in being, unconventional. But they did added in the "Buhl" part of his name to give him a, mascilent balence to discourage bullying."
  • Rea Buhl: "...... You did well, Killbrew. The best way to turn people against order, is to make them think that it can't protect them from the powerful punches of freedom. And already, (sees a flag with a symbol of a peacock-eqsed raptor representing order), the orderlies are in a panic!? (Pulls out a lit malotov and throws it at the flag, destroying and burning it)! LONG LIVE THE FORCES OF FREEDOM!?"
  • Rea Buhl looks angerly as an alternate gazelle defending her scared son.
  • The mother: "Is THIS your idea of just trying to get the goverment to legalised brain cell destroying alcahol, addictive drugs, and naughty words? YOU JUST RESORT TO TERRORISUM?! And you destroy people's wealth in the progress?! WHY WOULD THE OTHER WORLDS ROOT FOR THIS?! IF THEY KNEW THE KIND OF MONSTERS YOU REALLY ARE, THE GRAND COUNCIL WILL HAVE YOU ALL EXICUTED FOR THIS!?"
  • Farre snorted in anger, but Rea Buhl stopped him.
  • Rea Buhl: "No need to be Farre OverKill again, Farre..... She's an old friend."
  • Farre Killbrew: "..... Ahhh..... An old friend eh? She can be a use to us..... BOYS?!"
  • Three extra rebelers appeared, a short, insane frog alternate, a short-necked Giraffe alternate, and a sling-shot horned rhino alternate.
  • The Insane Frog bounced at the mother and screamed and laughed maniacly as he pointed a sword at them!
  • Short-neck Giraffe: "No no no, Mr. Smooth. Not kill. Not kill. We kidnap."
  • Mr. Smooth: "RANSOM!? STABBY IF NO PAY!?"
  • Sling-Shot Rhino: "Actselly, I think it's more like taking to be drafted into becoming one of us I believe so."
  • Giraffe: "Right you are, Mr. Nose."
  • Mr. Smooth began to tie the mother and child in chains!
  • Mr. Nose: "..... Uh, Mr. Stalky? You sure taking these two away from the surface world is a good thing?"
  • Mr. Stalky: "Allchourse it is. We're rebels. We're fighting for the most basic of civil liberties. We're the good guys."
  • The Mother and Child were gagged with Mr. Smooth's dirty socks as he laughs!
  • Mr. Smooth: "SOCKY SOCKY!?"
  • Rea Buhl came close to the mother.
  • Rea Buhl: "I am sorry, my dear sweet Janleentia, but this for you and Maaphu's own good. Take them underground."
  • Mr. Stalky, Mr. Nose and Mr. Smooth took the two underground back into the ruined bank.
  • Rebeler 1: "OH NO!? GENERAL MAX IS COMING!?"
  • (Voice): "And then comes the most underappresiated heroes of Mieber. It's enforcers."
  • The Mieberian forces came in from Star-Wars Clone Wars like-shuttles and began to land with cool halo series like battle gear and advance and proper AUU weaponry!
  • A Yateron general with a large butt came in.
  • Yateron: "FIRE?!"
  • The Mieberian forces began to overwealm and one-sidedly took down and defeated the rebelers, while invisable sheilds protect the soldiers from the rebel's primitive weaponry.
  • Farre Killbrew: "FALL BACK, YOU MAGGETS?! FALL BACK!?"
  • The remaining rebelers began to retreat!
  • the rebelers that were left behind and survived were captured by the soldiers as the soldiers began to correct the crimes commited by the rebelions, earning the Mieberians' respect.
  • The Yateron: "...... I love ze smell of a failed rebelion attack in ze morning."
  • His personal LT., A female Hymenovespula UUniverseal like Magnum, came in.
  • Yateron: "LT. Sting O' Peration, report."
  • Lt. Sting: "General Glutus Maximus, I have dire news. Janleentia, and her son, have been captured by the rebels. It's likely that Rea Buhl plans to corrupt her."
  • Glutus: "BLAST?! Then we must alarm the president and make an attack to stop this! We can't not and WILL not tolerate this! Those rebelers killed my family over their primitve wants for freedom and their sickening primal urges for unhealthy habits! I swear that I will NOT let them get away with this! I will put all of those animals to death, even if it's the last thing I do!"
  • Lt. Sting: "Yes sir."

President's office.

  • The President sees the smoke from his window.
  • A Female Peacock-Eqsed Raptor barged in! This is assumingly the sectratary.
  • Sectratary: "...... Gamton...... Our brother...... He struck again and he kidnapped Janleentia and Maaphu..... Glutus requests a new attack against their underground base.... Your desidion?"
  • The President: "..... A new attack would be risky..... This is the sixteenth terror attack in a row..... Why would my brother resort to this madness? Janleentia and Maaphu will only be saved, if we enlist outside help..... We can't afford to battle this alone. The rebels became dangerious, sister...... Make a call for the Grand Council."
  • Sectratary: "Why? They won't listen."
  • The President: "I won't expect them to believe me on my intentions, but even THEY would not dare to encourage terrorisum! Even they will have to reckindise that this is not the kind of rebelions movies and books fantisize about! They are becoming as bad as the ones of Iallog! We need Heroes Act presence. Is that understood Ka'Teel?"
  • Ka'Teel: "...... Yes sir. What about Glutus?"
  • The President: "..... Tell him to put his attack on hold, just to be safe, and ONLY as an emergency."
  • Ka'Teel: "Yes brother....."
  • Ka'Teel leaves.


  • Voice: "And this, is President Hackagon. Mieber's unappresiated saver, who protected the good people from being corrupted by Corruptus. And he has to face the questioning criticisums of less then understanding outsiders once again.
  • President Hackagon is surrounded by halograms of the Grand Council members.
  • Warson: "You know, this is the first in a long time you made a bold attempt to contact us again in spite of your controverseal status. Please keep in mind that we respect your beliefs on how you feel about certain things, and given you wished for Mieber to be vastly orderly and peaceful, we understand."
  • Galeno: "But here's where us being nice to you ends! Mieber used to the the biggest supplier of fine wiskies and medical drugs, and it had a beautiful alcahol and drug industry, as it was also the first Teadr 5 planet at the time, before a certain war, that gotten involved with advancer planetary trades, but, when your clan banned them, those industries died out! Your planet had a massive downfall of jobs! It's a miricle the ecomamy of Mieber managed to stay strong after that!"
  • Bayo: "Not to mention it lead to many cancelation of Mieber's part in the many trades Mieber was part with because of this! Those worlds felt inconvinenced without Mieber's co-operation."
  • Taleen: "I understand why you felt strongly about the things you banned. Drugs can be used wrongly. Alcahol is the most unhealthy drink ever, no bones about it. And nobody likes a potty mouth. But..... Aren't you sure your not going too extreme with this? Contuary to popular belief, your a nice guy, and I'm sure your brother is just not understanding you, and I felt the same way with my 9 older sisters, so I been there, but, aren't people entitled to those things even a little bit? We would understand if you want to still be strict about those things, but-"
  • President Hackagon: "With all due respect councilers, I didn't call you all up for free lectures on something I already know how to do! Believe me, I this sort of life is unorthendox, but it is our life and we Mieberians of order wish to live like this. Alchahol destroys brain cells, drugs are linked to crimes and addiction, and for foul languise... It's purely for the children's sake. We don't want them to grow up with potty mouths, do we? (The Councilers muttered in relucent agreement). Besides, I came to call because I want Heroes Act assistence in Mieber's rebellion problem."
  • Jling Sling rudely laughed!
  • Jling Sling: "Bad news, you silly control freak! The last tyrant who tried to ask for their help was Foul Cheese! They helped a bunch of pirates instead and HE was the one who was arrested! Trust me! The minute the HA even minorly interacts with those rebels, YOU'LL be the one they'll gun for! In fact, we should vote on whether we should send the HA down there anyway to help the rebels, JUST TO SPITE HIS SORRY-"
  • Warson: "JLING! Do kindly remember that we're not allowed to express THAT kind of languise here."
  • Jling Sling: "Oh right, those silly laws of his. I still say we should vote on siccing the HA on him and liberate the sad excuse of a world for Rea Buhl's faver and make this Rea the new leader! All in faver?"
  • President Hackagon: "Hear me out, good councilers, before you make a ghastly desidtion that could throeredly compromose your positions. I'm afraid the rebels of Mieber had recently started to do things that make them no longer like the rebels of fiction or different circumstances. My brother has mindlessly desided that "freedom" is worth becoming terrorists!"
  • The Grand Councilers were shocked by this.
  • Jling Sling: "...... AHEM! Ok, scratch the vote then."
  • Lotus: "YOU have made a very strong claim, Hackagon. You have evidences to support this to save yourself from looking like another Bross?"
  • President Hackagon: "I do. See for yourselves. Ka'Teel, show them the buildings that were attacked by the rebels." (A hologram was played where the buildings were attacked not just by crazy rebels turning terrorists, but from a mysterious fast-moving girl who avoided the enforcer forces' gunfire and took off with a lot of equipment by digitally storing them within a small device, and took off)
  • Jarvis:... Hmm... This may be serious. Very well, we'll send in the Heroes Act. But know this, Hackagon. We will warn them to brace themselves in this mission because we need to be cautious on whose side they need to be on. If these rebellions turn out to be doing this for good enough reasons, you will have to answer to us. And if THEY turn out to be the villains, then we'll see what we can do about the matters at hand.
  • Hackagon: I assure you, these Underground factions are a huge problem. They're threatening our way of life.
  • Lotus: Yes, but we're just being precautious. Even WE have no idea whose side we need to be on right now. This Underground might be doing this either to just be jerks or for being simply misunderstood. Weird coming from someone like me considering my own bad history with terrorisum, I know! Point is, the Heroes Act have dealt with situations similar to that before.
  • Calixto: Exactly. So be sure you can be prepared if this turns out to be a misunderstanding.
  • Hackagon: I understand. Hackagon out. (Turns off the holograms)
  • Ka'Teel: "Those people basicly warned you that our only hope we'll turn on us in the blink of an eye! And your, ok with this? Your ok with your sovergeny and our beautiful utopia being at risk because of the HA turning on us? You know your brother is a netourious lier! He'll trick them into foolhardingly join them, and then corruptus will-"
  • President Hackagon: "There's more to this then meets the eye, sister. I suspect that at least two of them, the magic users, will be very cautious of being near Mieber because they can sense the negitive enfluence of Corruptus. They would choose to be left behind while the rest will go. And should what you say happen, that will make the remaining two alarm the real help I needed."
  • Ka'Teel: "..... (Laughs). You clever dino. I get ya. Turn this into a emergeny situation and alarm the even stronger heroes! But, won't they fall for your brother's lies as well?"
  • President Hackagon: "The Lougers are a more balenced force. They know better to trust the word of steriotypes and bias. They're open to alternate truths. And they know when not to doubt things that sound, unusual."
  • Ka'Teel: "But, why not just ask for the Lougers too?"
  • President Hackagon: "Because I want the misfits to be a surprise. Fortunately, my brother isn't one for current events. He would most likely not expect it. If I had asked for the misfits with the HA, that would've risked my brother to knowing about them sooner, and while the Lougers are great, they're not perfect, as they would be easily captured by my brother's forces before they can even act."
  • Ka'Teel: "(Scoffs), Ya mean he still hasn't re-establish a way to hear about the news? What, does he also think that the VA is still around?"
  • President Hackagon: "What would your reaction be if I said "It's possable"."
  • Ka'Teel: "..... Yikes...... Then..... Are you sure doing it like this is still a good idea, cause, what if the HA blab about them? Won't that ruin everything?"
  • President Hackagon: "I'll inform them to keep events related to the Lougers and the VA's fate quiet to keep the surprise alive. Just have more trust in me, my sister. The plan will play as intended."

Chapter 2: Heroes Act Imperiled

HA Base.

  • Magnum and Samantha were seen having a duel stand-off.
  • Zosimo's voice: "Ya'll remember the rules. No cheap shot spells and no tricks. Winner takes all. Loser will have to order take-out."
  • Magnum: "It's time we see who's stronger. The powers of an anichent benvolent spirit, or magilo as a whole."
  • Samantha: "Magilo is capable of feets even gods can only dream of. Make your move, your highness."
  • Magnum: "Ok, I would like to elitterate the fact that dispite my tecnecal princess status that I'm still one of the team, Samantha, so no need for speical treatment. I want you to hit me like I was that Pow-pow guy or whatever Screech's real name was!"
  • Zosimo: Yeah, I got a few. I've listened to this one. Sounds like a very stylish and techno music from some kind of anime. It's supposed to be from the Alternate UUniverses where the Lodgers live. They labeled it 'Goku vs. Cell'...whatever the hell those two are.
  • Samantha: Just play it, I don't give a s***. (He does that)
  • Zosimo:...Alright...begin fight...NOW! (Samantha thought fast and fires a barrage of blasts that Magnum was able to smack away one-by-one as this played)
Goku Vs Cell Theme (Crystal Clear Loop)

Goku Vs Cell Theme (Crystal Clear Loop)

  • Magnum:...Gonna take more than that to beat me.
  • Samantha: That's the plan! (She casts a powerful spell that hits Magnum right in the face, yet she was able to protect herself with a spell)...
  • Magnum:...That all you got?
  • Samantha: (Chuckles) Let's see you endure THIS! (Casts large bolts of magical energy above Magnum and throws them down onto her, as she was able to use a shield to rebound them back at Samantha as she rolled out of the way)
  • Magnum: (She teleported behind Samantha as she got up, and kicked her towards a wall as she teleported as well, kicking Magnum to the ground the same way)
  • Samantha: Cheap trick. They're not allowed, remember? (Magnum teleported away)... (She reacted quickly as she put up a shield which protected her from colored explosive magic blasts, and the two eventually met face-to-face within the shield, and punched each other to the opposite sides of the virtual training room as the music shifted to this theme)
DBZ-Spirit Bomb Theme

DBZ-Spirit Bomb Theme

  • Magnum:...Where the heck did THIS music come from?
  • Zosimo: I don't know. It's like it fits to those Galaxuns in the Xirya System.
  • Samantha: Less talk, more fight! (She casts homing blasts that Magnum teleported away from as they collided onto each other and exploded)
  • Magnum: (Tried to smack Samantha, but it passed right through her like a hologram)... What the he- (Samantha teleported behind her and kicked Magnum towards a wall and fired a magical beam, Magnum catching herself in the air with her wings and firing another beam as they got into a beam lock, as they held it for 10 seconds struggling to overpower one another)
  • Zosimo:... Good... Good... It seems that both of them are about to hit a new record. (A transmission acts up)
  • Voice: Councilman Calixto has requested your presence in the briefing room. A new mission has come up concerning Planet Mieber.
  • Zosimo:... Mieber, hmm?...(Turns off the music as Samantha and Magnum stopped their beam lock)
  • Samantha:... How did we do?
  • Zosimo: We'll have to continue this later. We have a new mission concerning Planet Mieber.
  • Samantha:... Haven't heard of that planet.
  • Magnum: I think I knew an alcoholic who was from there when I was still living on Carbungia.
  • Zosimo: Let's just get moving. (They all head out)

Briefing Room

  • The group arrived.
  • Xandy: "What's the problem, Calixto?"
  • Calixto: "Earlier today, the Grand Council resheived a request from the goverment of the planet Mieber. A mieber famous for two things: It's incredably orderly goverment, and it's massive rebelion problem. The world's an ultamate testiment to the complicated queston: Freedom or Safety? Or Vise Versa. The Planet's goverment was borned after Mieber's "Solar Flare" war that was named after a solar flare that started a world war because as far as we were informed, everyone was afraid of the end of the world due to the fact that it was a red sun, and the display of the storm was also, frightening, helped little by the fact it also brought with it sun radiation, which was thankfully proven harmless, but only after the more logical Hackagon clan brought order to the planet by conguring the planet into a totalarian empire of pure order."
  • Hawkens: "Wow. I reckind that's an extreme way to stop a war."
  • Calitxo: "That's not even half of it. Mieber was once the biggest holder of it's famous Alcahol and Drug industries, but that was before the solar flare war. Afterwords, those industries long died when alcahol and drugs were banned, which implied that those things were blamed on why everyone thought one Solar Flare storm that wasn't even too damaging was judgement day. Heck, they even banned cursing because, well, I guess is so chldren don't grow up foul, but still, you cannot deny that this some extreme way to optain peace."
  • Stephenie: "I've heard more extreme methods to do that. (Sternly looks at Hawkens.)"
  • Calixto: "Now, believe it or not, that actselly didn't at first started any problems, ironicly. The people were contented with the changes and the Mieberian ecomamy still manages on without it's alcahol and drug industry. In fact, the planet was WAY better off without it! It used to be a teadr 5 planet, now it's a 2! In hindsight, maybe the bans were actselly relitively good things, and it's almost a wonder why the rest of the universes didn't follow those exsamples....."
  • Zosimo: "Obviously, it somehow turned into a personal liberty issue."
  • Calixto: "Yes, but not until the time of the two Hackagon brothers, Gamton, and Rea Buhl. The two brothers were once very close. But Rea Buhl misunderstood Gamton's methods of upholding the bans that he felt uneasy about, and it lead to an arguement due to the fact that Rea reveiled he made some questionable friends that outright disapprove of the bans and well..... Their brotherhood was strained when Rea Buhl rebeled with his discerning friends and started a rebelion uprising and managed to get some Mieberians to suddenly change their position. Espeically after a few instences of protests going south thanks to protesters that had weaponry that forced enforcers to make them choice between protecting the public or letting the maniacs hurt people! Now, we all understood that those were losing situations and people would've died reguardless of what happened, but the rebels and outsiders don't see that. People dying over something as mundane as even so much as the right to curse up a potty mouth storm ended up sending bad messages to even our own council. We're conflicted to believe who's more right and who's not? Safety and Freedom are both impourent, but our universes have a long history of supporting rebels back in the VA days, so, far too many universeals automaticly root for the rebelions without fully understanding the situation. Socity's too accustomed to rebels always being good and goverments always being bad. I blame the 70's for that."
  • Miami: "Yikes. Talk about a sibling rivalry gone south."
  • Calixto: "Indeed. And, because of that controversey, President Gamton avoided asking for our assistence because.... We're, kinda guilty of not fully understanding the full problem ourselves. Even we don't know who to truely root for. Well, originally we kinda leaned torwords the rebels, until Gamton made his first call to us and told us that for some recent time, the rebels started to defelupt terrorist tactics!"
  • The Ha looked concern, epsiecally Samantha and Magnum.
  • Hudson: "..... Wow. Deffently NOT like the rebels I known from stories."
  • Calixto: "Looks that way. But keep an open mind. That could easily be because these rebels are beginning to lost their way, or Rea started to trust a bad egg in their bunch. Perhaps both in a way. Either way, we cannot deny that this would make rebelions look bad and would make it hard for people in the entire universes as a whole to trust rebelions if they start to think that they're no different then terrorists. That would end up benifiting legitamently bad goverments, and Mieber would end up being used as propaganda to show why rebels shouldn't be trusted. I hate to say it, but, we have to aide the Mieberian goverment to fix this problem, and that may mean working against the rebelers."
  • Cloakblade: "We actselly don't feel that bad about it. The Lougers helped us understand that we shouldn't judge people based on their profession or allingment, but by their actions. And it's obvious that the goverment wants to protect the people's health and intelligence from harmful and additive products."
  • Telathon: "But what does not allowing folks to cuss have to do with that?"
  • Cloakblade: "Nothing incites violence or crudeness more then curse words."
  • Zosimo: "So it looks like we're gonna have to reform this rebelion, even disban it and bring Rea to make peace with his brother if we have to. Nothing spoils a good harvest like one bad fruit ot vegitable. We'll take care of this, Cal."
  • Calixto: "And remember, keep a neutrol mindset. Cause if you end up picking the wrong side, rebelions won't be the ONLY things to lose credability! Grand Council, out."
  • Calixto turned off.
  • Zosimo: "All right everyone, let's go take care of this problem."
  • Magnum: "Actselly, I felt that maybe Samantha and I should stay incase the situation is more dire then expected. I mean, a planet with an uncertainy for the moralities of both goverment and rebel forces? If it gets out of hand, we might need the lougers."
  • Xandy gave a coy smile.
  • Xandy: "Are you two sure it's not because your afraid of the old Mieberian Legend? Ya know..... The Sun of (Ghost-like) CORRRRUPTUUUUUUUUS?!"
  • The other Heroes act laughed but Magnum and Samantha!
  • Clifton: "(Calms down after a good laugh), Or, or you don't trust the radioactive sun Maapus? Which has been said to be totally harmless!"
  • Samantha: "It's not that! It's just that, we both felt that you would need back up and we have to stay behind to do that. Otherwise, other then the Grand Council, how else will the lougers be alarmed of trouble? Cause the Grand Council tends to be distracted by massive meetings that they would realise too late that something's up!"
  • Xandy: "Ok, ok, that's a good point. Never hurts to stragitise when your dealing with forces of debatable morality. We'll give ya a call if we need anything."
  • The HA minus Magnum and Samantha leaves.
  • Nytrox was seen wimpering and hiding.
  • Magnum: "..... I believe Nytrox has just as much of a great concern about Mieber's sun as we do."
  • Samantha: "Animals reckindise darker things more then the unenlighten do. The old Mieberian Legend is too closely simular to the work of the dread dark magilo warlock of the same name, Lord Corruptus. Our friends may be heading into something that is both dangerious, and would ruin their lives. That's why I lied about not knowing about Mieber."
  • Magnum: "I still meant what I said about the alcaholic from the planet, but yeah, I know it more outside of that too. The Diamond showed me that world once and it implied that there was more to the solar flare war then just people freaking out. It felt that, Mieberians are far easier to corrupt then normal people."
  • Samnatha: "That's ALSO too simular to Corruptus' work! He makes you corrupted into a mindless barbaric fool, for even so much as enjoying certain pleasures!"
  • Magnum: "..... I honestly hope that we're just over-worring and that the Corruptus sun really is just an old legend."

Glasion City, Mieber

  • The Obrah Dropship landed on the landing pad just a few paces away from the goverment building, as General Glutus and LT. Sting were waiting to meet the HA.
  • Glutus: "(Sighs), It's a shame the president has resorted to outsider help even when he knows they won't turn on us quickly. I know well of the Foul Cheese fiasco. Because of his improper ideals for order, the Grand Council has a difficulty in trusting goverments of order like us, even more then what had to be done with the protests. Worse of, the fact that rebels fought against the VA, further causes misconceptions about Mieber's way of life!"
  • Lt. Sting: "I know sir, but we have to understand. The President felt that we can't handle the rebelions alone. We need help."
  • Glutus: "Sting, you and I have lead many successful annexing and captures of many underground rebelion socities AND slew some of the most dangerious rebels of Mieber! Enlisting HA help is needless overkill."
  • Lt. Sting: "That was before Terrorisum started to become a practice for the rebels. At least keep an open mind."
  • Glutus: "..... Very well, Lt. But be made aware that I will not be afraid to bring these vigilanties to justice should Rea successfuly trick them into helping him. You know how Rea is an accomplish lier. Make no mistake. We must be prepared for when the HA to turn on us at any given moment and correct their rebel loving attatudes with a STRONG trial and many re-education programs."
  • Lt. Sting: "Fair enough sir."
  • The HA came out of their ship as Glutus gave an ahtoritive no nonsense stare.
  • Glutus: "Welcome, Heroes Act, to Planet Mieber's glorious capital city of Glasion. I am referred to as General Glutus Maximus, Commander of the Mieberian Order Force. Our motto is: "In a world of choas, Order Preveils"."
  • Zosimo: "(Quietly) Kinda glad the lougers weren't here or else they would've diffently get a kick out of his name. (Openly) Howdy general. We're here about your recent rebels turned terrorest problem. But keep in mind that we're neutrol to both of ya'll until we get the full story. Both of your groups want to make the world a better place. We're just here to keep the peace."
  • Glutus: "Then I will offer my own warning.... If you choose the rebel scum, expect me to be the first obsicle you'll face. I will not hesitate to punsih you and hunt you down like any other criminal."
  • Hawkens: "Worry not sir! Those rebels lost my respect when they desided to become terrorests! My home planet of Keuca was victimised by terrorests of Iallog."
  • Glutus: "As I am well aware. Now, before you are to enter the place, you are to put on Mieberian order suits to show that you are the on the side of Mieber's order and that you'll respect our laws."
  • Stephenie: "Well, if it means maintaining your trust, then I suppose it's appropriate."
  • Vancer: Question, you ever hear of censorbots?
  • Glutus: Indeed, and it was one of our earliest attempts of trying to balance out swearing but, alas. The creator died of a heart attack before he could fix the censorbots' faulty programming of censoring literally everything offensive and inappropriate like they were stupid FCC agents trying to take their jobs way too far. As you can guess by now, we don't allow them anymore. It's better to just use these suits.
  • Xandy: I don't know, I would feel a bit silly wearing those suits. You sure you can't allow us to still wear our usual outfits?
  • Glutus: Trust me, in part of being a planet of order, we also have a dress code. But don't worry. You can change the appearance. They're digital clothes suits.
  • Zosimo: SHUT THE... Uh... GUNK UP! I thought that technology was only under construction by the Holoverse Corporation for decades.
  • Glutus: Seclusion from the AUU has it's perks... And it's, though very small, disadvantages. Anyway, know that any swearing or offense will be picked up by the glowing orange transmitter on the chest, which will report the offense to us. Now, I know the swearing ban has been around for generious, but it's original wirting by ansisterial Hackagons felt too soft, so I have toghen up the rules as I decreed that swearing is punishable by fines, and if repeated, the amount increases.
  • Nanobyte: Isn't that a little over the top for a penalty?
  • Glutus:...  Excuse me?
  • Miami: Don't mind him, sir. He just doesn't know what he's saying. We'll behave.
  • Glutus:... You'd better, because let me tell you something. If you're going to be on this planet, I expect our laws to be obeyed AND respected! If you think you can question my authority because you're the Heroes Act, then you've got another thing coming. Because you are new to this world, I'll let you off with a warning, but ONLY this once! If you are caught swearing, I'm gonna have to fine you. And if you back-talk, resist, or even cross me, you will be arrested and prosecuted until the Grand Council decides your punishment. No exceptions! And trust me, the Grand Council is not afraid to punish their own lap-rogs when they felt you are in need of disaplene. Am I clear?
  • Miami:... Nanobyte?
  • Nanobyte:... Yes, sir.
  • Glutus: That's better. Now, once you all put on the suits at your leisure, we'll escort you to Glasion City Hall, and then we'll- (An explosion occurred)
  • The ground not too far away from the Heroes and the Order group were seen!
  • A large group of dirty psycoticly laughing rebels climbed out of the hole, still holding their primitive to AUU weaponry standerds and charged!
  • The Soldiers turned on their invisable sheilds and ready their vastly superior weapons!
  • Xandy shoves Glutus and Sting away!
  • Xandy: "No need to hold our hand, Gluty! We're old enough to fight our own battles!"
  • The HA entered a battle stance!
  • The HA charged and no surprisingly over-wealmed the rebels!
  • ???: "And it worked like a charm!"
  • Rea Buhl, Farre Killbrew, Farre's trio, and a silluette came out of the hole.
  • Rea Buhl: "...... Ahhh, the extravigent HA..... I'm surprise you came to Mieber..... And you gotten much more heroes then I expected..... How are your VA fights doing?"
  • The Heroes act were confused by that.
  • Rea Buhl: "(Chuckles), Your right, irrelivent. Heroes, I am going to offer a proposeal of Mieber's lifetime..... Help me take over the goverment for freedom's sake, and I will do all in my power to make you all the richest heroes in the universes."
  • Hawkens: "We don't accept bribes, terrorest!"
  • Rea Buhl laughed abit like a loony!
  • Rea Buhl: "Terrorest you say?! (Laughs loudly!).... Oh, my dear boy. "Terrorisum" is such a strong word..... I would like to view it more as.... "Extremer Freedom Fighting"."
  • Stephenie: "We understand what you people are trying to do, but terrorisum isn't the way to go. Whoever is telling you people otherwise is clearly a fanatical madman!"
  • Rea Buhl: "Well that's not very nice to say about Farre Killbrew like that. Poor brute means well."
  • Farre Killbrew: "Indoubtilty."
  • Zosimo: "So, it's ol' hornhead's fault, eh? Well sorry to say, Rea, but he's risking rebelions to have a bad name. We're gonna have to arrest him."
  • Rea Buhl: "How about a little wager? If you can defeat my best rebel, Farre's all yours. But if not.... (Darkly) Your mine."
  • Xandy: "YOUR ON?!"
  • Rea Buhl: "Ambitious, isn't she? Ok, T... Your on."
  • Hudson: "Wait, it's not the bull guy?" (The Silluette reveiled herself as a large primate with a large rifle, a blue, white, and red suit, and a mask with a fire-colored lens)
  • Rea Buhl:... Meet Rebellion T. Our greatest savior and fighter against the oppressive mistreatment of your wretched utopian dystopia. He has taken on even the best of the MOF. None of you stand a chance.
  • Xandy: Oh, yeah? Prepare to be surprised.
  • Clifton: Uh, I wouldn't rush in. I've seen that kind of weapon before. One of the Grutt crime bosses from my home planet had a formidable opponent with a gun like that, and it held enough power to handle an army. It's a rare weapon, but for a good reason. It packs a HUGE punch. He's shoot us down with one swipe. But this dude luckly is an amatur since these rebels had nothing but primitive weaponry before this guy, so they RARELY had actcess to even a basic proper modern handgun! He's likely no less smarter then these people!
  • Rebellion T: I heard that, you know. (Cocks his gun and aims)
  • Hawkens: "That don't look like he's as stupid as the others."
  • Clifton: SON OF A- (He is blasted by the gun) UUPH!... (He fell to the ground dazed)
  • Rebellion T: Still think I'm stupid?
  • Aurlena: Ok, maybe you have alittle might and fight in ya then these losers, but that is NOT gonna scare us off! Your faction is threatening terrorism. That's something that REQUIRES our attention. So let's leave you with a warning. (Displays her gauntlet blasters) Stand down or we will- (Rebellion T show her down before she could react)... Ow!
  • Rebellion T: Ugh, it's no wonder the VA was as powerful as it is.
  • Cloakblade: (She disappears, but Rebellion T shoots her down regardless of the invisibility)
  • Rebellion T: "BAM!? Heat detection eyewear scores again!"
  • Nanobyte: AW, COME ON!!! What's a badass like that doing with these losers?!
  • Zosimo: RETREAT! (Most of them got away before Rebellion T shot down Vancer, Telthona, and Radcliff)
  • Xandy: (A firefight against Rebellion T erupted as a lot of the Heroes Act got overwhelmed)... Dad gum, he's good!... Ricochet.
  • Gun Voice: Ricochet activated. (She calculates her aim as she fires, the blast ricocheting off of multiple surfaces until it hits Rebellion T in the back as he falls to the ground)
  • Xandy:... But we're better! (Rebellion T got up without a sweat, to the eye-bug out surprise of Xandy, and went towards Xandy's location as she got out running)
  • Rebellion T: Rapid fire stun!
  • Rifle Voice: Rapid fire stun! (He fires as the rate of fire was increased and Xandy was able to find cover as Rebellion T followed)
  • Xandy:... I REQUIRE SOME ASSISTANCE- (Rebellion T reacted quickly as he took out the recovered Clifton)... YIKES, He reacted so quickly- (She dodges another blast) DAAH, HE REACTS TOO QUICKLY! (She could hardly handle Rebellion T until Stephanie charged with a judo kick, but Rebellion T took her out too)... I REALLY wished Magnum and Samantha were here now. (Rebellion T quickly cornered her)...
  • Rebellion T:... You're good, but I'm better! (Aims the gun)...
  • Rebellion T tossed an electric gendrene that zaps the MOF forces into unconjustusness.
  • Rea Buhl: "Ahhh, it's almost depressing that the other rebels can't be like T."
  • Farre Killbrew: "That's why he's the best, sir."
  • Xandy: "(Rebellion T still had the gun hovered over her....)...... Meep."
  • The screen went black when the gun fired!


  • Glutus: "Sir, I am sad to report that the rebels somehow knew of the HA's arriveal and have kidnapped them. They will see to it that those vigilanties will be used against us thanks to your brother's talents in lying! Our utopia is in danger!"
  • President Hackagon: "Calm yourself, Glutus. As you know by now, Rebellion T is just a double agent for us. He'll keep the HA from expressing the full story for me. My brother will still be kept in the dark about our true needed heroes."
  • Glutus: "..... Ahhh, so those others are just bait. I love your sneaky dino mind, herr president. I bet the real exterminators are the Lougers and those absint magic users, yes?"
  • President Hackagon: "Indeed."
  • Glutus: "So, do you plan to make the Grand Council aware of this? That way, those vigilanties can't turn them against-"
  • President Hackagon: "No need. The Choosen One and the Magilo User will sense something's wrong and cover both of those grounds."
  • Glutus: "Good enough. But I am still waiting for orders to make attempts to "rescue" the vigilanties. We want your brother to continue thinking that they're the ones we care about after all."
  • President Hackagon: "Not until we know of the main rebel base, Glutus. I rather play this smartly then rashly. That seperates us from the rebels, and seperates victory, from defeat."

Chapter 3: Lodgers Upon Request

HA Base.

  • Magnum:...Okay, so you felt that, didn't you?
  • Samantha: Indeed.
  • Magnum: Then it looks like this is gonna be a bigger problem then we would've hopedI think we'd better contact the Lodgers.
  • Samantha: I'll open a portal. (She did that)

Dragon Temple, OUU

  • Lord Shen: (Some Lodgers were seen in the Pixi Console in a TF2 simulation as 9 Lodgers represented each team with SpongeBob as the Red Soldier, Baloo as the Red Heavy, Sandy as the Red Engineer, Rico as the Red Pyro, Private as the Red Scout, Lord Shen as the Red Sniper, Jumbaa as the Red Medic, Puss as the Red Spy, and Shrek as the Red Demoman, while Skipper was the Blue Soldier, Kowalski was the Blue Engineer, Boss Wolf was the Blue Demoman, Trigger was the Blue Sniper, Icky was the Blue Scout, Gilda was the Blue Soldier, Devon and Cornwall were the Blue Heavy, Nutsy was the Blue Medic, and Lian was the Blue Spy)... Are we really doing this?
  • Sandy: Eh, it beats Phil's training. Besides, what better way to celebrate kicking a bunch of TF2 ripoffs than to play TF2 on the Pixi Console? Kowalski sure made the right choice picking this game among others to convert, with required permission from Valve by the way.
  • Baloo: Let's stop talking, and let's do this!
  • Voice: FIGHT TO THE DEATH! 5...4...3...2...1... (They all began fighting, and a montage of them playing and killing each other violently (with no concern due to the killed Lodgers being transferred back to the real world upon death), and ending with Red Team winning)...
  • SpongeBob: WE DID IT! (He and Sandy high-fived as the rest of the Lodgers were transferred back to the real world)
  • Shrek: (Screaming in excitement in a similar fashion to the class he was in)...That was sweet!
  • Puss: Indeed. I had pleasure almost ending Icky's butt by posing as Gilda.
  • Icky: Lucky for me, your silly accent and inability to use a proper impression gave it away, and it ended with you getting a sock in the nose!
  • Kowalski: I sure wish we could've changed our voices to match our classes had it not been for Lord Shen being picky about it.
  • Lord Shen: I refuse to sound like a merciless killer. I've had enough of that in my life already, thank you very much.
  • Icky: Then you may as well not play anymore, Mr. Spoil the Fun. Who wants to play again? (Everyone cheered)
  • (Magnum): ("Hello? Are we speaking to all the Lodgers?") (All the Lodgers picked up the magical inner transmission)
  • (Magnum): ("No, no, calm down! This is just Magnum and Samantha from the Alternate UUniverses.")
  • Spyro:...Oh...well, nice to hear from you. How have Stephanie and Radcliff been doing?
  • (Samantha): ("Let's talk about that later. Right now, we need your assistance.") (All of them groaned in aggravation) ("Aw, PLEASE don't give us that.")
  • Icky: Ladies, if you hadn't noticed, we just got back from a crazy mission in Equestria. Jesus, we kick back after a major mission, and yet we get ANOTHER Alternate UUniversal mission. AND WE ALREADY HAD AN ALTERNATE UUNIVERSAL MISSION BEFORE THAT! I swear, the only thing worse than that will be having it happen TWICE!
  • Baloo: Oh, come on, Ickster. What're the odds of THAT happening?
  • Kowalski: Well, let's see- (Prepares to get out his abacus)
  • Baloo: That was a rhetorical question, tuxedo bird.
  • Kowalski:...Sorry.
  • (Magnum): ("Well, we apologize for interupting, but please note that it is very urgent.")
  • Lord Shen: "I suppose it's not a GRAVE inconvinence. I had nothing else better to do anyway."
  • Icky: "Ehh, why not? The VA's hardly a serious problem anymore. It'll be litterally done as a matter of 10 seconds flat and-"
  • (Magnum): ("It's not the VA this time. This time, it's a group of fanactical rebels in a world of order named Mieber.")
  • Lord Shen: "Fanactical? Well, I guess it means that you are acknowledging that not all rebelers are automatic good. I figured that would be harder for you Alternates to know given your prior history with the VA and proven good rebels."
  • (Samantha): ("Well, it helped that these rebels are not like the kind we prefered. They kinda went the route of terrorisum.")
  • Icky: "JESUS CHRIST, LADY?! I can understand not being a fan of being in a world of too much order, but S*** BROS!?"
  • (Magnum): ("That's not the worse of it.... The rest of the HA went to help Mieber and were caught by them. They handled the average ones fine, but their best guy named "Rebelion T" practicly kicked their butts. The others are captured. Now it's only me and Samantha.")
  • Icky: "Yikes! Wait, why didn't you two followed up?"
  • (Samantha): "Let's just say for now that we have our concerns. We'll explain later."
  • SpongeBob: "Say no more, Magnum. We're on our way!" (The Lodgers went to the van and flew off into hyperdrive)

AUU Space

  • The Van arrives from a portal.
  • Inside of it, the Lougers and Gazelle are seen.
  • Trixie: "Ugh, Trixie was just about to enjoy her soaps until the AUU starts having problems again."
  • Private: "To be fair, Trixie, it was a universe dominated by alot of villains, so it's to be expected that it's gonna have alot of problems here and there."
  • Skipper: "Exactly! Just because you take down one dystopia doesn't mean it's all rainbows and sunshine. The AUU is gonna take some time to heal from the messes Cynder's mom caused."
  • Sparx: "Speaking of which, why didn't she appeared in the several other AUU episodes?"
  • Cynder: "Well, that's easily because she's already in the AUU and caught up in making up for her mistakes. Cause of it, she's not always gonna be avaluable to help, espeically not for something she doesn't even had a hand in. I called her about Mieber and she insisted that none of the VA made an attempt for Mieber."
  • Iago: "But no damn doubt she had plans to."
  • Cynder: "Surprisingly, no. She said that it's because there's something about Mieber even she knows she would be better off to stay clear from. I don't know why, but it's not nessersarly because of Mieber's well armed order forces, which she said can be easily counteracted by starbots, nor the presence of rebels, even if they had no allience to the rebelions focused onto the VA. It's, because..... She doesn't feel right around Mieber's sun."
  • Shrek: "Oh what, was she afraid of a little sunburn?"
  • Kolwalski: "Actselly, it could be because of something about Mieber's sun that caused a "Solar Flare War" borned from end of the world-based mass hysteria, even though the Solar Flare wasn't even CLOSE to the planet.... It just sort've freaked them out. There is also an old legend about the sun being corruptive, but there was never any strong evidence."
  • Jumba: "And who could blame them? If a Solar Flare does hit a planet, it can potainionally be dangerious depending on what the flare hits! Most part, it can cause power-outages and send folks back to dark ages. At the worse, it can fry the planet like an egg to a flamethrower!"
  • Sandy: "Kinda depends of the power of the solar flare really."
  • Cynder: "Well it may've not been the end of the planet, it did started a new age..... It was once a pretty average Teadr 5 socity, a sort've 50's era socity, before the ruling clan exselerated tecknowagey to Teadr 2."
  • Icky: "Wow. An aftermath of a war lead to a extremely orderly utopia because a sun party trick, did all that? What's their secret?"
  • Skipper: "I have a gut feeling we're gonna find out."


  • Magnum: (She and Samantha jumped onto the van as they reentered space and went into hyperdrive again)...Well, Lodgers, it was great for you to show up.
  • Icky: Yeah, much to our sheer aggravation. I mean, I know we technically get breaks since our missions take place on the day the producers get started on the episode, and as long as time doesn't go by that long, we technically get a break until the day the next episode starts. It's freaky.
  • Spongebob: "So lay it on us about "Mieber".
  • Samantha: Well, Mieber is known for one thing: freedom vs. safety. The government, in response to what I feel is a corruptive star's malicious magic radiation, causing an infamous war way back in Mieber's old Teadr 5 days, had to ban personal liberties including drugs, alcohol, and hell, even swearing... Which is actually what I did just now. Granted, I have yet to have proof otherwise, but when we arrive to Mieber, I will have my understanding soon enough.
  • Icky: OHHHH, great! It's a world similar to Demolition Man. What are the odds?
  • Magnum:... Don't know what that is, but there's more. Originally, things were okay, but for unexplained reasons, the bans became victims of late-blooming controversey and protests by people who suddenly stopped understanding the goverment's well intentions, and it ended with almost-unintentional and/or forced executions when some of the people threatened murder, even more that the same idiots desided to make their threats legit with guns! It soon escalated until those certain people formed an Underground where there were no bans. The Mieberian Order Force goes out of it's way to shut down this Underground, but conflict just got out of hand.
  • Icky: Aaaand now it's starting to sound like Mirror's Edge. Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if they had their own version of Faith.
  • Lord Shen:... So you want us to help out the captured Heroes Act members?
  • Magnum: Yes. The Grand Council has advised us to be cautious on whose side we need to be on. Who knows if the Underground could either be misguided souls or malicious jerks who want things their way regardless of their condition.
  • Shifu: Well, for now, because of the rebelion's declaration of terrorism, I'm going to be on the Government's side.
  • Po: Me, too.
  • Tigress: Me, three.
  • Icky: Me, other numbers! Let's just all agree, okay? Terrorism is a big no-no, so I don't give a f*** what reasons they have.
  • Samantha: Just remember, Icky, that swear words like that are illegal. Knowing you, you'd better wash your mouth out before entering this world. The MOF general, Glutus Maximus is- (Some of the Lodgers burst out laughing)... Well, saw that coming.
  • Samantha:... Yes. (They laughed even harder)... (In maxed out voice) BUT DON'T LAUGH AT HIM! (This caught their attention) He's not the kind of person to laugh at or cross, DESPITE his abnormally-large rear. He shows no mercy, and he wrote all the penalties to the violations of these long established bans in means to make order more tougher on rebelers. If you even say 'no' to him, it's going to be like stabbing a Korthian with a fork. At the end of the day, you've got a bent fork and a pissed off Korthian. Though he's not a Korthian, he's a Yatoran. Still, he makes sure that ANYONE who crosses him pays the ultimate price.
  • Iago:... Well, THAT changes everything.
  • Samantha: So we're advising that you comply to their laws, because we don't want to get into trouble with them and even the Grand Council. When we get there, they'll fit us with digital clothing suits fit with detectors that detect and report a violation of these bans to the MOF. So if you feel like letting anger out through a swear word, then just use a substitute.
  • Icky:... I feel like a replacement is not just as good.
  • Samantha: Well, it's BETTER than a swear word, speaking from a modest point of view.
  • Kaa: "Well, that's, gonna be an issue. Some of us might not be able to wear those suits.... Ya know.... Us snakes for exsample, as well as those with non-bipedial appearences."
  • Magnum: "Oh trust me, that's not gonna be an issue."
  • Patrick: "Why not?"
  • Magnum: "Let's just say, banning alcahol and drugs has unappresiated benifits. No addicting subtences means less stupid people, and more smart people, so tec evolved faster in Mieber then the rest of the universes here. They even have changable clothes earlier then us. That means, they're capable to provide full-bodied suits for snakes and non-bipedal beings."
  • Spongebob: "Wow. These guys are REALLY dedicated in keeping order. Was this "Solar War" that bad?"
  • Magnum: "Yes, but we're not the accreate ones to explain this to you. That belongs to President Hackagon himself."
  • Samantha: "And now we must make haste..... Lougers, you, don't mind if we come along in the van? The others left with the usual ship and our more offitcal ship is still in the works."
  • Squidward: "But what about the Grand Council?"
  • Magnum: "We informed them prior to your arrival in the event that the other's relieability gets.... Compromised in some way. Agian, Hackagon will explain."

Mieber Space Port.

  • Glutus and the Order Force are seen waiting for the Van to land.
  • The Van does, as the Heroes come out.
  • Glutus: "Welcome to Mieber, planet of order, and- GOOD OCTOBERFEST!? SOME OF YOU ARE NAKED?!"
  • Icky: "Knew it! This place was gonna be another Pastoon from the start! Called it!"
  • Glutus: "Before I continue, you all must put on the suits! And don't hide behind the excuses that your certain forms will not fit them, because we can arrange to customise them to fit you!"
  • Squidward: "Oh yeah? Prove it, smart guy."
  • Glutus: "Sting, give the plantless one a deminstraightion."
  • Sting chocked her gun.
  • Squidward: (Screams)
  • Glutus: "No you foolish girl, I mean the suits!"
  • Sting: Oh, right. Sorry. (Takes out a small digital device that scans the entire group and digitally constructs suits that fit the entire group)...
  • Glutus:... Thank goodness for these digital technologies.
  • Squidward:... Okay, that's kinda cool.
  • Sandy: Squidward? Can I give you a word of advice?
  • Squidward: Yeah?
  • Squidward:... Sorry.
  • Sandy: Now just put on the suits so we can get this over with.
  • SpongeBob: So, we came in response of the Heroes Act getting kidnapped. How do we begin?
  • Glutus: I'm sad to say that if we knew that ourselves, your presence would be un-nessersary.
  • Icky: Oh, sure! It couldn't be THAT easy.
  • Iago: "Well how the he- I mean, how did you people even manage to even dent these guys?"
  • Glutus: "If you mean the times we DID discover their bases, well, that is in thanks to a speical member, but Hackagon doesn't want to compromised his brillient plan in being conventional about this."
  • Po: "..... Ok, be honest. You only called for the HA for a needlessly complicated plan to have us out here by luck of inconvinence, are ya?"
  • Glutus: "...... Wow, you guys figure things out almost professionally quickly."
  • Icky: "Actselly, it's not the first time people called for other heroes, just to expect them to get in trouble and for US to show up to be the real solution. Why not just ask for us on the get-go?"
  • Glutus: "That's because the President's trecherious brother, Rea Buhl, is not very good with keeping up with the times. (Chuckles), The sad animal still thinks that the VA is still out and about."
  • Patrick: "No..... Way."
  • Icky: "Your sh- Uh, kidding me, right?"
  • Glutus: "I kid you not! He even asked the earlier group about the "still-on-going" battles with the VA!"
  • Shifu: "Ahh. I see the president is using his brother's illuions against him."
  • Glutus: "I know, he's a very clever dino."
  • Gilda: "Ok, just, how is that dork a successful rebel leader if he doesn't keep up with the times?"
  • Glutus: "Well, prior to the late era of the VA, we took down the Underground area respondsable for distrebuting newspapers."
  • Magnum: "You mean newsholos, right?"
  • Glatus: "No, I mean they had an actual printing press. HA! It's like they went back to the Teadr 5 era of things! Even their weapons are the old pea-shooter bullet guns! I can't believe those primitive morons!"
  • Icky: "...... And yet those guys kidnapped, an entire group of badaaaaaaaaa ugh, kick-butt heroes? HOW, DOES THAT WORK?!"
  • Magnum: "Rebelion T was the only one who was compident enough to use proper weaponry."
  • Icky: "Oh yeah. Him. Why isn't this T-guy the leader instead of that half-wit girl-named dinkus Rea Buhl?"
  • Grutus and the enforcers laughed!
  • Grutus: "That-that, that would be because, we are playing those animals for saps!"
  • Squidward: "..... Let me guess...... Rebelion T's actselly one of your guys, isn't he?"
  • Viper: "So, the rebels somehow knowing about the HA was planned."
  • Grutus: "More or less. It's just that Tollund has a bad hapit of, improvising, to maintain his "loyalty" to those vermin rebelers. Fortunately, the ungrateful fool does have a sense of playing by the book when asked, so fortunately, he won't improvise with you lot. He'll keep his word of keeping quiet about your existence."
  • Icky: "Well buddy that means your likely to get info on their local by now, so why aren't you guys-"
  • Grutus: "As earlierly stated, President Hackagon wants to play this cleverly. Trust me, otherwise, I would be glad to capture their nest in a heartbeat! But our president is wise and stragtigitic, and he knows what he's doing. His plans have never failed, even dispite Tollund's improvervisions here and there."
  • Iago: "Of course. He's one of those "Take it slow" kind of guys."
  • Sting: "But he has reason. The rebels have captured hostages, outside of the obvious. They also captured Rea Buhl's old girlfriend, Janleentia, and her son of a previous marrage Maaphu."
  • Tigress: "So obviously, he doesn't want them to be endangered by something they would expect of you."
  • Grutus: "And I respect him for it. He would rather be unpredictable then, well, expected. That is how we manage to annex and capture those rebel nests and make a real use of them! We either turn them into mines for the deposits of Magnetanium and Prismum, give or take the rare Scintillum deposits to help keep our ecomamy strong and to continue to be prepared for rebels, or, we even turn them into new underground prisons. It's the perfect irony."
  • Lord Shen: "All due respect general, isn't that abit harsh? I mean, I would understand that these rebels are most improper, but-"
  • Grutus: "Your lucky I came to expect you people not exactly understanding our intents and purposes behind why we gone to extremes in maintaining these animals. I'm generious enough to give you a deminstraigtion of the kind of beasts they truely are. Bring him in!"
  • Two MOF soldiers dragged a screaming loonitic rebel Hexrilla in chains while two more prode him with prodes to keep him down!
  • Gazelle: "What in the- WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?"
  • Grutus: "I came to expect that kind of question. I know to outsiders, it's cruel and unusual, but it's nessersary to keep these animals in line! Look at him, heroes..... (The Hexrilla roars angerly as he was held down), They devolved back into mindless primitive beasts, hungry for drugs, lusting for immapprobeate languise, and thristy, (pulls our a bottle of booze) This!"
  • The Hexrilla sees this!
  • Grutus: "You want this brain cell destroying beverage, beast? THEN IN ENJOY IT?!"
  • Grutus tossed the beer to the ground as it broke and the lidquid spilled on the floor!
  • The Hexrilla paniced and began phathicly licking the floor of the lidquid.
  • Bagheera: "Oh dear."
  • Pleakly: "I think I'm gonna be sick."
  • Icky: "Diffently not like the ones from Star Wars."
  • Gazelle: "What right do you have to treat this poor soul like this?"
  • Grutus: "I know it is attempting to give these beast sympathy, but trust me! Sympathy will not reverse what the likes of Kranmo Jaxhalla has become! They feel no remorse, not even for their own kind, except for not being able to freely destroy and corrupt themselves with addicting subtences and foul languise."
  • Gazelle: "Have you people even made an attempt to try to appeal to their better nature?"
  • Grutus: "Don't get us wrong, we are, but we are just doing it safely! We're doing it through safely indirect messures of locking them up, making them appresiate hard work, and even placing them in higher versons of common-place healing tanks we call "Reform Tanks", basicly, healing tanks 2.0., but designed to cure them of their corruptive primal urges and nature! However, we are selective on what we want to save, because sometimes, some of them are too corrupt to ever fixed, so like a rabid animal, we put them down!"
  • Gazelle: "You...... YOU MEAN KILL THEM?!"
  • Duke: "Now kid, ya have to look at it in their prosective. Barring the terrorisum thing, these people probuly did alot of bad things that the more orderly people don't inheredly forgive as easily."
  • Grutus: "More then you would ever process to know, mammal.... And dear miss, I will have to ask to seise pity on this particular beast, because Kranmo, is a stone-cold killer! He murdered an entire pro-goverment family, as an act of trying to scare our people to make them question our goverment's desition of keeping the bans!"
  • Gazelle gasped!
  • Shifu: "..... I see..... But keep in mind that he is corrupted. Whatever is behind his corruption, surely he would not normally commit such an act."
  • Grutus: "We know the shorce allright! ALCAHOL! If anything, all this beast did was encouraging us to continue the bans to be as long eturnity itself."
  • Bubbha: "But then ya'll end up having to deal with these varmits for a very long time."
  • Grutus: "But keep in mind..... Submiting is no better."


  • (Grutus): "If our goverment submits, or dare I say, falls, our beautiful utopia, will be destroyed?!"
  • Mieber is seen in utter ruins as vicitacles crash into everything, trash and garbage is everywhere, and everyone acts like either a complete reckless idiot or a barbaric maniac!
  • (Grutus): "Violence and anarchy will rule! Choas will make the rules, and those who believe in order, will suffer from them!"
  • Several Crazy Mieberians are seen tormenting some still orderly Mieberians!
  • (Grutus): "And it will not stay on Mieber."
  • Rea Buhl in president attire was seen.
  • (Grutus): "His chaos will spread...."
  • A Map of the AUU was seen turning from it's normal colors to a darker red.
  • (Grutus): "To ALL of our universes. And if all of the Legion and the Grand Council falls..... His anarchy will create a new interuniverseal war, and he'll just enjoy a sip of beer to the choas...... And who is to say...... He would stay in our universe? He'll find out about your universes, and take down all of your goverments as well!"
  • The Enfluence of Rea Buhl is seen spreading onto the map of the Original Universes as well, as a laughing Rea Buhl slowly appeared onto the scene and laughed crazily!
  • (Grutus): "But that may not be enough! He'll spread his anarchy, to any United Universes yet to be known! Turning them all, into an endless spiral of suffering and choas!"
  • Rea Buhl laughed crazily mad as his enfluence spread to more and more United Universes!

Scenario ends.

  • Grutus: "...... Now do you understand why Mieber is like this? It is to protect the unappresiative universes, both this, and your universes, lougers, from the warpath of idiotic, barbaric, and false promising CHOAS?!"
  • The Lougers had their jaws dropped.
  • Gazelle: "........ Begrudingly, I, understand the methods behind this madness."
  • Magnum: "..... Then I'm afraid that this is MORE then just a few misguided fools fighting for some personal liberties..... This is BEYOND that."
  • Grutus: "Thank you. Now, put on your suits, and I'll eschort you to the President's office."

Chapter 4: The Story of Corruptus

President's Office.

  • Ka'Teel came in.
  • Ka'Teel: "...... Brother...... The Lougers and the remaining HA, have arrived."
  • Hackagon: Well, it's about time, too. Bring them in.
  • Ka'Teel: Yes, sir. (Leaves as she brings in the Lodgers and remaining HA)
  • Lord Shen:...I take it you're President Gamton Hackagon?
  • Hackagon: Yes. And I'm at least glad to meet you guys in person. And...I must admit, you look nice in digital clothing.
  • SpongeBob: Don't we ever? (Sighs as he once again stares at Sandy in her digital clothing)
  • Hackagon:...What's with the poriferan?
  • Sandy: Oh, he does that to me sometimes. Usually when I'm in different attire or different looks. He...kinda has a crush on me.
  • Hackagon:...I see. Well, can't say I blame him, that's actually not a bad look for you.
  • Sandy:...Thanks?
  • Hackagon: Anyway, back to the task at hand. I'm sure that Miss Samantha and Miss Magnum informed you of our customs and history?
  • Icky: That you're a world who has a grudge against swearing, alcohol, and drugs because of what the two say is your red sun? Yeah, we get it. I gotta say, it'll be hard to let one of those things out.
  • Hackagon: Not the first time a visitor had said something like that. Now, as you have been informed, the rest of the Heroes Act have been captured. We need you to bring them back before those Undergrounders give them the wrong idea.
  • Boss Wolf: HAH! You kidding? After they threatened terrorism? I sincerely DOUBT those guys will listen to them.

Chapter 5: When Rebellions Become Distasteful

Chapter 6: The Troubles of General Maximus and Killebrew

Chapter 7: Corruptus Cured and Brothers Unite


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